How to Transfer Music from iPhone to iPhone X & iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 (Plus) and iPhone X devices are the latest models recently released to the world by Apple. These iPhone devices contain the most up to date technology and features like super retina display, augmented reality, fresh glass design, resistance bonus, and more. These devices being the most popular around the world presently deserve to be talked about and discussed on our platform. If you are one of the rare ones who have managed to book your device early and are presently holding the device in your hand, you are to be deeply congratulated.

On taking up a new device, you must, of course, want to update your new iPhone with the latest apps and files for your special needs. More importantly, you would want to download new songs and tracks and transfer old song files on your device for your regular music entertainment.

In this column, we have provided you with the best ways on how to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone X & iPhone 8 (Plus) using the simplest ways and tools. This question has been posted by a large number of new iPhone 8 and iPhone X users, who want to transfer their previous music playlists to their new device without any loss of data or Transfer Ringtones from iPhone to iPhone X /8 /7 (Plus) Directly. For your convenience, we have collected two apt methods to make such music transfers from your older iPhone to the new iPhone X and iPhone 8 devices.

PS: if you are bothered with the issue of ‘this song is not currently available in your country or region‘ and how to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone, here are the top solutions for you.

PART 1: How to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone X & iPhone 8 using dr.fone – Phone Transfer

In this age of innovation in science and technology, we have at our disposal, a large array of new software to help us out in such a device to device transfers. In such a question, we could instantly recommend all iPhone 8 and iPhone X users to use the handiest and brilliant program presented by Wondershare, called the dr.fone – Phone Transfer program. It is a great mobile to mobile transfer tool, which has gained mass recognition for its dependability and quick results.

You can easily use the dr.fone – Phone Transfer program to learn how to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone X & iPhone 8. It is acknowledged for carrying many convenient features in its program, which makes dealing with phone issues much simpler. You can use it for a plethora of functions and tasks on your new iPhone 8 or iPhone X ranging from transfer of songs, images, contact lists, audio and video files, notes, messages and the like from your older iPhone device.

dr.fone is the latest software, which is being popularly used for Smartphone needs around the world. It is a one-click solution to your data transfer questions. You can easily use this program for learning how to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone X & iPhone 8 for making quick and effective results. We have further enlisted a few key features of the dr.fone – Phone Transfer program for your handiness.

Key Features of dr.fone – Phone Transfer:

  • It is compatible with the latest versions of iPhone, including the new iOS 14, along with Android 9.0.
  • It completely supports Windows 10 and Mac 11.
  • dr.fone – Phone Transfer is capable of effortlessly transferring your data from Android to iPhone 8, which includes images, audio and video files, contacts, calendar, messages, song files, and the like.
  • It enables data transfers from various devices like the Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Motorola, iPhone, and many others to any iPhone devices.
  • The program takes lesser than ten minutes to complete its tasks.
  • It is also compatible with HTC, LG, Apple, Motorola, ZTE, Samsung, Google, HUAWEI, Sony, Nokia, and many other tablets and smartphones.
  • It is supported by major providers, including T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint Verizon.

Get dr.fone – Phone Transfer

Follow the steps below carefully to learn how to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone X & iPhone 8 in easy ways using dr.fone – Phone Transfer.

1: Start by downloading the dr.fone program and installing it on the PC.

2: Start running the dr.fone program and soon you will view a variety of options on your computer interface, from which you are required to choose the Phone Transfer selection.


3: Next, you must connect both your old and new devices and pick the older iPhone device as the source device and the new iPhone X or iPhone 8 as the destination device. In your case, you can also exchange the destination and source devices, according to your device needs and convenience when required.

4: Finally, choose the type of data, which you wish to transfer. In your particular case, select the ‘Music‘ button and tap on the ‘Start transfer‘ icon at the bottom of your PC screen to start the transfer.

By doing this, you can easily accomplish how to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone X & iPhone 8.

It is noteworthy to remember that there is also an added option of erasing entire data files on your destination device.

PART 2: How to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone X & iPhone 8 using AirDrop

The AirDrop feature on your iPhone device is yet another good method of transfer desired data from an older iPhone to your new iPhone X or iPhone 8. Follow the steps below carefully to learn how to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone X & iPhone 8 in easy and simple ways using AirDrop. Fix it if your Airdrop not working.

1: Start by choosing the song files on your older iPhone, which you wish to move to your new iPhone X and iPhone 8 devices.

2: Then, link both your iPhone devices using Airdrop.

3: You must press and hold the data file and choose the ‘Share song’option. Then, tap on AirDrop among the options and choose your target device.

4: On your new iPhone X or iPhone 8, simply choose the app, where you wish to access the received files.

Soon you can view the results on your ‘how to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone X & iPhone 8’ dilemma on your new iPhone. Nevertheless, this method sometimes does not produce results in case the songs have been bought on iStore.

The Bottom Line

These are apt and easy to use methods for you on how to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone X & iPhone 8. You can easily use these for making any transfers among different devices, without the need for professional help.

There is no doubt that Airdrop does not need a PC to perform and is faster. However, the dr.fone program is still the first go-to choice for me while making such device to device transfers. This is mainly owing to its speed and ability to transfer mass files without manual intervention. Also, in case of dr.fone, its functionalities extend to a large platform unlike AirDrop, which is limited to Apple devices only. Moreover, dr.fone guides you easily through the various license policies, which we usually tend to overlook.

The dr.fone – Phone Transfer software can go beyond music transfers among devices. You can also use this handy tool to make any transfer of data files, ranging from your images, contacts, audio and video files, messages, notes, and the like, among operating systems like Symbian, Windows, iOS, or Android. Thus, the Mobile Trans software is an apt tool to effortlessly learn how to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone X & iPhone 8.