How to Change Country on Spotify?

Spotify is the go-to app for streaming music, podcasts, and other content, and it is used by millions of people worldwide. However, most of the media on Spotify is dependent on your current location. As a result, it is advised that you go to Spotify’s change location option and manually change it. In this article, let’s show you how to change Spotify country in many ways to match your needs.

Spotify has direct arrangements with record labels and other rights holders that limit which albums and artists users in certain regions may listen to. Some music accessible for play in your area may not be available elsewhere, and vice versa. If you created your Spotify account in the wrong nation, or if you have just relocated to another nation, you may update your region in your profile to match your actual location.

Reasons For Changing Location

Before we learn how to change country Spotify, let’s go over some of the reasons why you might want to change your location in detail.

  • The content on Spotify is geo-restricted. This implies that based on where you are, you may be unable to stream certain music and podcasts. For example, unless you are actually there in Malaysia or some other nation, you will not be allowed to enjoy the music or podcasts that are exclusively available to Malaysians or others.
  • Spotify supports its customers by offering tracks and content suggestions that are heavily reliant on their current geographic region.
  • Your geolocation has an impact on the rate you will be charged each month if you have a Spotify premium membership. In other terms, the price of a monthly membership to Spotify differs depending on where the user is located.
  • If you travel regularly and use a free profile, it is critical to maintaining your Spotify account when you are in other regions.
  • Spotify, while having approximately 350 million active monthly users, is still not available globally. As a result, it is likely that you will not be able to use Spotify in your nation. In that instance, you will require software that can impersonate your location.
  • Aside from charges and personalized suggestions, Spotify has a few more functions that are location-based.

How to Change Spotify Country on Free Profile

Here’s how to change the country on Spotify Free Account. Please read the instructions thoroughly and contact us with any questions.

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1: Go to the Spotify Site.

You will need to use a browser on your smartphone or PC to access Spotify’s website. After that, you must sign in using your login or Facebook.

2: Go to Account.

After signing into Spotify, touch on your account and then pick “Account“.

3: Select Edit.

You now have access to all of your data. To make minor changes, select “Edit profile“.

4: Choose a Region

To pick a region, you must first click on the country tab. If you are in another country, update your location by using the menu bar.

You should keep in mind that your selected location will only be visible while you are in it. If you have a free Spotify subscription, you may listen to music while visiting abroad for up to 14 days. Following that, you must either switch back to your own nation or create a new account in your new location.

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How to Change Spotify Country on Paid Profile

If you have Spotify Premium, you may modify your location by following these instructions on how to change Spotify country.

1: Go to your Spotify Profile.

In the 1st step, you will need to go to your Spotify Profile, then go to Account Overview.

2: Select a Region

You must now provide your current location.

3: Select Update.

To relocate your package to its present position, use the Update choice. You can also modify the package. Then, beginning with the following subscription period, Spotify will charge you using your new payment method.

If you have a paid membership, you need not switch your location while traveling. You do not have the same 14-day limit as a basic account. But, if you are permanently relocating, you must change your information.

How to Change Spotify Country Using A Third-Party Software

When learning how to change Spotify country, you can always make use of third-party software. iToolab AnyGo is a great application that enables you to travel to any destination in seconds. Most applications in this category need jailbreaking. However, AnyGo does not. The program is set up in such a way that you may manually configure your location, pace of travel, and import routes as you see fit. Because it works with the most recent version of iOS, it is suitable with any gadget that enables Spotify.

One of the greatest benefits and capabilities of this application is the ability to build a virtual path in motion; – i.e., you can define a beginning point and an ending point and designate the pace and direction you want to go so that it looks that you are going someplace, however, without leaving your house, fooling Spotify into thinking you live in a foreign nation.

1: Get iToolab AnyGo and Install It on Your Computer.

Now link your phone to the PC. Next, on the AnyGo main interface, select the “Start” option.

iToolab AnyGo

2: Determine your Present Location.

AnyGo now displays the user’s current position on the map if the position is not accurate for whatever reason, tap on the Center On symbol in the top right corner.

3: Look for the Required Place.

Before teleporting, you must first choose a false place on the map. Enter the place in the search field and choose it from the provided list. Then, to find it, hit the Search option.

how to change Spotify country Using AnyGo

How to Change Spotify Country Using VPN

how to change Spotify country Using VPN

Picking the ideal VPN to be safe on the web might seem hard at times. There are plenty of VPNs available, each claiming to be the finest. When you utilize a VPN, all of your online traffic is routed through a safe distant server. This enables you to totally conceal your IP address and pretend to be accessing the internet while in another location of your preference. If you use cheap and untrustworthy VPN services, the connection speed may suffer.

Most VPN providers will allow you to appear from pre-defined locations. It will alter the nation on Spotify. However, it may be untrustworthy or endanger your data. Therefore you must use it at your own risk.

  1. Get a VPN with a built-in capability that allows you to fake your location.
  2. Set up an account and sign in after downloading.
  3. Establish a connection to your VPN service.
  4. Follow the instructions and choose the region as per your choice.

You may now pretend to be listening to music in Texas while actually being in Paris, France.

Bonus: Why Can’t I Change My Location on Spotify?

Spotify limits location updates in order to avoid system misuse. Suppose they enable users to change their location whenever and wherever many will abuse this feature and get access to restricted material. Additionally, free memberships are not permitted to be used when abroad, and Spotify no longer allows users to alter their location without authentication. The payment method is the most important verification factor for Spotify. If the user has gone to another nation, the user must have a valid payment method from that country.

If the user can change the new payment method, Spotify can validate the new location; otherwise, access will be refused, and you will face the “Spotify can’t change country” issue. Those who do not want to alter their payment method in Spotify can contact the Support Team and ask them to do it on their behalf. Note that adding a new payment method will not charge you until the following payment period. As a result, there is no need to be concerned about being charged again.

Final Thoughts on Change Spotify Country

As you can see, changing your Spotify location is available for both free and premium accounts, although the official methods Spotify allows have clear limits. We hope that this article has helped you to learn how to change country Spotify and answered any queries you may have had regarding changing your Spotify location.

If you travel frequently and for more than 14 days as a free user, it may be beneficial registering with Facebook or Apple if you have not previously done so to save time on continuously updating your location. If you currently have an account with one of these services and are planning on going for an extended period of time, it may be worth investing in a new account solely for the length of the trip. Your new account will allow you to share all of your playlists.