Best Tools for House Music Download

House music has gotten increasingly popular over recent years. It might not be the type of music you hear on the radio very often or even hear on TV, but that doesn’t take away from how many people enjoy it. House music falls under EDM (Electronic Dance Music) which is the type of music you hear in clubs or at raves. EDM is a very broad genre, so not all club songs are house music, though.

Even though it’s not an everyday genre, you might find that it’s the type of music that gets you motivated. Perhaps it pushes you to go the extra mile when you’re at the gym, or it could be what helps you zone out and relax. Regardless, house music download gives you more flexibility over how and when you listen to it.

Why Download House Music?

Like many other music genres (e.g., Pop, Hip Hop, Rock, and maybe even Instrumentals), you might want to consider house music download. Doing this isn’t easy, but there are several reasons for doing so:

  • Listen to Music Offline. Above all, the biggest benefit of downloading house music is that you can listen to it offline. If you like to listen to music while you’re on your way to work, out running, or maybe you just have a bandwidth limit on your Wi-Fi, downloading your songs is ideal.
  • Create a Custom CD. Buying CDs might seem like a thing of the past, but they’re not gone just yet. If you download all of your house music, you can then create your own CD. This allows you to create the perfect playlist that only includes songs you enjoy.
  • Sync to Your Smartphone. If you listen to music on a computer, you can continue working. But if you use YouTube on your smartphone, you don’t have this luxury. Exiting YouTube will stop your music unless you purchase YouTube premium. So, if you instead download your music and sync it with your iPhone, you can listen to it without that limitation.

These are just some of the benefits of downloading your favorite house music. It doesn’t matter what your reason is, though, we have some solutions for downloading music in any situation.

Solution #1 – iMusic

iMusic is the first program on our list, which is fantastic if you’re on the hunt for a house music download solution. Available for both Windows and Mac computers, this free program can download music from virtually any website.

  • Can download music from over 3,000 websites (including YouTube!)
  • Download videos as MP4 or only the audio in MP3 format
  • Capable of downloading individual songs or downloading music in bulk
  • If iMusic can’t download a song, the recording feature can take care of it instead
  • The Toolbox includes a CD burning feature that enables you to create custom CDs
  • Directly transfer all of the music that you download to your iTunes library to sync it to an iOS device
  • Available as a free trial version so that you can try iMusic before you purchase the full version
  • Transfer music between iTunes and an Android device without any compatibility issues

Get iMusic Now

Wherever you want to download music from, and whatever songs those are, iMusic is the best way to download your favorite songs to listen to. In the rare occasion of iMusic not being compatible with a website, you can use the built-in recorder to grab it in an alternate way. What’s not to love?

Using iMusic for House Music Download

So, now that you know about the amazing house music download solution that is iMusic, here’s how to use it for downloading your favorite songs.

Step #1 – Start by downloading and installing the iMusic program on your computer. Ideally, you should buy the full version, although this isn’t necessary.

Step #2 – After the program finishes installing, launch it.

Step #3 – Using the navigation menu at the top of the program, click on the “Get Music” tab.

Step #4 – Below the navigation menu, click on “Download.” This will display the main download feature as well as some of the platforms that iMusic can obtain music from.

Step #5 – Next, open a browser and go to the webpage of the song that you want to download.

Step #6 – Copy the URL from the browser’s address bar and go back to iMusic. Paste the URL in the box provided.

Step #7 – Below this box, select either “MP3” or “MP4” and then click on “Download” to proceed.

Step #8 – The download should only take a minute, depending on the length of the song and your internet speeds.

After the download is complete, you can simply click on “Library” at the top of the window and select the download icon on the left. This will display all of the songs that you chose to download through iMusic.

As you can tell, it’s fairly easy to use this program for house music download, which is why we recommend it. It is preferable to an online solution as iMusic also organizes your downloads and puts them in your library. Keep in mind all of the features above too!

Try iMusic Free

Solution #2 – Beatport Pro

On the other hand, if you’re only interested in house music, Beatport Pro is the place to be. Beatport is an online platform where lesser known DJs and producers can upload their music creations and sell them.

  • Download a wide variety of house music
  • Has a “Charts” feature so you can listen to the most popular tracks
  • Also hosts other EDM music for download (e.g., Techno, Dance, and Dubstep)
  • Shows information for each track such as the length, key, BPM, and release date
  • You can listen to a preview of each song before purchasing them
  • Includes sort features so that you can find songs that are specific to your music taste
  • With the desktop client, you can add your own music to playlists
  • Create multiple carts so that you can better manage your purchases

Get Beatport Pro

Of course, the biggest downside of using Beatport Pro for house music download is that you have to buy every single song you enjoy. That said, if money isn’t a problem and you use this site to listen to a lot of house music, it’s worth the small fee.

Beatport is the online music platform whereas Beatport Pro is the downloadable program. The program offers these same features but with the benefit of managing your library easier and being able to add custom tags.

Using Beatport Pro for House Music Download

So, if you see something on Beatport Pro that you want to download, how can you do so? Follow our guide below and find out how you can download house music using the Beatport client.

  • Step #1 – Download and install the Beatport Pro software on your computer.
  • Step #2 – Launch the program and sign in with your account.
  • Step #3 – Locate and add any songs you wish to buy to your cart.
  • Step #4 – Click on the cart icon and follow the payment steps to complete the purchase.
  • Step #5 – If your payment is accepted, then the Beatport Pro client will display the “Downloads” page where you’ll be able to decide which tracks to download.

Unfortunately, you will only be able to download songs that you buy through Beatport Pro. But like we said before if money isn’t a limit you have to worry about, this is a great way to download the best house tracks.

To Conclude for House Music Download

House music might not be a mainstream genre, but plenty of people enjoy listening to it. Are you a fan of house music? Then use one of the solutions above for house music download and reap the benefits. You can transfer it to your phone and listen to house music while you work out, or you can create CDs of your favorite tracks and listen to it in the car. Whatever way you decide to listen to it, remember that iMusic and Beatport are the best ways of downloading tracks!

Besides of that, you can also try GTunes.