How to Delete Kik Account Temporarily or Permanently

You may need to delete your Kik account due to various reasons. Some need to delete their Kik account temporarily while others need to stay away from Kik forever. If truth to be told, deleting a Kik account is a huge decision.

Once the account is deleted, you will not be able to receive any messages from your Kik friends. Your friends will not be able to locate your account anymore if you delete your Kik account.

Although the decision is quite a huge one, deactivating a Kik account is pretty easy. Be it forever or for a short period, you can delete your Kik account by following a few simple steps.

In this article, we will explain how to delete Kik account temporarily or permanently.

How to delete a Kik account temporarily?

Do you need to stay away from your Kik account for a while but do you intend to come back later? Then, temporarily deactivation is the solution for you.

This method allows you to reactivate the account later on simply by signing in again. Here’s the process of temporarily deactivating the account.

01. You should visit the website

02. Then, provide your email address which is used to create the respective Kik account

03. Now, you will get a link on your email account to delete your Kik account temporarily.

How to delete a Kik account permanently

If you have no second thoughts and have no intention to use your Kik account, delete it permanently. However, before you delete your Kik account, you should know what happens next.

Your Kik account will not be accessible to you anymore as it will be deleted permanently. You will not receive any of the messages from other Kik contacts.

Moreover, your username will not be visible to any of the other Kik users. The profile you were using will be completely deleted from the contact lists of your friends.

Well, in a nutshell, your account is completely invisible, and there is no coming back to it. You lose all the messages, contacts, etc. in your Kik account. If you are completely aware of these situations, you can proceed with the steps we have mentioned below.

01. Visit the website

02. Then, you should provide accurate information as per the requests made by the Kik’s website.

delete kik account

03. Now, you will get a link on your email to delete your Kik account permanently.

How to delete the Kik account of your kid?

If you know that your kid is addicted to Kik, you may consider deleting their Kid account. Once the Kik account is deleted, your kid will not be able to access the account. He or she will not be able to chat with other Kik friends.

The contact list and the entire profile will be gone off if you delete the kid account of your kid. The entire call history and messages will be gone forever, and it will bring you some relief at the end of the day.

However, deleting someone else’s Kik account I not as easy as you may think. To delete the Kik account of your kid, you should access the email address of the respective Kik account.

If you have access, you should then follow the steps we have mentioned above and delete the account forever. You can choose to delete your Kik account temporarily or delete it forever depending on your requirement.

If your kid is too young, you can simply send a request to Kik’s customer support team. As the parent, you can mention that your kid is too small to use Kik. Their email address is You can simply mention that you are making this inquiry as a parent.

Difference between “Manual Deletion” and “Permanent Erase

Manual deletion of data is not as safe as you think. There are many ways to recover deleted data from your iPhone. Therefore, if you need to get rid of some data forever, you should go for permanent deletion.

If you erase a pack of data permanently, no one will be able to recover them. However, if you delete data manually, a good data recovery software can recover them easily. So, permanent erasure is safer than a manual deletion when it comes to private, sensitive data.

Why do you need to erase data permanently off your iPhone?

Although the deletion of your Kik account makes your account inaccessible, your data on the iPhone is recoverable. There are plenty of software tools in the market to recover manually deleted data.

So, if you delete Kik account of yours because of a privacy concern, it is better to go for a permanent erasure. Such an approach is particularly important under the below circumstances.

You are going to sell your iPhone

If you are going to sell your iPhone to someone else, don’t forget to erase all the data permanently.

You are going to donate your iPhone

If you intend to donate the iPhone you are using, you should go for the permanent erasure of data.

Both the above circumstances make your private data vulnerable to third parties. When put in the wrong hands, your data can be a dangerous weapon against yourself. So, it is always better to delete your data permanently before giving your phone away.

We strongly believe that we were able to emphasize the importance of permanent data erasure. In fact, this data erasure is important even after deleting other messaging and social media apps. That is a really effective way to prevent your sensitive data from being misused by third parties.


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