How to Turn Off Two Step Verification (Two Factor Authentication)

As with all of the major companies in the world, Apple makes both security and privacy a priority. To do this, they offer several different ways for Apple users to secure their Apple ID and their password. One of the most popular things which they offer to do this is two-step authentication. With the addition of this feature, if you sign into your account, you still have to verify the login using a code which Apple has sent to you. In this article, we are going to go over the simple method which will teach you how to turn off two-factor authentication (Turn off two-step verification).

How to Turn Off Two Factor Authentication with iCloud Panel

By following each of the steps which we’ve provided below, you are able to easily turn off two-step verification without running into any problems.

Step #1 – Start by heading over to and from there, you will be asked for your Apple ID email and password.

Step #2 – After entering the requested details, you’ll be asked to enter the verification pin for your two-factor authentication.

Note: you will be able to find the requested pin on your Apple device.

Step #3 – Once you’re signed into the iCloud dashboard, you’ll be provided with a range of different features. For this method, select the “Settings” option.

Step #4 – Your details will be shown. Click on the “Manage” option below “Apple ID”. This will redirect you to a different website.

Step #5 – As with before, login and input the two-factor authentication pin which you are sent.

Step #6 – Scroll down to the “Security” section, and click on the “Edit” option on the right side.

Step #7 – From here, at the bottom of the list, click on “Turn Off Two-Factor Authentication”.

Step #8 – You will then be asked to select new security questions. Select new questions, enter new security answers, and click “Continue”.

Step #9 – You have now successfully learned how to turn off two factor authentication.

Although this is the only method out there which can teach you how to turn off two-factor authentication, it’s an incredibly easy one to follow and execute.

Should You Turn Off Two Factor Authentication?

Simply put, you shouldn’t rush to turn off two-step verification unless you plan on using one of the programs which we offer. Two-step verification can be a very effective security feature, and with the addition of it, you could save your Apple ID from becoming compromised.

On the other hand, if you find yourself using our software frequently, learning how to turn off two-factor authentication may be incredibly useful. Two-factor authentication often blocks our software from doing its job, so turning it off is necessary.

When Should You Turn on Two Factor Authentication?

Following on from the last section, if you plan on using our software frequently, then knowing how to turn two-factor authentication back on once it’s been turned off is important.

Our suggestion is to turn off two-step verification before using our software, use the software, and turn it back on when you’re done. By doing this, you are minimizing the chance of your Apple ID being compromised.

General iPhone Security

In the past, iPhone security wasn’t a huge deal. Nowadays, your iPhone should be treated the same way as you would treat your computer. There are a few things that you can to do & ensure that your device, and your Apple ID, are secure as possible.

  • Change Your Passwords. This applies to everything, not only your Apple ID and your iPhone. By changing your passwords regularly, it prevents you from becoming a victim of a hacking scandal. Not only that but if your account does become compromised, changing the password will prevent the hacker from gaining entry again.
  • Trusted Applications. Sometimes this isn’t avoidable, although we suggest that you only install applications through the Apple App Store or which you know are trusted. There are too many applications out there which are designed for hacking, and when you install them on your device, your personal data is compromised.
  • Unknown Networks. It might be tempting to connect to a Wi-Fi network when you’re out, but by connecting to a public network, anyone else who is connected to it can interfere with the data which is being transferred. For example, if you are purchasing something through Amazon and you insert your payment information, others will be able to see this. Because of that, resist the temptation and don’t connect to an unknown or public Wi-Fi network.

Aside from these things, simply making sure that you don’t unnecessarily turn off two-step verification and remember to turn it on when necessary will prevent your device from being compromised.

To Conclude

All in all, if you’re interested in using any of the programs which we have to offer, such as dr.fone, AnyTrans, PhoneRescue, then it’s in your best interests to turn off two-step verification so that you can take advantage of all of the features which they have to offer. If you choose not to remove the two-factor authentication, you may be unable to use some of the features and thus, won’t be getting access to everything that you can. Lastly, by taking each of the safety precautions which we discussed above, you are minimizing the chance of your personal data falling into the wrong hands!