How to Reset Password on HP Laptop Without Disk Easily

If you cannot remember the password of an HP laptop user account, then there is probably nothing that you can do other than knowing how to bypass the password on an HP laptop and how to reset the password on an HP laptop without disk and get access to the laptop once again. There are various methods to do so, and you can even use some simple tricks that don’t require the HP password reset disk. Read on to learn about the methods.

how to reset the password on HP laptop without disk

How to Reset Password on HP Laptop Without Disk and With No Data Loss – Passper WinSenior

Having an HP password reset disk can make the entire process of changing the laptop password very simple and effective. We introduce to you Passper WinSenior, which is a great program meant to help users create password resetting disks for HP laptops. It does so with the help of USB/DVD/CD drives and that too within a few minutes only. You can thereby use the disk to reset passwords on HP laptops with Windows versions 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.

Features of the Passper WinSenior software

  • The top Windows 10 password reset tool gives super-fast results, and the password stands changed in a few seconds.
  • The success rate of the software is 100% due to its advanced technology and the rich experience it has in this field of troubleshooting.
  • It allows you to reset the password on any HP laptop and does so without posing any risk to the important data of the device. The app doesn’t reformat or reinstall the OS at all. If you Forgot your Laptop Password, just try it.
  • The program gives detailed instructions on the screen to help the user carry them out easily and makes the overall UI friendly, clean, and easy to use.
  • The software is compatible with a huge range of devices. Almost all the computer brands, including Windows PCS, tablets, laptops, etc. can be treated by it.
  • You can operate the tool without any high level of tech knowledge as it facilitates automatic completion of the password resetting process.

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How to Reset Password on HP Laptop Without Disk via Passper WinSenior tool

The process of running the tool is very easy, as the UI is very clean and would require you to make a few clicks only. Let’s see how to bypass passwords on the HP laptop:

1. In the first step, you have to download the software on any PC other than yours, for which you have to reset the password. On the second PC, you will be creating an HP password reset disk with the help of any USB cable or DVD/CD. A very simple guide will emerge on the screen to help you operate the interface of the software on the target PC. Follow the instructions, and the disk will be created now.

Passper WinSenior

2. Take out the prepared disk and insert it into the target HP PC. Start the disk. Press the key Special for activating the Boot Menu simultaneously. The special key can be found in the guide that emerged at the first step of the process. Choose the right Boot Device and hit the button Enter. Now, the primary interface of the software will come up.

Passper WinSenior

3. Select the appropriate Windows system option that is related to the locked HP PC. Now hit the button Reset Windows Password followed by clicking on Next. Choose the target user account and hit the button Next. At this step, you will have to enter a password that you are going to use for future unlocking. Once done, hit the button Reset.

Passper WinSenior

4. The software will now reset the HP password, and you will get the notification for the same once done. Remove the bootable disk only after rebooting the PC. Hit the button Reboot Computer and then select Reboot Now. The new password can be used by you for unlocking the PC at all times to come.

Passper WinSenior

So the Passper WinSenior software is the simplest answer to how to bypass the password on HP laptop. This program is highly effective and fully reliable. The reviews for the tool have been very positive from users around the globe. Do give it a try!

Operating the Passper WinSenior tool

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Another great tool for password recovery- PassFab 4WinKey

Even for the users of Windows 7, the best tool that is going to get you to help with a locked HP PC is the software named PassFab 4WinKey. If you have been totally confused as to how to reset the password on an HP laptop without a disk or how to bypass the password on an HP laptop, then this software is going to bring you on the right track. This is a professional tool that helps with password recovery for Windows and unlocking HP laptops with almost any of the Windows versions within minutes.

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How to Reset Password on HP Laptop Without Disk by PassFab 4WinKey software

1. Install the software properly on any other accessible PC. Launch the tool and then insert any Windows Password disk like a USB, DVD, or CD.

PassFab 4WinKey

2. Hit the button Next and then wait for the time being as the disk gets burned successfully.

PassFab 4WinKey

3. Take out the prepared disk and insert it into the target HP PC that is locked. You need to restart the PC now. Simultaneously, hit the button F9 for activating the Boot menu on the PC.

4. Once the Boot mode is entered on the PC, use the arrow key to navigate and click on the name of the inserted disk. Hit the button Enter. Save the settings and then exit the Boot menu.

