How to Track iPhone with App and Without App

People are afraid that their mobile devices may get stolen or lost. Anyone can easily steal these devices. We all agree that Smartphones are an irreplaceable part of our lives but a little carelessness can lead to a huge loss. Either it can get slipped out of your pocket, or you may leave it behind after having a dinner or lunch in a restaurant. You must be aware of some of the applications that you can use for tracking iOS Smartphones, but if you wish not to go through the complications and complexities of installing and downloading an application, then you can also track iPhone without app by using the following ways.

Part 1: Secret iPhone Tracking App – KidsGuard

You can track another individual’s Smartphone by using some free methods. Although you must have found that these methods don’t guarantee to track of an iPhone. If you are tracking some other person’s iPhone, then you must ensure that the targeted iPhone owner can’t locate you or else you can get into serious trouble. Hence, you should make use of a professional iPhone tracking app called KidsGuard. This spying application offers best features, reliability, and security. If you are looking for Instagram private profile viewer to spy on a person, then you must use an application that is completely non-traceable and safe.

KidsGuard features:

  • By using this best Viber Tracker, you can track WhatsApp messages on a target Smartphone.
  • Additionally, you can track phone location & track the footprint of social media, messages, and phone calls.
  • You can track social apps, spy line chathack Skype account, hack SMS messages and GPS location without the requirement of rooting the target iPhone.
  • This iPhone tracking app can also be used for spying on Android devices &  Snapchat hack no human verification.
  • If you use KidsGuard, then you don’t need to jailbreak the iPhone, and the owner of the target iPhone will also not be able to suspect anything.
  • There is no need to install this app on the target device.

Steps on how to track iPhone with app by using KidsGuard

Through the use of KidsGuard, you can easily get to know GPS location details on your computer system or Smartphone anywhere in the world. Follow the steps to use KidsGuard:

Step 1: Use the button of Sign-up to create a KidsGuardaccount for free.

Create KidsGuard Account to Track iPhone without app

Create KidsGuard Account

Step 2: Enter your personal details such as your e-mail address with which you are going to link your account. Also, make a password.

Install KidsGuard for iOS

Step 3: Enter the same details using the target iPhone. After that, click on the option of iOS. Then go to the next page and enter the details of the iCloud account, which is linked to the iPhone you wish to track.

Step 4: Now, the target iPhone will get connected to the account of KidsGuard to get the location details.

Step 5: Now, Log in to the account of this iPhone tracking app called KidsGuard from your computer. After that, you will reach the dashboard.

Step 6: Now, choose the option of location by going to the tab of the location where you will get geographical history and location.

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Part 2. How to Track iPhone Without App

A: Use iCloud to Track iPhone Without App

Using iCloud dashboard is also one of the ways to track iPhone without an app. By using this method, numerous features can be performed such as deleting contents in case the iPhone gets stolen, setting off the alarm clock, locating iOS Smartphone on a map. Steps to use iCloud for tracking are as follows.

1: Enter the password and iCloud ID for getting access to the dashboard.

Using iCloud Track iPhone without app

2: Look for the icon of “Find My iPhone” on the dashboard.

3: By going to the drop-down menu, you will observe the option of “All Devices“.

4: After that, a map will appear pointing the location of the iPhone, and you can make use of navigation for moving towards it. Moreover, you can activate attributes such as erase data, lost data, and play sound.

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B: Use Google for Tracking iPhone Without Using iPhone Tracking Apps

Google is known for storing the details of the user which can be used at the time of emergencies. If your Smartphone’s location is on and you have an internet connection, then the location will get updated on the timeline of Google. You can get the details related to the location that was updated previous time and then make use of the map for tracking iPhone.

Steps to follow to track iPhone without the app:

1: Visit the timeline of Google.

2: Go to the panel on the left side and set today’s date. You will get updated with the whole day’s location history. Go down and choose the location update (latest).

3: If your device is stationary and the location has not changed for the previous updates, then you can an easily get your iPhone, but if the location is constantly changing, then you must get in touch with the authorities for tracking your device. This usually happens when the Smartphone gets stolen.

Using Google Map Track iPhone without app

C: Use Personal iPhone to Track Another iPhone

A great way to track the iPhone with an app is to make use of Find My Friends app. If you are a mother or father who wants to keep an eye on his or her teenager or kids secretly or a wife or husband who is worried about the whereabouts of his or her partners, then use your personal iPhone for tracking the device.

This is not a spy app; it is more of an app used for staying in touch with friends and family members. If you wish to use it as a spy app, then you need to get physical access to the Smartphone that you want to track. To use this app, you need to install it on your personal Smartphone as well as on the iPhone that you want to track.

Steps to use “Find My Friends” iPhone tracking app

1: Go to the main interface of the application, where you will find the icon of contact. Now, go to share my location.

Track iPhone without app with Find My Friends

2: Forward location to your personal Smartphone. Ensure that your device is available to every person. Now, use the account of iPhone, now go to add and tap onto the image of contact. After that, select share definitely. Now, you will receive unrestricted access to the Smartphone.

3: On your personal iOS Smartphone, you will get a notification of sharing location. Click on accept and if you don’t wish to share your personal location, then go to don’t share.

4: Now, that the app is finally on your device, you can locate the target iPhone on your map.

5: Now, for using this iPhone tracking app, you can exercise an optional step if you wish not to get detected. Target Smartphone user may get to know with whom he or she is sharing location. So, to not get detected, all you have to do is to take the icon out of the dock and remove it.

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Part 3. How to Track iPhone With App

A: Use GPS Location by FollowMee for Tracking GPS Location

If you wish to track iPhone with app, then use location tracker. You can install this app on a computer system or a mobile phone. This app is used for recording the locations in the background, and then such location details are uploaded to the server. Features of this app are a quick update, low battery consumption, tracking multiple devices, monitoring locations. It can also track the location of a car.

Use GPS Location by FollowMee for Tracking GPS Location

B: CocoSpy Tracker for Tracking Cell Phone

This iPhone tracking app is a simple and quick way of sharing location with friends and family with the help of GPS tracking. Additionally, a group can be formed for using its features. It has iMessage extension and Apple Watch app. It has many amazing features such as it works globally, allows you to share location with any person, allows sharing location in real-time, and no requirement of Sign-up.

CocoSpy Tracker for Tracking Cell Phone

C: Track iPhone With App – Family locator

In order to keep your kids and family safe you can make use of a family locator application. This iPhone tracking app has an alert feature that can be used for keeping a track on the family members, especially kids. Its features include sending emergency messages, sending messages to the family for free, helps you to know the whereabouts of your family members.

Track iPhone With App - Family locator

With the help of this app, you can also find out when your children got out of the school. Moreover, this app has an invisible mode which can be used by the parents. Other than that, it has optimized consumption of the battery. The ratings given to this iPhone tracking app by the users is 2.8 and is available for free. By the way, you may need to know how to fix Untrusted Enterprise Developer problem.

D: Track iPhone With App – iPhone GPS-Tracks

This application can be used for tracking at the time of sky tours, sightseeing, snow-trail, cycling, trails, and hiking. With the use of this application, your personal route can get created and can also get saved. You don’t need to install it for transmitting information to iPhones. Moreover, you can recall the details of the route whenever you want. You can also make use of its friend-function feature for displaying the position to your friends.

 Track iPhone With App - iPhone GPS-Tracks

So, this was all about how to track the iPhone with an app. The main purpose of all these above-mentioned methods is to track the location of an iPhone. Each app is great for tracking, but KidsGuard is considered the best of all. Click to know more about how to spy on a cell phone.