A Detailed Guide to Google Hangout Screen Share For You

Google is famous for offering various types of tools that deliver convenience to its users. Google Hangout is such a best WhatsApp alternative app they have introduced as a video call platform. Over the past few years, Google Hangouts has become one of the most popular video call platforms. This app comes with a pretty simplified interface and very fast functionality. With that said, Google Hangout screen can be a really handy feature in various occasions. As per this feature, you can share your Hangout screen with loved ones or other parties you prefer.

Google Hangout screen share can be very useful particularly when you have to show some contents to a group. The term ‘content’ might refer to documents, presentations, pictures, videos or anything else. However, the truth is that not every user is aware of doing it. Well, for those who wonder how to share Google Hangout screen may read this article to the end. We have composed this article with all the required information to perform a Google Hangout screen share.

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Steps to perform a Google Hangout screen share

In this section of the article, we intend to explain how to share your Google Hangout screen. We will explain the process in the step-by-step mode, so even a beginner will find it very useful.

1. The obvious first step to share Google Hangout screen is opening the app. You can find this app pretty easily. The app icon appears as a large green color callout with white inverted commas in it.

2. Now that you have opened the app, you should click on the option labeled “compose”. And then, the option called “new video call” will be available. Just click on this option. Then, you can find that you are given the option of selecting the people who want in the room. The video calls you made after this option will be shared with the ones you select. After selecting the names which whom you will share the video call, just click on the option “Video Call”. This is available in the form of a button.

3. You should now find the option (button) labeled “Share Screen” within Google Hangouts app. In fact, this option can be found at the third button from the top (sidebar towards the left). You can find it pretty conveniently as it appears like a green rectangle with a white arrow. This arrow is pointed to the right-hand side. Just click on this button.

4. Immediately after clicking on this green color button, the actions you perform will be shared. That means the actions you perform will be shared with those who are joined with the video call. The open windows you have in your computer can be shared in a separate manner. Meaning, you can decide which folder is to be shared. You can also decide whether or not to share the entire screen. If not, you can share specific folders as well. For instance, you can share folders like my documents or even your web browser.

You should also remember that the shared items should be displayed in Full-Screen mode. That is unless you share the entire screen.

5. After selecting the application or the program that needs to be shared, you should click on the share button. This button is located towards the bottom right of the screen. However, please note that this option works only if you have Google Chrome as the default browser. On the other hand, if you have a different browser, you should see the button as “Start Screenshare”. So, keep this in mind when you search for the button to share the content.

6. Please do remember that clicking on the “Share” button doesn’t share the screen instantly with the ones select. Instead, you should give it a couple of seconds to load the contents. All you need is some patience to proceed from this step to the next.

7. Once you notice that the sharing session is completely loaded successfully, you should proceed with “Present to everyone”. This option is available in the form of a button. After clicking on this option, you will see that the selected screen can be viewed by the others. However, you should note that the contents are viewable by the selected individuals in the predefined room.

8. Now that you have come all the way to this point, you are ready to share the action. You can share a screen, an application or a window as you wish. You can use your keyboard or mouse to type or input anything freely. What you input will be seen by the other participants.

9. After presenting the contents over your Hangout screen and your presentation is over, what should you do? Well, once the presentation is over, you should stop the sharing process. Otherwise, everything you do will be shared even when they shouldn’t. Just move back to the active hangout window and then click on the button labeled “Stop”. This is appearing on the top of the taskbar. Just click on this option so you can stop sharing the screen. Apart from that, you can do the same by terminating the video call which is activated right now. This approach will prevent the other participants seeing the screen you have already shared.

Troubleshooting of Google Hangout screen share

We have come across various complaints made by our readers about malfunctioning Google Hangout app. Well, if you have the same sort of problem due to one reason or another, don’t worry. This section of the article will explain what to do in the event of a malfunctioning Google Hangout app.

What you should know is that there is no invincible app. That means, every app will experience some issues from time to time. Occasional bugs, software update failures, compatible issues, etc. are some of the common issues associated with apps in general. Google Hangouts is no exception in this case, and therefore, you should expect some issues with this app.

There are various instances where Google Hangout screen share stops suddenly in the middle of a session. In most of the cases, the issue might be related to the browser you are using to share screen. So, the solutions you apply should target the browser before other solutions. Mentioned below are a couple of solutions you can try to fix these browser related issues.

Use a different browser

One of the most basic and effective solutions you should try is using a different browser. In fact, most of the users have found this ‘browser changing’ solution to be very effective. So, if you ever experience any glitch when you perform a Google Hangout screen share, change the web browser.
For instance, if you are currently using Mozilla Firefox as your browser, change it to Chrome or something. If you are using Opera, try Chrome or another browser application. It is always better to rely on a reputed browser and keep the updates installed as required. Then, you should repeat the steps mentioned earlier in this article to see if Google Hangouts work smoothly.

Clear the history of the browser you are currently using

It is true that browsers require timely cleanup in order to assure smooth performance. For instance, when a browser is used for a prolonged period, it will gather cookies, browsing history, junk files, etc. To start cleaning the browser, just make sure that the browser history is cleaned up. Then, remove potential extensions and browser cookies as well. Getting rid of all these aspects will help the browser to work in a smoother manner. Once you are done with the cleaning process, you will notice your browser works faster. Now, try the previous steps once again, and your Hangout app should work fine.

In addition to that, please check if your internet connection is steady if you notice any issue with Hangout. We all know that Google Hangout is an app that requires an internet connection to work. Slow connection, interrupting network, etc. can deliver a bad experience for your internet-based apps.

Conclusion for Google Hangout Screen Share

Well, as you might realize by now, using Google Hangout screen share is a pretty easy process. Also, fixing the potential issues related to this app is easier than you think. You may go through the contents once again and contact us to verify anything related to this matter. We also appreciate if you can leave us feedback about this article.