How to Uninstall Applications on Mac With Ease?

This article is written focusing on how to uninstall applications on Mac. If you’re a new Mac user and wonder how to delete apps on Mac, this is an ideal read. The information in this article will be immensely useful, particularly if you have migrated to Mac from Windows.

Both Windows and Mac systems allow you to install and uninstall apps. However, uninstalling programs is pretty different on Macs compared to Windows. Although Windows lets you uninstall programs effortlessly, Mac has a ‘stubborn‘ approach on some programs rather. In Windows, installer wizards are used to installing and uninstalling software on the system. So, in Windows, it is more of an automated approach to uninstall programs.

However, when it comes to Macs, the case is different. Mac computers have more of a ‘UNIX‘ approach to uninstall programs from macOS. Generally, dragging the respective program and dropping into the Trash folder will do the trick. The uninstallation process is supposed to be completed by that dragging and dropping function. However, things are not that pleasant with every software program. That means some of the software programs cannot be uninstalled with a simple drag and drop. So, how to uninstall applications on Mac? Is there a more effective way? Let’s find it out.

There are a couple of free methods explained in this article so you can try them. Although the ‘free‘ aspect is pretty attractive, those methods come with some drawbacks as well. For instance, those methods can even leave some leftovers in the system. These leftovers can later become an annoyance and hinder the smooth performance of your OS. Also, some of the apps cannot be removed through those free methods. So, if you expect a complete deletion of apps without leaving any trace, you should try an advanced method. We present a tool called Umate Mac Cleaner for that purpose. So, in a nutshell, we show you how to uninstall applications on Mac using free and advanced methods.

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Method 1: How to delete apps on Mac using App Uninstaller

Assume that you have downloaded an app directly from the internet or from another disk. If that is the case with you, this method will help you to delete it conveniently. You can simply follow the steps mentioned below to get it done.

  • To start the process, you should click on the ‘Finder‘ icon on the Mac and then on ‘Applications.’ This option is located on the Finder sidebar.
  • If the app is present in the form of a folder, open it. Then, click on the option called ‘Uninstall,’ followed by the app name. Then, you should follow the onscreen instructions.

In fact, this is a very basic and easy method to delete applications from your Mac. However, to accomplish this task successfully, the respective app must come with the app uninstaller.

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Method 2: Empty Trash to Uninstall Applications on Mac

If the app you intend to uninstall doesn’t come with an app uninstaller, this method suits the occasion.

  • As the first step, open ‘Finder‘ from the dock and then click on the option called ‘Applications.’
  • After locating the application, you can remove the app from Mac. To do that, you can drag it to ‘Trash‘ straight away. If not, you can choose the ‘File‘ option and click on the option labeled ‘Move to Trash.’
  • Now, in the dock, click on the ‘Trash‘ icon and go to the option called ‘Empty Trash.’ This is located on the popup menu.
Empty Trash

After following the above steps, you will be able to delete the content in the Trash as well. As a result, the app you wanted to uninstall will be gone from the Trash.

Method 3: How to uninstall applications on Mac using Launchpad

You can use the LaunchPad to uninstall apps on your Mac. In fact, Launchpad is more of the ‘hub’ of your Mac from which you can see the installed apps. It displays all the apps installed on the macOS. The following methods can be utilized to get rid of the apps using Launchpad.

  • As the first step, you should open ‘Launchpad.’ Then, browse the contents and find the purchased apps that should be uninstalled from your Mac.
  • Now, click and hold on the app to see that it is jiggling.
  • Once you can see the jiggling effect, you can notice an ‘X‘ on top of all the apps. Click on this ‘X‘ mark to uninstall the app so the respective app will be gone.
Delete Applications on LaunchPad

However, if the app you intend to delete doesn’t show an ‘X‘ mark, you cannot get it uninstalled. In that case, you will have to look for another option.

Please note that all of the above methods can leave traces of the apps you uninstall.

It is true that all the methods mentioned above are free. Moreover, they are used by Mac users pretty often. The most important thing a user should know about these traditional processes is that they leave some traces. That means, these methods don’t erase the installed apps completely. The leftovers of the uninstalled apps can make your Mac run slow and cause other issues as well. All those files are regarded as leftovers. Apart from making the system slow, these leftovers can occupy precious storage space on the computer.

Bundling programs exist after the uninstallation process. This is another issue associated when the uninstallation is done using the default methods mentioned above. You cannot delete those bundling programs using regular methods. More importantly, if you delete an app without having substantial knowledge about it, various issues can emerge.