PassFab 4WinKey

5. The interface of PassFab 4WinKey will now emerge on the screen, and you will have to select the active Windows system of your locked PC.

PassFab 4WinKey

6. Now you will have to choose the process that you want to carry out. In this case, you need to select the option of Reset Account Password for resetting the PC password.

PassFab 4WinKey

7. Enter the new password that you decide and then restart the PC. When the PC restarts this time, you can enter the changed password.

PassFab 4WinKey

This entire process will not take more than ten minutes, and this is the simplest way you’ve got to reset the HP password.

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Perform recovery of the HP system

This method is a great trick to answer how to reset the password on an HP laptop without a disk. However, the risk involved in the method is losing the stored data on the system. This data also includes the settings related to the laptop password, and when it gets removed along with the other data, you can get access to the laptop once again.

Let’s see the method of performing this trick:

1. Shut down the laptop. Plug out all the peripherals attached to it like external drives and USBs. Leave the devices like keyboard, mouse, and monitor connected, if any.

2. Hit the button Power and wait till the display lights up. As soon as you see the display screen, press the key F11 multiple times until the menu of Options appears.

Perform recovery of the HP system

3. From the options listed, select Troubleshoot. Once in the folder, click on the option Recovery Manager. Lastly, select System Recovery.

Perform recovery of the HP system

4. Now click on the option of Recovery without backing up your files. Then, hit on the button Next two times.

5. The formatting of the laptop will begin now. Wait until it gets completed, and the system installs the default software on its own.

Your laptop is back to the basics now, and you can make fresh settings in it. The password will also be removed, and you can set a new one.

Resetting password through a different Admin account

The administrator’s account facilitates complete access to the system and features of a PC for the user. If you have made an administrator account, then you can do anything with the PC like installing any new software that is applicable to your user account as well as all the other user accounts at the same time, making changes to the settings of the system like restricting certain websites, removing or adding user accounts, and setting up the privileges available to the different user accounts.

Just like any other Windows laptop, you can know how to bypass the password on HP laptop if you change the password of any user account on an HP laptop with the help of a different Administrator account. You can have more than one administrator account on the HP laptops, and even if you can recall the access settings to one of them, then it can be possible for you to change the password of the locked account with the help of the Command Prompt.

The first thing you need to do, in that case, is that login into the accessible admin account and then follow the steps given below:

1. Launch the system’s Start menu. Type ‘Control Panel‘ in the search space and click on the relevant option. Make sure that you have entered another admin account on the device.

2. Once you are into the folder of Control Panel, select the option User Accounts.

Resetting password through a different Admin account

3. Click on the option of Manage another account.

Resetting password through a different Admin account

4. You will be able to see all of the accounts registered on the Windows system of your laptop now. Select the option of the account that is locked and go ahead with changing its password. You only need to follow the instructions as they appear on the screen for the same.

Note: This method strictly depends upon the user having access to a different administrator account on the locked laptop. If that’s not the case, then this trick won’t work. Thus, we recommend that you use third-party apps like WinSenior or FabKey that can unlock the laptop without any password in a jiffy, and you won’t need to access an administrator account at all.

Visit the nearby HP store for help

If none of the above methods could help you in unlocking the laptop or the user account, then the last option left with you is to take the PC to a local HP store. HP has a large number of customer assistance centers at almost every location, and we believe that you will be able to find one close to your location. There are many ways you can contact the store personnel; either you can take the laptop with you and visit the center in person, call the store and plan a visit after discussing the problem with any of the technicians there, or just drop an email to them regarding your inability to how to bypass password on HP laptop.

The local HP center will help you in resetting the lock user account and may do the job themselves. However, you will have to show them the proofs of purchase and ownership of the laptop so that they get assured of any unauthorized access. You will also get to know about the consequences of password reset.

By the way, here is the full PassFab 4WinKey review for your reference.

Conclusion on How to Reset Password on HP Laptop Without Disk

So if you don’t want to lose any data and get access to your laptop back again, then Passper WinSenior or PassFab 4WinKey is the answer to how to reset the password on HP laptop without disk. These programs are safe, quick, and easy to run. Do tell us your experience with them and if they were able to help you out.

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