The Most Excellent HD Video Repair Utility – Repair Damaged HD Video

A video is visual expression. They are generally used for the use of preserving and capturing the most intimate and precious memories and moments in life. The accessibility of first-rate video cameras nowadays has given people the capacity to record any number of HD videos with the utmost ease. In this article, we are talking about the top HD video repair utility that can be used aptly to save your damaged files.

SEGMENT 1: The most Common grounds for Corruption of HD Video Files

HD video files can be found in several different formats. Such formats are exchangeable with one another, and consequently, any HD video file can easily be converted between each other. on the other hand, if your HD video file comes to be corrupted, then it is impossible to do this. There is a wide array of reasons, which can lead to an HD video file corruption. Given below are a small number of the most widespread factors, which may result in your HD video file to get corrupted.

A. Virus Attack or Malware

The malware and viruses can bother the PC at any opportune time. These are the greatest cause of the corruption of HD video files. When one does not comprise any antivirus program in the system to fight them, then these can contaminate the HD video files easily.

B. Transferring Error

Corruption of your HD video files could also crop up when you’re transferring all of them from your camera memory card to the PC. Prematurely ejecting your memory card from your computer while going through the transferring process can affect in the corruption of your data.

C. Conversion blunder

One more reason why your HD video files are liable to get corrupted is, in case a disturbance, such as a power cut takes place while they are getting converted to a different video format.

D. Application or System Error

The applications and the system made use of, for playing your HD video files are prone to errors and issues as well. Application errors and system issues can also lead to the corruption of your HD video files.

SEGMENT 2: The most excellent HD video repair utility

It is only natural that you would want to repair the HD video files that have previously been corrupted. If you’re going to let them be, then you may lose out on all their existing data. You will not be capable of ever playing them out. It is now impossible to fix corrupted HD videos without making use of some type of a third-party repair tool for HD video files.

A number of such apt MP4 video repair tools are now available for you on the Internet. On the other hand, most of the available tools are completely useless and do not seem to function in any good way. The Stellar Video Repair program is an example of one such toolkit that can aid you in repairing your corrupted HD video files and restore them back to their former state. Therefore, using Stellar Video Repair as an HD video repair utility can be a good idea for you.

For your complete information, we are also incorporating a few of the most distinctive features of the Stellar Video Repair program.

Stellar Video Repair Key Features:

  • The best AVI Repair program can fix video corruption problems by rebuilding the frame, header, duration, sound damages, and movement.
  • It can easily fix FLV files that are corrupted and repair video files on the Windows operating system, for instance, MOV, MP4, WMV, ASF, 3GP M4V, F4V, and 3G2, files
  • Repair video files easily on the Mac operating system, for instance, M4V, M4A. MP4, MOV, and F4V files.
  • It can effortlessly repair your stored video files on the memory cards, hard drives, GoPro, and additional storage media
  • Provide a preview of the fixed video files of the sustainable file formats.
  • The MP4Fix Video Repair tool can fix various file corruptions on the Windows and OS X operating systems.

Download Stellar Video Repair for Windows Download Stellar Video Repair for Mac

SEGMENT 3: The correct ways to fix broken HD Video Files

In this particular segment, we are going to give you a step-by-step guide that has been made to show the correct ways to repair a video file using the finest HD video repair utility. The Stellar Video Repair program has been used in this task.

Step 1: Initiate the repairing of your corrupted HD video files by downloading and launching the Stellar Video Repair software. Then, select the choice labeled as, ‘Add File‘. You’ll see it in the middle of the ‘Start’ list of options.

Step 2: You’ll need to add your corrupted HD video files on the PC to the program by tapping on the ‘Add’ icon.To do away with the HD video files on the program, you are needed to click on the ‘Remove’ icon too.

Step 3: You can preview the damaged HD video files by selecting the tab labeled as ‘Preview‘ and proceed to do so.

Step 4: Tap on the ‘Repair‘ icon to start repairing your damaged HD video files.

Step 5: The finishing point of your repair procedure will then be followed by a preview of the fixed HD video files.

Step 6: You must now be disposed of saving the fixed video files to your preferred location.

If you wish to fix your corrupted HD video file but aren’t having any good luck in this matter, then the following tips can be of usage for you.


  • Try to open them with an alternate media player. For example, the VLC media player is a good option to utilize in this subject. It can access numerous different video file formats. The HD videos, which are deemed damaged by the other media players work without any issues in VLC.
  • Attempt to repair the index of your HD videos, which have become damaged.
  • Try making use of the VLC Player’s option of ‘Repair’ to repair your corrupted HD video files.
  • Use an HD video repair utility.

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SEGMENT 4: More about HD Video Files

Recorded HD videos can afterward be saved and played out on a variety of different platforms and devices. The recording of HD videos has grown to be quite a common facet of our day to day lives. Even the smartphones, which are pretty easily accessible to people in the present day, are capable of easily capturing videos in an HD quality rather easily. Be it the PC, the Smartphone or the tablet, and now you can watch any HD video that you have previously recorded by means of an HD video camera rather straightforwardly.

The HD videos are typically large in quality, and they are consequently, heavier in size. These are accessible in 4 different formats, that is to say, 1440p, 1080p, 1080i, and 720p. The numerals in the HD formats can denote the line numbers available in the resolution of the vertical display. On the other hand, the ‘p’ or ‘i’, corresponds to the scanning system, which is being made use of. This is either ‘progressive’ or ‘interlaced’.

The HD video files are similar to any digital video file. Such files run the threat of corruption too. If you see a pop-up message on the screen saying, “HD video is damaged or corrupted” on playing out an HD video, you can then be clear that the given HD video is corrupted or somehow damaged. A number of causes can lead to a corruption of an HD video file. Nevertheless, watching of HD videos can turn out to be a difficulty in case they become corrupted. In such a circumstance, it can become essential to repair the corrupted HD video files prior to them getting viewed once more.

All in all, these are the best and most viable ways to repair your precious corrupted HD video files. The Stellar Video Repair program is the most excellent HD video repair utility that is available anywhere on the Internet. It is conveniently supported by both Windows and Mac.

Download Stellar Video Repair for Windows Download Stellar Video Repair for Mac