How to Repeat YouTube (Put a YouTube Video on Repeat)

YouTube has become the most popular video-sharing platform on the internet today. This platform is frequently visited by hundreds of millions of visitors every moment using various devices. In general, the interface of YouTube is a very friendly one, so using it is pretty easy. However, YouTube has some features that are accessed less frequently by users too. Well, with that said, what if you want to know how to repeat YouTube video? Have you ever tried that? Do you want to learn the correct way of doing it? Read on!

Do you use a desktop PC, laptop, Android device, or an iPhone? Regardless of the device you use, learning how to repeat YouTube would be convenient. In fact, the YouTube platform features an option to repeat a video you would like. In addition to the default feature, there are third-party tools that can repeat the videos on YouTube. The good news is that these apps are for free. Well, from this point onwards, let’s learn how to put a YouTube video on repeat.

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Part 1. How to repeat YouTube video?

As mentioned earlier, there are several options for those who wonder how to repeat YouTube video. Let’s take a look at those methods one by one.

01. How to put a YouTube video on repeat using the default option

Thankfully, YouTube now offers an option to loop (constantly repeat) videos. To access this feature and enable it, you should right-click on the respective video (or its play button) first. Then, you will be able to select the option called ‘Loop‘ from the appearing drop-down that will pop up. Well, that’s a pretty easy process, right?

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02. How to repeat YouTube video using ‘ListenOnRepeat’

If you want to learn another way to repeat a YouTube video on your computer, here’s an interesting trick. In this case, you will have to make use of a third-party online tool called ‘ListenOnRepeat‘. However, the way you use it is pretty impressive. Mentioned below are the steps you should follow in order to loop a YouTube video.

  • First, open YouTube home page and browse for the video you intend to repeat.
  • Then, you should to a little tweak on the URL displayed in the address bar. What you should do is mentioned below.
  • Click on the URL of the YouTube and then delete the text before the word ‘YouTube‘. In other words, you should delete the text ‘https://www‘.
  • Then, move the cursor to the right after ‘YouTube‘ and type ‘repeat‘. Please note that you shouldn’t delete any of the characters in the rest of the address.
  • Now, the URL should look like Then, press enter.
  • As a result, you will notice that the browser opens a new page.
  • Check the URL now, and it should start with
  • Now, on this page, the respective video will repeat until you close the page.

Part 2. How to put a YouTube video on repeat (on iPhones)?

Now you have an idea about repeating videos on YouTube using your computer or laptop. Well, what if you need to do the same on the iPhone? In fact, there are some cool video clips on YouTube, which you’d love to play several times. Or, think about a nice beat for which you need to practice some dancing moves. If not, what if you want to master lyrics of a certain song by listening to it repeatedly? In fact, there is a straightforward way to repeat YouTube videos on your iPhone.

Through this method, you can simply repeat single YouTube video or even multiple tracks on your iPhone. To get it done, you should follow the steps mentioned below.

  • As the first step, you should open the respective video you intend to repeat.
  • Once the video file is opened, you will be able to modify the URL within the address bar.
  • To modify, you should replace the word ‘YouTube‘ with ‘vidstunez.’ For instance, after the modification, the respective URL should appear like ‘‘ instead ‘
  • After the modification is done, you can simply hit the enter key on your iPhone’s keyboard. This will load the URL.
  • In order to play multiple videos repeatedly, however, you will have to create an account on

Part 3. How to repeat YouTube video on an iPhone without registering?

If you want to repeat a YouTube video on your iOS device automatically, there is a better way. In fact, this method is better because it actually saves you data as well. In other words, we introduce a way to free download YouTube videos so you can watch them offline repeatedly. This method is handy because you don’t need a data connection to watch the videos once they are downloaded.

In order to download YouTube videos on an iPhone, you should choose a reliable software. As a result of the research we did, we can strongly recommend iTube Studio. In fact, this special tool comprises of a range of handy features.

Apart from downloading videos, iTube Studio builds a video library as well. Through this library, you will be able to view the videos (both downloaded and desktop videos) easily. If you find unwanted YouTube videos, you can use the same feature to get rid of them. It also supports downloading the playlists, channels and even categories in whole. So, it is an exceptionally friendly tool that saves your time and makes the job easier.

Reasons to select iTube Studio Video Downloader

Here are the main reasons why you should use iTube Studio Video Downloader now.

  • It lets you download (or record) videos without losing the original quality.
  • It supports all the video sharing sites ranging from YouTube to Vimeo to Daily Motion.
  • Come with a ‘Download and Convert‘ feature so you can expect any output format.
  • It allows you to download videos as a batch and convert them as a batch. This saves your time significantly.
  • It has a sleep mode and several other handy features to manage all the downloads.
  • There is a private mode integrated with this tool, so your download information will be completely protected.

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How to repeat YouTube video using iTube Studio Video Downloader

Now, let’s take a look at the steps to put a YouTube video on repeat.

  • First of all, you should download and install iTube Studio Video Downloader on your device.
  • Then, you should visit the YouTube website and play the video you intend to download.
  • You will then see a ‘Download‘ button towards the top left corner of the same video.
  • You can then follow the onscreen instructions to get the respective video downloaded into the device.
  • If not, you can simply drag and drop the URL of the respective video to the ‘Dock icon‘. Once the URL is dropped into iTube Studio’s dock icon, the downloading will start.
  • Also, you can copy and paste the URL of the video into the space called ‘Paste URL‘.
  • Once the downloading is completed, the conversion process is a pretty simple task. Just click on the ‘Downloaded‘ option located towards the left-hand side of the window. Click on the ‘Convert‘ button to begin the conversion.
  • You can now view or listen to the downloaded tracks on your iPhone.

As mentioned before, the specialty of this method is that it doesn’t cost any data after initial downloading. The files are already saved on your device, so you don’t have to worry about having an internet connection. In fact, this method works on Mac, Windows, Android, and iPhones.

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So, that’s how to put a YouTube video on repeat. We hope you’d like this article. We appreciate if you can leave us feedback in the comments section below.

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