How to Get Chegg Answers for Free Effortlessly

You may be wondering how to get Chegg answers for free to answer those difficult assignments since you don’t have an active subscription plan on the website. Chegg has proved to be a very popular and useful website for many students in the USA. The scholarly services offered by the site remain free for the trial period, at the end of which the user needs to subscribe to any of the paid plans to continue using the services. However, not every student can manage to pay for the plans, and it is here that the different alternative methods to get the Chegg help for free come to the rescue. This article aims to bring you such methods which will help you to avail of the Chegg answers free of cost without even needing a Chegg account.

How does Chegg help?

Being a college student requires a lot of skills, and that is not at all easy, be it any discipline or course. Throughout the semester, assignments, activities, and homework keep recurring every now and then. Then there are exams which need a lot of hard work as well as smart work. To keep up with the requirements and remain stress-free at the same time is quite difficult to imagine.

It is here that we seek the help of technology for making the job easier for us and know how to get Chegg answers for free. There are plenty of useful websites on the web that proves to be a blessing for many students in need of academic help. Some sites perform outstandingly by increasing the domain of services in all directions.

Chegg is one such site that is a giant in the field of online educational services. It’s also one of the Websites Like Slader. There are experts on this portal who help you to finish off the assignments with full grammar and plagiarism check. You can ask questions related to any subject that you are studying from either the experts or the Chegg community.

The Chegg website is meant to provide scholarly services online. It lets you get books on a rental basis or buy the used ones at a low cost. The site is also a freelancing portal for many people who work here as online tutors. They work from remote locations and earn for answering the questions posed by the students.

The only disadvantage of the site is that the services don’t come for free. There are different plans that are then used to pay the tutors. There are different subscription plans that start from $6 to $50. You may choose any of them as per your needs and the services you are looking for.

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Thinking how to get Chegg answers for free? Try these five tricks

These are the difficulties that make a student look for ways how to get Chegg answers for free. It is not impossible to get them. We give you five methods in this article that will help you to get the answers fully free of cost and upscale the learning game thereby.

1. Utilize the free trial offered by Chegg

Were you aware of this easy method for getting free Chegg answers? Be known that the website offers a free trial for the new users. If you are new to the idea of learning online, then you can start with this free trial on Chegg, which remains active for four weeks to decide if the content is worthy or not.

We believe that these 28 days will be sufficient for you to understand how to get Chegg answers for free and the solutions given by the website to do so. You can also learn to navigate through its huge library of more than 9000 textbooks, which can either be read online or can be borrowed on a low rental charge. You can buy these books too if you think you want to have them all the time for quick solutions. Note that you pay in both the situations, be it buying or renting the book.

Other than reading the books online, there are services like looking for answers from the large FAQ database, getting help from tutors for different subjects online, and reading answers by the subject experts in case you can’t find one in the community section. You get all of these services even while using the free trial.

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2. Just Google it

Did you give a thought about looking for answers on the web browser as an alternative to how to get Chegg answers for free? Well, you should check with the Google browser at your service. It boasts of an infinite amount of information on basically everything under the sun. Needless to say, it will help you to get the solutions that you are seeking if you just make the right use of it.


The process to do so is quite simple. Open any browser – like Bing or Google. If the question that you posted has already been searched for on the web and responded for too, then you can expect the answer to appear within the first few results itself. Just make the smart and correct use of Google search by carefully analyzing the search results, and that will build the answer for you.

3. Use the alternative sites to Chegg

There are plenty of websites available on the web that give solutions for the textbook queries just like Chegg, but for free. Here in this article, we have curated a list of such best websites that will help you to get free answers for all your questions without any hassle.

All the listed sites are proven to be very effective alternatives and work best to make you know how to get Chegg answers for free. Some of these would even help you in downloading the books available on Chegg for free. The sites will revert answers for your questions from almost any subject field- like science, language, social studies, maths, economics, technology, history, etc.

Note: This is important info regarding the websites that allow the downloading of content and free Chegg answers. These sites are regarded as illegal, but they are 100% secure to use for getting answers. Chegg is taking precautionary measures and taking steps to curb such sites that access their answers unauthorized. They want to ban all such sites from making misuse of their content.

  • Slader – This website will help you seek free answers for your homework queries. The quality of this site is impressive, and you need to try it.
  • StudyLib – This website is like a huge library of books but a virtual one. You can find all your queries solved here with some answers already recorded.
  • PaperHelp – This site and its functioning are very similar to that of Chegg. The unique part is that it has a different category of writers whom you can ask to write an essay for your submissions. There are separate charges for each category. You can choose the tier which best suits your needs. Check this website out because it is going to be great.
  • Sparknotes – This website is used for referencing where you can just do a search for almost anything that you may want to make the finishing touches to the research papers you are writing. The best is not over yet- the site will charge you nothing for doing this.
  • CourseHero – This website does things differently than our basic online education sites. They give the teaching services in the form of a question-answer format. This format is available with every tutoring expert, and they can use it to keep testing the knowledge of the students. The answers given by one student acts as a help to the others.
  • CourseEagle – This is another useful site that will give you answers for free. Just search the question on the site and choose the most relevant answer that gets listed for you. You can download them in PDF format too.
  • – This website works in a very different way than all the others listed here. This tool will help you in finding out how to get Chegg answers for free. Let us tell you what needs to be done. Just copy the original link of the Chegg question into this website and then click the search button. In a matter of a few seconds, you will get the answer you were seeking.

4. Pay less and get the Chegg answers

If you have to make submissions regularly, then you must know how to get Chegg answers for free or maybe for a lesser price. You can join the communities run by Chegg on different social media platforms like Quora, Reddit, and Facebook, and you can also connect to people with Chegg subscription. You can offer them suitable money to get free answers. This method doesn’t guarantee help, but it is worth trying.

5. Using TechLaCarte to get Chegg answers for no fee (we recommend)

Our team possesses an active subscription account on Chegg, so you just need to send your questions directly to us either by writing it in the comment box or posting it on our Facebook page. You can also fill the form given at the end of the page to make the doubts reach us. We, at TechLaCarte, are willing to help you with all your assignment related needs. We will respond to your queries within minutes of posting.

If you are in urgent need of the answers, just leave a message on the Facebook page. This will help you to receive answers in no time when we are non-functional. Ensure that you fill the accurate email ID in the form as we will be using that address to send you the answers to your queries.

These methods were our recommendations for this article, and we believe they are certainly going to help you know how to get Chegg answers for free. All the listed sites are working as of now, so if you face any issue with the working of any of them, do inform us in the comment box below. We will update the list as per the need. Meanwhile, pick one of these tricks to work out your assignments and perform better.