How to Restart Outlook and Fix Its Errors With Ease

What if you switch on the computer only to find out that Microsoft Outlook is not working? In fact, things can be really frustrating when you cannot access your mail client, so immediate action is required. One of the best ways to address most of the issues associated with Outlook is to restart it. So, how to restart Outlook and resolve the issues? Let’s discuss it!

No matter how convenient the applications we use every day, they occasionally crash or cause other problems. Things can be pretty frustrating, especially if you notice such issues with Outlook, a frequently used application. So, every computer user must know how to restart Outlook as it fixes various issues. If you are reading this article to learn how to restart Outlook, keep reading this article to explain it. With the methods we explain here, you will overcome issues like ‘Outlook not responding.’

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Part 1: How to restart Outlook if it has stopped?

There can be several reasons for Outlook to stop working. Well, just like we’ve mentioned at the beginning, Outlook can work perfectly now and stop working the next moment. In most cases, a simple restart will solve that issue, and Outlook will function normally. Well, if Outlook is already stopped and you want to fix it, here’s what to do. In this case, we will be using the Windows Task Manager.

  • First, you should hold ‘Ctrl‘ and ‘Alt‘ keys on your keyboard simultaneously with the ‘Delete‘ key.
  • On the new screen, you can click on the option labeled ‘Task Manager.’
  • You can see a new window once again. This window shows the list of programs that runs on the computer as of now.
  • Choose the option labeled ‘Outlook‘ and then choose the option called ‘End Task‘ from the dropdown. Outlook will be closed now.
  • You can then restart Outlook and see if it works as it worked before. However, if it doesn’t work yet, you should move to the next step and try to resolve it.
  • Press the ‘Windows‘ and ‘R‘ key. Then, you will see that the ‘Run‘ dialog box is opened. You can now enter the text ‘outlook.exe /resetnavpane‘ on the given space.
  • Then, you should hit enter, then Outlook will start.

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Part 2: What is the process of troubleshooting the causes behind Outlook errors?

This section of our article will explain how to troubleshoot the potential causes of Outlook errors.

01. Check for the issues caused by ‘Add-ins.’

One of the most common causes behind the errors related to Outlook is ‘Add-ins.’ Here’s how to identify those issues.

  • Close Outlook as the first step of this process.
  • Then, as you did earlier, you should press the ‘Windows‘ key and ‘R‘ key on the keyboard simultaneously.
  • Now, you will be able to see the ‘Run‘ dialog box.
  • In this dialog box, just type ‘Outlook /Safe.’ Be sure that you leave a space after ‘Outlook‘ to make it happen.
  • Now, you can click on the option ‘Go.’
  • Choose the option called ‘File.’
  • You can then select the menu called ‘Options.’
  • Click on ‘Add-Ins.’
  • You can now click on ‘COM Add-ins‘ and then go to the option labeled ‘Go.’
  • Now, you should unmark all the checkboxes and choose the option called ‘OK.’
  • You can now restart ‘Outlook,’ and it is expected to work fine by now.
  • Go to the option labeled ‘COM Add-Ins‘ and mark the checkboxes one after the other. This way, you will get to know which of those options actually cause trouble. Once the issue is located, you can simply ‘Unmark‘ it.

02. Run the diagnostics for restart Outlook

Before processing to this solution, you should back up all the Outlook files to your computer. Such an approach will ensure that you don’t lose any of those files in Outlook.

To diagnose the issues associated with Outlook, you should launch Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant. However, you should download it separately (through the link This tool can address the issue automatically and fix it without leaving any issues. This tool will diagnose and fix the problem automatically. To fix the issue, you should follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Select Outlook and click on ‘Next.’
  • Choose ‘Outlook keeps handing or freezing‘ or ‘Outlook keeps crashing with a message ‘Microsoft Outlook has stopped working.’
  • Be patient for a while, the process will get completed soon. Then, you should click on ‘OK.’

