How to Successfully Enter DFU Mode on Your iPhone

Throughout this article we provide in depth details about entering DFU mode on iPhone using many methods. These methods consist of both with and without the use of external help.

Putting your iPhone into DFU (Device Firmware Upgrade) mode allows for you to restore your iPhone to a previous state. Putting your iPhone into DFU mode is often used to downgrade your iOS or more commonly, jailbreak your iPhone. However, it’s important to note that by doing so you may risk voiding your iPhone’s warranty and there is a large chance of you losing data on your iPhone, so do this at your own risk!

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Once you’ve made sure that you want to enter DFU mode, it’s time to explain how you’re able to enter DFU mode on iPhone.

Part 1: How to Enter DFU Mode on Your iPhone Normally – Without External Help

While there are other ways to enter DFU mode with the use of external tools, if you aren’t able to get your hands on these tools there is no issues with entering DFU mode yourself, using the method below.

Step #1 – The only program needed here is iTunes, so before you get started make sure that you have iTunes installed and ready to go on your computer.


Step #2 – Connect your iPhone to your computer, and turn your iPhone off.


Step #3 – After your iPhone has turned off, hold your power button for 3 seconds before letting go and letting it load up again.


Step #4 – After your iPhone has fully loaded, hold both your power button and your home button for about 10 seconds.


Step #5 – Stop holding the power button, but go on to hold down the home button for an additional 15 seconds.


Step #6 – Once you have followed these steps accordingly, a notification will pop up on iTunes telling you that it has detected your iPhone is in recovery mode.


Please note that timing is important in this method, therefore it may take a few tries before you get it to work properly. It’s worthwhile noting that if you notice the Apple logo appear during the process, it means that the iOS is loading and you will have to start again.

Part 2: 6 Tools You Can Use to Enter DFU Mode on Your iPhone – With External Help

As we said above, there are also a variety of external tools that you can use to enter DFU mode on iPhone, rather than spending your time failing to manually put your iPhone into DFU mode.


This program is commonly used rather than the other programs, mostly down to how it is a free program and contains all of the simple tools that are needed to successfully recover your iPhone from a faulty state. Below you can find some of the pros and cons of using Reiboot compared to other programs.


  • Reiboot is constantly updated so that it is compatible with all iOS versions and devices, meaning that regardless of when you got your device and how often you updated it, you will still be able to use the program.
  • The application is very easy to use and provides very simple instructions so that if the user doesn’t know much about technology, they’ll be able to use the program with ease.
  • It’s free.


  • After first installing the program, the auto launch feature contains a bug which causes it to crash on occasion.


Recboot is very similar to Reiboot due to how they perform the same tasks as one another, however they are also very different. When putting your iPhone into recovery mode, it isn’t uncommon for it to crash and be stuck in recovery mode, and a lot of us don’t know what to do and the only option we have is to wait for the battery to die. Recbook allows for you to safely enter recovery mode as well as exit recovery mode without running into any issues.



  • Compared to other programs, the files are significantly smaller in size.
  • The user is given step by step instructions, making the program very easy to use.
  • While steps are given where necessary, you are able to enter and exit recovery mode by clicking once.


  • Unfortunately (given that the majority of computers are this) the program is incompatible with computers that are 64-bit.
  • The program has been developed purely for safely entering and exiting recovery mode (can be considered as a pro too!).

Tiny Umbrella

Tiny Umbrella is perfect for those who look for more complex options within a program, rather than only the basics. If you’re looking to get your iPhone in to or out of recovery mode, want to get your iPhone out of a rebooting loop, or you just want to look at some of the more interesting options that programmers can take advantage of when designing an iPhone based computer program, then this is the program for you to check out.



  • The program has a variety of functions which can be used to resolve some of the most common issues among iPhones.


  • A known glitch with the program is that it on occasion it will not detect the device.


We’ve all been busy on our iPhone when suddenly it becomes completely unresponsive, which leads us to not only be unable to use the iPhone, but causes a lot of frustration too. iReb is the solution to that problem.



  • The program is compatible with all Operating Systems, making it available to everyone.
  • An incredibly simple program which has only 3 options within itself.


  • When using this program you are at risk of losing data.
  • The program should only be used as a last resort as it isn’t entirely reliable.


A known issue with the iPhone is that when you go to update the iOS or we are restoring data from a backup, the process will suddenly come to a halt or it will become unresponsive. Given that the majority of us don’t do these things regularly, it isn’t too big of an issue, however when we finally get around to updating our iOS it can be very frustrating for this to happen. The primary use of EasyiRecovery is to resolve this issue.



  • An incredibly simple program which consists of only 2 options.
  • Not a resource intensive program and is very small in file size.


  • It is incompatible with iPhones.


Last but not least, RedSn0w. If you have ever jailbroken your iPhone, the chances are that you have heard of and possibly even used the program RedSn0w. While it is mostly known for jailbreaking iPhones, it consists of a variety of other features too such as getting in and out of recovery mode.


  • While it is primarily used for jailbreaking your iPhone or in this case, getting in and out of recovery mode.
  • Can help prevent or get you out of the recovery looping issue.


  • The program contains basic features, however does not focus on those features and is a rather complex program to use. With that in mind, some users may find difficulty using it.

As you can see, if you aren’t willing to risk manually putting your iPhone into recovery mode, there are plenty of other options out of there that don’t cost you a penny!


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