How to Backup Moto X Data with Ease (Moto X4 / Style / Play Supported)

Reasons of backing up your Motorola Moto X4, Moto X Style, Moto X Play phone

  • 1) Backing up your important data on Moto X in case of losing them.
  • 2) You want to replace your Moto X device with another one, but just want to keep the data at the same time.
  • 3) Something wrong with your operating system, and need to back up the data before fixing the problems.

How to back up your Motorola Moto X (X4, Style,Play) data

The most typical way is that connecting your Moto X 2014, 2015 to the computer and then copying all files from the Moto X+1 (or Moto X Style, X Play) storage to the computer. However, most people must don’t know how to export their contacts, SMS and call logs because such kinds of files are very special. In this case, the typical method won’t work. And you may need to find another way out.

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Double way to back up your Moto X4 (X Style, X Play) Android data

In my opinion, I think the most effective way to back up your Moto X2 Android data is to turn to a certain capable Android backup program for help. Here is one – dr.fone Android Backup&Restore. In this article, I will take the latest Android cellphone – Moto X+1 for example, and show how to back up the data of it with dr.fone just in several simple clicks.

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Step 1: Download and install dr.fone on computer.

dr.fone is not just a powerful Android data backup tool, but also an effective data transfer tool as well. It supports transferring data between different kinds of cellphones, even if they are on different platforms. Download this amazing program and then install it on your computer. Then go to the next step.

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Step 2: Launch dr.fone and connect the Moto X to PC

Click “Phone Backup” button in the primary window, and then connect your Moto X to the computer. The program will recognize your device as soon as possible and show it on the left of the primary window. dr.fone can support many types of Android devices and help you back up almost all kinds of cellphone data including videos, music, photos, contacts, call logs and SMS text messages, apps.

Step 3: Back up your Moto X files to computer in one click

In the middle of the interface, just tick all contents you want such as music, photos, contacts, etc. and finally, click “Backup” button. After a few minutes later, all your selected files will be backed up to your computer.

Tips: You can also restore your backup files to Moto X phone easily when necessary with dr.fone: in the home page, click “Restore” to go to the restore window. On the left, just choose one backup file you want and then select the contents of it in the middle and finally, just click “Start Transfer” button, and all contents will be restored to your Moto X+1 later.

Step 4: Backup Moto X data to other smartphones with dr.fone – Phone Transfer

To transfer all data from Moto X to other phones, you just need to connect both of your devices t the computer. And then choose “Phone Transfer” mode to sync files between two smartphones.

Then just tick those data you want to transfer and then click “Start Transfer” to sync all data from Moto X to the other Android, Samsung, or iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch directly.

moto x to iphone data transfer

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