Here’s How to Report Someone on Discord

If you are a gaming enthusiast, you might be very familiar with the Discord app. In fact, Discord is a handy VoIP platform that is used by gamers to communicate with each other. In general, Discord users are supposed to communicate about the topics and queries related to games. However, there can be some users who cross the line even in dedicated VoIP apps like Discord. When such an annoying user crosses the line and violates the guidelines of the software, what can you do? If the violation is too critical, you can even report such users and get rid of them.

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Well, then how to report someone on Discord?

Those who wonder how to report someone on Discord should follow some steps to get it done. If someone is trying to harass you, threaten, use abusive language, or even spam you, you can report them. Interestingly, there can be instances where the bulk of users tend to use abusive languages on the Discord platform. In that case, you have no other option than reporting such users. Otherwise, things can become exceptionally frustrating out there. So, you should report such activity and alert Discord.

There are steps you need to take to report someone that is harassing successfully, spamming, threatening, or simply being abusive in chat. There are times you might find an entire server is participating in a harmful activity that violates community guidelines. Here’s what you can do to alert the panel of moderators. Well, go through the steps mentioned below so you can fix on how to report someone on Discord easily.

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1. Be sure if someone is actually violating the guidelines of Discord.

The first thing you should do is to be sure if someone is violating the guidelines implemented by Discord. As long as they aren’t violating those guidelines, you cannot necessarily report them to the moderators. Mentioned below are the activities that go against the rules and regulations of the Discord community. If someone goes against these aspects, you can implement the reporting process.

  • Purposeful harassing
  • Sending spam messages
  • Violating IP rights
  • Sharing content related to child pornography
  • Promoting activities, thoughts and other content related to suicide
  • Sharing malware within the platform
  • Threatening other users
  • Sharing content related to animal cruelty and gore

If the messages they share doesn’t relate to any of those categories, there is no necessity to report them. Instead of that, you should just discuss with the respective member about their behavior. If you are maintaining the channel by yourself, you can simply chase them off your channel. Apart from that, you can even block or mute the respective user so their content will not be visible. But blocked or muted users can still see what others are sharing on Discord.

2. Find the relevant ID codes after turning on the developer mode

When it comes to reporting, the process is not as simple as pressing the ‘Report’ button. Instead of that, there is a process to follow. For instance, you will have to find several ID codes. These ID codes are used by the Discord team to find the messages that violate terms and conditions. Before reporting a message, you will have to find these ID codes. To get the codes, you should go to the gear icon first and then select ‘Appearance.’ Now, go to the ‘advanced’ tab of the page to see the option called ‘Developer Mode.’ Just turn this option on.

As the next step, there are three different ID codes for you to receive. These ID codes can be seen after going to the message located in question. Then, right-click directly on the respective user’s name. Then, select the option called ‘Copy ID.’ After doing that, you will have to paste the copied number somewhere. Make sure that you label the copied ID. This ID will remain even if the respective user changes the user name for some reason. So, tracking down will not be a problem.

Now, right-click on the message once more and select the option ‘Copy ID.’ This time, you will be able to get the ID number for the channel as well as the message. Make sure that you paste it and label it as well.

Now, go the icon that represents the server (located on the left-hand side of the screen). Right-click on this option and select the option called ‘Copy ID’ for yet another time. Then, make sure that you paste it with the other text you have already copied and pasted.

3. Send the report to fix ‘how to report someone on Discord’

The last step of the process is to send the report to Discord moderator panel. This should be done through the ‘Trust & Safety request center.’ Enter the email address you are using and select the type of the report. This type can be selected using the drop-down box. Make sure that you select the option that strictly applies to the situation. Now, enter the subject and explain what sort of incident you have faced in Discord. Then provide the ID codes within the box labeled ‘description’ box. Make sure that you send the report. You will now have to wait for Discord to take care of the rest.

How to report someone in Discord if you are using iOS?

If you are using an iOS device, the reporting process is more straightforward compared to the process with desktop. In fact, for most of the users, this is a too simple process.

To get this done, all you have to do is to deploy a couple of taps. Just hold down the finger on the top part of the message located in question. Then, you will have to hit the ‘Report’ option in red color. In fact, there is nothing to be explained here. The best thing is that this method doesn’t require you to submit any ID codes. Discord has a special team to take care of these matters. They might not send you a reply with regards to the report. However, if necessary, you can even send the email explaining your situation. Their email address is Through such email, you can expect the team to act faster and engage in resolving your matter quickly.

Clearing a report from Discord

Sometimes, we tend to have second thoughts about what we do. The same thing can be applied to the reports you make. For instance, assume a situation where you have made a report, and now you regret it. Or, you feel like you needn’t report it. Or, what if you have accidentally reported someone (this can particularly happen on iOS devices)? And, what if you realize that the respective message hasn’t actually violated any rules?

Don’t be upset. There is always a solution to overcome the mistakes happen. As a solution to this matter, you can simply write to Discord team about the mistake happen. Then, you can request them to clear the report you have made. However, when making the request, you will have to be clear and precise. To do this, you can directly contact a support member and speak to him or her.

Go to the Twitter page they (Discord) are maintaining and then send a message. Make sure that you compose the message clearly because they have plenty of messages to read. The clearer the message you send, the faster the response will be. Have that in mind and start composing a professional, clear, and precise message. In this case, however, you will have to give the email address. This email address must be the same one you have used to create the Discord account.

If you ever send a false report to Discord about someone’s conduct, that is considered as a violation itself. As a result, you will experience some penalties. To avoid such instances, please make sure that you don’t do false reporting. Instead, go through the potential message several times and determine if it is really violating the terms of Discord. If you accidentally made a report, act immediately, so they will realize that it is a mistake.

Even the Discord team will act faster to clear the report and get the things back in track. In most of the cases, the reports will be removed in minutes if you request properly.

Well, that’s how to report someone on Discord. Leave us a comment if you have any issues with this matter. Good luck!