How to Check History on iPhone With Ease?

Knowing how to check history on iPhone of someone else can be very handy for any individual. For instance, if the iPhone belongs to your kid, checking its browsing history will be handy in many ways. It lets you know if the kid is watching unwanted content such as porn or gambling. If you know about it, you can use the necessary precautions and protect your child from potential dangers. So, how to check browsing history on iPhone? Let’s find it out.

In this article, we explain how to check safari history on iPhone using several different methods. So, check the list out and choose the most appropriate option to match your requirement.

Method 1: How to check history on iPhone with the assistance of a browser

It goes without saying that a web browser is among the most used features on any iPhone. With the availability of large amounts of content, individuals tend to use web browsers very often. In fact, we tend to visit web browsers several times a day to find answers to various questions. Compared to other mobile devices, the default browser of iPhones is Safari. Therefore, if you use an iPhone, you should know how to manipulate Safari and how to check its history. Well, checking the history of iPhones is very convenient and follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. First, you should open the Safari browser on the iOS device.
  2. Now, at the bottom of the screen, you should tap on the icon that appears like a book.
  3. Then, tap on the icon that appears as a “Clock.”
  4. You can see the entire browsing history of the Safari website now.

How to Check History on iPhone With Ease

So, that’s how to check safari history on iPhone.

Arguably, Google Chrome can be considered as the most popular web browser among users across the globe. So, the chances are that some iOS users can use Google Chrome on iPhones as well. So, do you use Google Chrome on your iOS device? If so, it would be handy to know how to check browsing history on iPhone (of Chrome as well). Mentioned below is how to check Google Chrome’s browsing history on iPhone.

  1. You should launch Google Chrome on your iPhone that you intend to check the history.
  2. Then, tap on the icon that appears as three dots (it is located at the bottom).
  3. Then, swipe up, and you will see the option called “History.”
  4. Now, you can take a look at the history of the browser effortlessly.

How to check history on iPhone with the assistance of a browser

Well, you can understand that it is not that complex to view the history of your iPhone. Now that we have provided a detailed description as well, things should be even easier. So, use the above steps and view history.

Important: Please note that you cannot view the history if it is already deleted by the user. Also, the history will not be available in the browsing is done in Private Mode. In that case, you cannot view the history with the steps we have mentioned above.

PS: let’s figure out how to see Incognito history and how to retrieve call history from iPhone effortlessly.

Method 2: How to check browsing history on iPhone through Settings

When you use an iPhone, it is also possible to access the browser history through the “Settings” app. This app gives you access to the amount of data the respective website stores on the iOS device. As a result, you can use this feature to view the data related to frequently visited websites. To make it possible, just read the following instructions.

  1. First, you should launch the “Settings” app on your iOS device.
  2. Once you see the list of settings, just swipe it up to locate the “Safari” option.
  3. When you are inside Safari’s options, swipe up once again so you can see the option called “History.”
  4. Now, at the bottom of the same screen, you will be able to see the option called “Advanced.” Just tap on it.
  5. Now choose the option called “Website Data,” and you can see the history of the websites.

How to check browsing history on iPhone through Settings

However, this method doesn’t allow you to view important data like time and date related to history. In addition to that, it doesn’t show any private browsing history on the device. So, this is not the most complete and comprehensive option.

Besides, let’s learn more about how to view iPhone call history and How to view private browsing history on iPhone simply.

Method 3: How to check safari history on iPhone even if it is deleted

As you have got to know, both of the above methods are not as accurate as you expect. You cannot access deleted history using any of those methods. Also, those methods don’t show the browsing history of private tabs. So, what if you want to know how to check deleted browsing history on the device? Well, there is a different method to get it done. In this case, you will have to seek the assistance of a third-party tool. The best in the business to address such matters is KidsGuard Pro for iOS.

KidsGuard Pro for iOS is a very impressive program that comes with excellent tracking abilities. This tool has a smart algorithm to check vital data. For instance, it can track date, time, titles, bookmarks, etc. of all the websites visited. In addition to previewing the search history, it can even export the available data to a remote computer. In addition to tracking web-related actions, you can view plenty of other data as well. For instance, you can view call history, photos, social media activities, videos, notes, calendar, etc.

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KidsGuard Pro for iOS

How to use KidsGuard Pro for iOS and check iPhone History?

As we have mentioned before, KidsGuard Pro has an exceptionally powerful algorithm to track an iPhone. Despite the advanced features, KidsGuard Pro offers impressive user-friendliness as well. So, using KidsGuard Pro for iOS is very convenient, even if you are a total novice. However, for your convenience, we explain the process in a step-by-step method. You can get it done within a couple of minutes.

When it comes to compatibility, KidsGuard Pro supports all the latest models in the market. For instance, it supports iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11, iPhone X, and iPhone 8. Also, it supports iOS 9 to iOS 14.

  • First, you should launch the official website of KidsGuard Pro for iOS and create an account. You should provide a valid email address to create it. After that, you should also subscribe to a suitable plan to gain access to all the features.

KidsGuard Pro for iOS

  • Now, go to the target device and download the app on it. To do that, you should visit At the completion of the installation, you should choose a backup to view the data. If you don’t see the target iPhone on the list, just connect it to the computer. After that, you can generate a backup.

KidsGuard Pro for iOS

  • As the last step, you should enter the dashboard of KidsGuard Pro. You can choose an option on the left menu and view a variety of data. For instance, you can check 20+ varieties, including Safari, call history, social media, messages, and so on.

KidsGuard Pro for iOS

So, that’s how to check browsing history on iPhone using KidsGuard Pro for iOS. The best thing with KidsGuard Pro is that it monitors the history of Safari in stealth mode. That means the device owner will not know if their iPhone is monitored by you. So, this will be a superb option for those who want to monitor their kids’ browsing history remotely.

With the large range of options offered by KidsGuard Pro, you can watch your kid’s smartphone activities closely. With such an approach, you can prevent your child from potential dangers that are common on the internet. In addition to the iOS version, KidsGuard Pro comes with an Android version as well. You can use KidsGuard Pro’s Android version to track all the actions taken place on your kid’s Android device. It can even detect the actions that take place in the incognito tabs so your kid can hide nothing.

Note: At a glance, KidsGuard Pro may sound like a spying app. In a way, it is true. However, the purpose of using this app is different. That means you use KidsGuard Pro to prevent your beloved child from accessing unwanted content. So, we strongly suggest our readers use this app only for the intended purpose. We never encourage you to breach others’ privacy.


Well, if you wonder how to check history on iPhone, you can use any of the options we mentioned. Basically, we introduced two methods; get the browsing history through the browser or Settings. However, none of those methods become effective if the history is deleted or they have used incognito tabs. In that case, you will have to switch to an advanced option like KidsGuard Pro for iOS. Are you a parent who wants to learn how to check safari history on iPhone of your son? If so, KidsGuard Pro for iOS should be your ultimate solution. It is user-friendly, sophisticated, and very effective. If you have already used this tool, please share your experience with our readers.

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