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03. Use Outlook under a new profile

If none of the above options have worked so far, you may try this method and resolve the issue.

  • Press the ‘Window‘ key on the keyboard and then type ‘Control Panel.’
  • Click on ‘Mail‘ and then proceed to ‘Show Profiles.’
  • You can now remove the profiles that are obsolete. To do that, just click on ‘Remove.’
  • Click on ‘Add‘ to start adding a new profile.
Create new outlook profile to Restart Outlook
  • Then, you should key in the name of the new profile within the ‘Profile Name.’
  • You can now fill in the other details such as user name, SMTP address, and password.
  • Click on ‘Next.’
  • You will see a different window now, and it says ‘Allow this website to configure **yourname@domain** server settings?‘ Select the option ‘Don’t ask me about this website again.’ You should then click on ‘Allow.’
  • Key in the login details and click on ‘OK.’
  • Click on ‘Finish.’

There are many instances in which Outlook might encounter issues due to corrupted application files. If that is the case with you, none of the above solutions will work. In other words, if corrupted files are the reason, restarting Outlook is useless. However, knowing how to restart Outlook is still handy as you can use it as the first resort.

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Part 3: Repairing or recovering the Outlook files that are corrupted

Since you know how to restart Outlook, you can use it as soon as you notice any Outlook-related issue. However, as we mentioned, it doesn’t work if Outlook is corrupted. In this case, you should try to repair or recover Outlook files that are corrupted. The process is straightforward, and it actually doesn’t require any technical skills. To perform this solution, you should use a special tool called iMyFone ScanOutlook, a very efficient third-party tool.

Main features associated with iMyFone ScanOutlook

Let’s look at the most notable features associated with iMyFone ScanOutlook to get a better idea.

  • It can repair all the corrupted PST/OST files on the installation folder of the faulty Outlook copy.
  • It can repair and recover Emails, Contacts, Calendars, Attachments, etc. That is in addition to recovering the corrupted app files.
  • This tool is capable of exporting data in a variety of file formats. For instance, it can export file formats such as EML, PST, HTML, PDF, MSG, RTF, and many more.
  • You can use it to locate PST/OST files automatically on the PC.
  • You can use it on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10.

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How to repair and Restart Outlook using iMyFone ScanOutlook?

Well, now you know the capacity of iMyFone ScanOutlook. It’s time to learn how to use it and how to restart Outlook without errors.

Step 01: Make sure that you download iMyFone ScanOutlook on your computer and get it installed. Then, launch the software. You should now choose the files you want to repair. To do this, you will have to choose any of the three available options.

  • Select Default PST/OST
    This is the option that allows you to search for PST/OST files that are located in the default location. That means ScanOutlook will automatically search for PST/OST files on the default installation files.
  • Select PST/OST Manually
    You can use this option to search for the PST/OST files manually. Make sure that you use this option only if you know where the files are actually located.
  • Search for PST/OST
    This option is used to search for the PST/OST files, which can be located anywhere.
Start iMyFone ScanOutlook

Step 02: After selecting the files through any method mentioned above, go to the option called ‘Quick Repair.’ If not, you can choose ‘Deep Repair’ (which will take a relatively longer duration).

iMyFone ScanOutlook Deep Repair

Step 03: You should now wait patiently until the process gets completed. After this process, you can even preview the files.

iMyFone ScanOutlook

Step 04: Now, choose the folders and files you intend to export. Then, choose the file format and choose a different folder to save the exported files. After that, you can hit the button labeled ‘Export.’ Wait for a while to export the files.

iMyFone ScanOutlook
How to Restart Outlook via iMyFone ScanOutlook

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The Bottom-Line on How to Restart Outlook

So, that’s how to restart Outlook and make it work once again without any hassle. One of the most notable aspects of those methods is that they don’t take much time. So, be sure to follow the steps as instructed and resolve the issues about Outlook.