How to Import Contacts to Galaxy S9 / S10 / S20 In An Easy Way

Transferring your contacts – this is something that all smartphone users will have to do at some point. Regardless of what smartphone you get, transferring contact information will always be a priority. But, as common as this is, not everyone knows how to import contacts to Galaxy S9. Sure, manually entering each contact is an option. However, this is a time-consuming and risky process; human error can’t be predicted!

Therefore, it’s our recommendation that you consider an automated import method. We’re going to focus on three specific solutions today:

Each of these methods can be used to import contacts to Samsung Galaxy S9 effectively. We’ll be digging into each of them, explaining how to import contacts to Galaxy S9 using them, and showing you why they’re the best solutions available to you. So, without any more hesitation, let’s jump right into it.

Part 1. Using a SIM Card

Although not as common with modern mobile phones, some people store contact information on their SIM cards. This is still a viable option although a lot of people find it inconvenient. In comparison to transferring your contacts via a Wi-Fi connection, this is much faster and contrary to what a lot of people believe, it’s not difficult to do. There are, however, some limits to using a SIM card.

  • SIM cards are limited to a certain amount of contacts (this limit is typically 250).
  • If you have more contacts than the limit, you’ll have to repeat the transfer several times.
  • There are different sizes of SIM cards, so it may not fit in the Samsung Galaxy S9.
  • Some SIM cards can only be used on one smartphone, depending on your carrier.

Ignoring these limits, this method is easy to follow and can be effective. For anyone who has a significantly high number of contacts, we recommend that you consider one of the other methods that we’ve provided below.

How to Import Contacts to Galaxy S9 with SIM Card

As mentioned above, transferring contacts via SIM card is an option, and with the steps below, we’re going to show you how to do so.

#1 – Remove the SIM card from your old phone and insert it into the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Note: if the SIM card is too big for your new Samsung phone, look at a guide on how to re-size the SIM card without damaging the chip.

#2 – Turn on your Samsung Galaxy S9 and open the “Contacts” application.

#3 – At the top-right of the apps display, tap on the menu icon and select “Settings”.

how to import contacts to Galaxy S9 with SIM Card

#4 – Next, tap on “Contacts” followed by “Import/Export Contacts”.

#5 – From the pop-up menu that is shown, tap on “Import from SIM card”.

#6 – Select either “Device” or “Google” to have the contacts saved to.

Note: if you have a lot of contacts then choosing “Google” will save you a lot of storage space.

#7 – A list of the contacts that are saved on the SIM card will be shown. Go through the list and tap on the ones that you want to import.

#8 – Tap on “Done” at the top-right of the app and after a few minutes, the contacts will have successfully been transferred.

That’s right – it’s that easy. Most manufacturers will advise against removing your SIM card frequently as there is the risk of damaging it, rendering the card useless. Thus, it may be worth trying out one of the other methods first.

Part 2. Using a vCard File

Another option that you have is to use dr.fone – Android Phone Manager. If you want an easy way to learn how to import contacts to Galaxy S9, this is the program for you. Some of the main features that Dr.Fone – Phone Manager (Android) includes are:

  • Transfer data between your Android device and computer freely.
  • Sync your iTunes library with an Android device, and vice versa.
  • Have complete control over your Android device when using Dr.Fone.
  • Compatible with the most recent Android versions.
  • Transfer photos, music, videos, text messages, apps, and app data, and contact information.

One thing that you’ll realize when using Dr.Fone – Phone Manager is that it’s the best Android manager that there is. Given that there isn’t an iTunes equivalent for Android users, dr.fone – Android Phone Manager is ideal. With that in mind, you can use it for transferring contacts to your Samsung Galaxy S9.

How to Import Contacts to Galaxy S9 Using a vCard File (Dr.Fone – Phone Manager)

Take a few minutes to turn on your computer and install Dr.Fone – Phone Manager accordingly. After this, you should obtain the vCard file (for iPhone users, you can get this file from the iCloud panel). When you have this program set up, follow the steps below.

Try dr.fone – Phone Manager (Android)

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#1 – Launch Dr.Fone and once it has loaded, click on the “Phone Manager” feature to begin. If your computer displays a “User Account Control” notification, accept the request.


#2 – Connect your Samsung Galaxy S9 to your computer and wait until Dr.Fone detects it.

how to import contacts to Galaxy S9 Using dr.fone - Phone manager

#3 – A notification on your phone will prompt you to “Allow USB Debugging”. You must select “Always allow this computer” in order for Dr.Fone to work properly. Tap “OK” to proceed.

#4 – On your computer, click the “Information” tab and then on “Contacts” from the left menu.

#5 – All of your device’s contacts will now be shown. Click on the import icon and from the drop-down menu, select “from VCard File”.

#6 – Using the Windows Explorer window, locate and select the vCard file containing your contacts.

#7 – Lastly, click “OK” and after a few seconds of importing data, your contacts will be available.

Without a doubt, this is one of the most effective ways to transfer contact information. Not only that, but you can use dr.fone – Phone Manager (Android) to selectively transfer the rest of your data too.

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Part 3. Transferring Contacts from an iPhone

The final solution that we’re going to focus on is how to import contacts to Galaxy S9 using dr.fone – Phone Transfer. This is another fantastic feature that Dr.Fone’s toolkit includes. With the help of this easy-to-use program, you can transfer your computers in a few seconds. Some of the Dr.Fone – Phone Transfer features that you’ll find incredibly helpful are:

You’ll see for yourself that Dr.Fone – Phone Transfer is a useful tool to have, especially for new phone owners. By taking advantage of these features and what this program has to offer, you can transfer your contacts without any bother.

How to Import Contacts to Galaxy S9 from iPhone (Dr.Fone – Phone Transfer)

Given that many iPhone users are going to get the Samsung Galaxy S9, this is an important method to understand. Since Android doesn’t support iOS data transfer, if you want to import contacts to Galaxy S9 from iPhone, you have to use dr.fone – Phone Transfer.

#1 – Download, install, and launch Dr.Fone on your computer.

Get dr.fone – Phone Transfer

#2 – From the features shown on-screen, click the “Phone Transfer” option.


#3 – Connect your iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S9 using the appropriate USB cables now.

how to import contacts to Galaxy S9 with drfone Phone Transfer

#4 – Once both devices have been detected, make sure that the “Destination” device is your Samsung Galaxy S9. If it isn’t, click the “Flip” button at the top.

#5 – Check the box next to “Contacts” from the menu in the center of the display. If you want to transfer any other data types, check those boxes too.

#6 – Click the “Start Transfer” button and after a few minutes, Dr.Fone – Phone Transfer will have successfully transferred your contacts for you.

In just a few easy steps, you’ve successfully found out how to import contacts to Galaxy S9. Out of the different methods that we’ve shown you in this article, this is by far the best.

To Conclude

There are a lot of different options available, as we’ve clearly indicated above. Whether you choose the traditional method of transferring using your SIM card, or you opt to use one of the many useful Dr.Fone features, you can learn how to import contacts to Galaxy S9 &  transfer WhatsApp messages to new S9 phone without too much hassle. If you want reliability then dr.fone – Phone Transfer is the best choice you can make. With this data management tool, you are given full control over your data and can flexibly transfer it as you desire. All in all, although it was difficult in the past, you can now transfer your contacts easily.

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