How to Delete Auto Backup Photos on Android Effortlessly

It is human nature to constantly want to have something better than what they already have. Thus, it is not a big surprise that despite the massive memory of most of today’s leading smartphones, users still feel the need to know how to delete auto backup photos on Android in the hopes of ensuring that their device will have as much space as possible.

Space is no doubt among the major problems and concerns that most Android users face these days. It is for this very reason why they do not only want to make the space free because they also want to ensure that only the finest techniques are being applied for getting the whole job done.

Therefore, the question on how to delete auto backup photos on Android is something that usually pops up in the mind of many users. This is similar as that of freeing the device’s general storage space. Simply put, the device user wants to free their storage space through applying the very idea or approach that was previously stated. Thus, it is highly advised for every user to follow the right processes mentioned in this tutorial to help you free up as much space as possible.

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Part 1: Steps on How to Delete Auto Backup Photos on Android

Once again, you have to take note that the main idea behind the subject in question is to ensure that the space in your Android device has been freed from any number of extra pictures already existing there. In this regard, the steps which will be involved are rather simple, and therefore, you can apply this to getting the work down with complete ease and satisfaction. All of the steps that are stated here should be strictly followed so that it will not become an issue for you to get the results that you want successfully.

Here is a quick step by step guide for deleting auto backup photos on your Android device.

1. The path which should be followed to start and perform the process is to go to Menu first, then Settings, proceed to accounts and finally, Google.

2. Next, you have to uncheck the options which state Sync Picasa Web Albums and Sync Google + Photos.

3. You will also need to disable the rest of the sync options that you will find there.

4. After that, in the Settings menu, look for the Application Manager option.

5. Click this so that you can access your Gallery and continue with the process. You can now clear the data and as simple as that, your problem is already resolved.

These are the steps to follow on how to delete auto backup photos on Android.

Benefits of Auto Backup

  • You will be getting plenty of space freed from your device and the rest of your online storage which comes with your gadget.
  • If you are an ordinary user, you will be enjoying the use of free space which can reach to as much as 15GB. Following the process will ensure that there will be no problem when it comes to storage and it will be free to use for the rest of your apps.
  • You can also backup your data to external storage by simply following this method. This external storage tends to be more reliable for most users compared to the ones available online.

Drawbacks of Auto Backup

  • The features of auto backup can work without the user knowing it at all, and this means that you will never know what is being shared, and this is one of the biggest disadvantages of an auto backup feature.
  • Not all pictures need a backup that means that there are several that are personal by nature. Therefore, it’s recommended to all users to disable auto backup so that personal data don’t come online.

Part 2: Ways to Delete Your Android Backup from Google

The complete procedure in overcoming the problem has been explained. Each step is easy and must be followed by the users properly to avoid any issues in the long run. This also means that if there’s a next time the steps will be implemented with satisfaction and ease. Therefore, the user must ensure that they’re read as well as understood completely as this will enable them to get over the process and other related issues. The complete steps that were mentioned may be applied to different Android devices to get only nothing but the best results. No matter what model, make or type of your device is, such steps can be implemented easily.

Here are the steps that will guide you on how to delete auto backup photos on Android from Google:

1. First and foremost, users have to access Settings on their device to start the process.

2. Then, Privacy must be accessed as well to proceed further.

3. Get rid of the check mark on the “Back up my data” option.

4. The next thing that you should do is to press the “OK” button once you saw a prompt. This will get rid of the backup from Google servers.

Regardless of the scenario, you’re in; it’s possible for users to get over the problem completely with those above-mentioned tips. It’s also wise to remember that you can only get the best results once you have applied the steps properly. Your storage space won’t only be freed, yet may be used for something that’s more of value for users. It’s also recommended for users to apply such processes to any particular Android device with satisfaction and ease because they’ll bring forth the same result. From low-end Android devices to tablets, the results are the best.

Dr.fone – Android Data Backup and Restore: An Effective Tool to Delete Auto Backup Photos on Android

If you want to get results when learning how to delete auto backup photos on Android, it is important always to use the most reliable and effective tool to restore and backup your data. Throughout the process of deleting your auto backup photos on your Android device, it could result in data loss, most particularly if you did not do it right. However, with a tool like Dr.fone toolkit – Android Data Backup and Restore, you can be assured that you are on the right track of deleting your auto backup Android photos. Aside from that, you can restore anything you like in case you have deleted some of your important files.

Some of the best features of Dr.fone toolkit – Android Data Backup Restore are as follows:

  • Creates a complete backup of your data on your device to keep your data secure.
  • You may also make your backup anytime you like, and every backup file is secure and can’t be renewed in any way once you perform an Android backup.
  • It enables you to preview all the details of your backup file and pick the files you like to restore on your device.
  • You may use this tool for backing up your apps as well as your data & restore them using this tool.
  • It guaranteese that you won’t lose any data with dr.fone – Android Data Backup and Restore.
  • It may be used for restoring and backing up messages, contacts, calendar, gallery, video, application, app data, and audio.
  • This supports many Android devices including LG, Sony, Samsung, and thousands of models available in the market.
  • When compared to others, it is a software that’s completely read-only. It will not modify, keep or leak data on your phone or in your backup file.

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