So, if you are a novice user who doesn’t want to take a risk, go for the next option. The method we explain next can be used by expert users as well if they prefer a faster process. There are several third-party apps that promise to delete apps on Macs completely and optimize the system. However, only some of those apps do what they promise. If you end up with the correct app, you can delete unwanted apps completely, including the leftovers. We did enough amounts of research on this subject and ended up with a tool called Umate Mac Cleaner.

Method 4: How to delete apps on Mac using Umate Mac Cleaner without any leftovers

As we mentioned before, the best third-party app you can use is Umate Mac Cleaner. With this tool, you will be able to eliminate an app completely off the computer without leaving any trace. Due to various obvious reasons, Umate Mac Cleaner is considered to be the best app of its kind. Compared to the regular methods mentioned above, Umate Mac Cleaner is ideal for you.

Mentioned below are some of the reasons why we praise it so much and recommend it.

  • It generally requires only about one minute to delete an app on your Mac.
  • You can use it to remove apps in bulks (delete multiple apps at once).
  • It is capable of removing the app without leaving any traces, as well.
  • You don’t need to have a professional knowledge to use this app and uninstall an app.
  • The efficiency of the method is exceptionally impressive.

Get Umate Mac Cleaner

How to use Umate Mac Cleaner

Mentioned below are the easy steps to follow in order to uninstall an app using Umate Mac Cleaner.

  • As the preparation step, you should download and install Umate Mac Cleaner on the system. Then, launch the software to begin the process.
  • Once the software is launched, you will be able to see the main interface with several options. Just choose the option labeled ‘Manage Apps & Extensions.’ Then, you should choose ‘Uninstall Applications‘ as well.
Umate Mac Cleaner
  • You will see that it loads all the apps on your Mac so you can see them. Go through the list of apps carefully and determine the app you want to uninstall. Then, click on the button labeled ‘Uninstall‘ next to the respective app.
Umate Mac Cleaner Delete Applications on Mac

That’s it. By using this method, you can easily uninstall any app installed on your Mac. The best thing about this software is that it doesn’t leave any traces of the uninstalled apps.

What can you do with ‘stubborn’ apps on Mac?

Not all the apps installed on your Mac will get uninstalled smoothly and effortlessly. There are some ‘stubborn‘ apps to annoy you. If you are dealing with such an issue, here are the reasons for such stubbornness and practical solutions.

01. The respective app is running in the background of the system.

You cannot delete an app that is already running in the background of the system. When the app is actively running, you cannot delete it. To get it deleted, you should kill the background process first. Then, you should delete the app using any of the methods mentioned above. The process is mentioned below.

  • Press both ‘Command‘ key and ‘Spacebar‘ so the spotlight will open.
  • Type in the text ‘Activity Monitor‘ and hit the ‘Return‘ key to open it.
  • Locate the app you want to kill. Click on it and then select the ‘X‘ icon located in the toolbar of the ‘Activity Monitor.’
  • Then, quit it!

02. The app you are trying to uninstall is a bloatware

If you are dealing with bloatware, you may find it difficult to get it uninstalled. Bloatware is a special program that you don’t need, but it comes pre-installed. Such programs are usually heavy, and they consume plenty of storage space, as well. The language package is a good example of bloatware. To delete bloatware, you should follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Launch ‘Applications‘ through the ‘Finder‘ option.
  • You should perform a right-click on the app that requires to be uninstalled. Then, click on ‘Get Info.’
  • Locate the ‘lock icon‘ (which is found at the bottom). Then, click on it and enter the password.
  • Choose the option labeled ‘Sharing and Permissions‘ and go to ‘Everyone‘ under ‘Read & Write.’
  • Now the permissions are granted, you can delete the app as you would normally do.

Please note that Umate Mac Cleaner is the best way to delete bloatware like browser extensions. Umate Mac Cleaner will remove all those files without leaving any trace. After the uninstallation process, your Mac will run faster and smoother.

Conclusion on How to Uninstall Applications on Mac

As you may notice, the conventional methods that are explained in this article have some drawbacks. However, the best thing about those tools is that they are completely free with any macOS. Nevertheless, if you wonder how to uninstall applications on Mac without leaving any trace, use Umate Mac Cleaner. It can remove all the junk files very fast and give your Mac a performance boost. Please leave us a comment if you liked our article.

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