How to Fix iPad Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi Issue With Ease?

The new update of iOS leads to a few problems and bugs. One common issue is “iPad won’t connect to Wi-Fi.” Here, you will be able to connect to a Wi-Fi connection, but the signal will keep on dropping, or it will break in the middle of updating applications.

If this kind of issue is happening on your iPad frequently, then we have listed a few solutions to fix “iPad won’t connect to Wi-Fi.” So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

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Part 1: Introduction to iMyfone Fixppo (iOS System Recovery)

iMyfone Fixppo lets you fix multiple iOS problems, such as recovery mode, white screen of death, and black screen, etc. Moreover, Fixppo solves every iOS problem within a few minutes. To operate Fixppo, you don’t have to possess any technical skills.

Whenever the iPad begins not to function properly, the common method for recovery is iTunes restore. If you have already created a backup of data, then you will not face any data loss issues. However, if you didn’t create a backup, there are high chances that you will lose the data from your iPad. This is when iMyfone Fixppo comes into the frame. This tool can help you fix any type of iOS issue, and your iPad will function smoothly. In addition to this, you can easily operate this tool, and the process will just take around ten minutes to finish. Moreover, there will be no loss of data during the recovering process.

Features of iMyfone Fixppo

  • Simple and easy procedure. Anyone can use iMyfone Fixppo to fix iOS issues
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Issues fixed by iMyfone Fixppo

  • Frozen iPhone/iPad
  • White screen of death
  • Caught in DFU Mode
  • Stuck in the Recovery Mode
  • Boot Loop
  • iPhone/iPad keeps restarting
  • iPhone/iPad black screen
  • Other iOS issues

Downgrade iPhone Operating System (iOS) without using iTunes

It is a troubling experience to downgrade iOS with the help of iTunes. You can now use iMyfone Fixppo to downgrade iPhone Operating System (iOS). Moreover, the downgrade procedure will not lead to any loss of data on the iPad. There is no need to jailbreak your iOS device.

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Fix iOS without data loss

Unlike other methods to fix iOS issues, your data will not be lost if you opt for iMyfone Fixppo. Here, you just need to link the device and head forward with some clicks. You will lose nothing from the device. Therefore, Fixppo is the ideal solution for every iOS issue.

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How to Repair iOS System problems?

Fix iPad Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi Using Fixppo

The Fixppo tool provides two iOS recovery modes to repair the issues. The Standard Mode is used to repair the common issues on iOS devices without resulting in the loss of data. And, the Advanced Mode is helpful in fixing complicated issues. However, the advanced mode will delete the entire data from the device.

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Part 2: Solutions to fix ‘iPad won’t connect to Wi-Fi’ issue?

Now that you are aware of an incredible tool i.e., Fixppo, you can easily solve any iOS issue. However, we have a list of some solutions to fix the iPad won’t connect to Wi-Fi issue. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s dive in.

1. Reset the iPad Network Settings to Fix iPad won’t connect to Wi-Fi

If you face the iPad won’t connect to Wi-Fi issue, you can go ahead and analyze the network settings of the iPad. To do this, follow the steps written below.

1. Launch the Settings application on the iPad.

2. Hit on the General option.

3. Select Reset and pick Reset Network Settings.

4. Try to reconnect the network.

Reset Network Settings to Fix iPad Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi

2. Restart the Router to Fix ‘iPad won’t connect to Wi-Fi’

Before you begin blaming the device for the iPad won’t connect to Wi-Fi issue, ensure that the Router is functioning correctly. One way to do this is by restarting the Router. There are possibilities that the Router is not able to transfer more than 2.4 GHz or 4 GHz frequency.

In order to restart the Router, search for a red button present on the Router and hold it. Have patience and wait for approximately two minutes after restarting your Router. Then, try to connect again.

One more reason for the device to cause the iPad won’t connect to Wi-Fi issue is the iPad must be out of range. If the iPad is quite far from your Router, try to change the location and see if the network improves.

3. Reset the Wi-Fi connection of iPad

Try to reset the Wi-Fi network on your iPad. This can probably solve the iPad won’t connect to Wi-Fi issue. You can follow the steps mentioned below to execute the process.

1. Launch the Settings application and select Wi-Fi.

2. Disable the Wi-Fi connection by sliding the button.

3. Now, wait for some time and enable the Wi-Fi connection.

4. See, if you can connect to a Wi-Fi network again.

4. Update the firmware of Router

In case, you have already confirmed that the Router is working properly and still you are facing the iPad won’t connect to Wi-Fi issue, go ahead and take the help of this solution.

In this method, you need to make sure that the latest firmware is installed on the Router. For updating the firmware, check the Router manually because every manufacturer employs unique ways to update the firmware. Other than this, head to the official site of the manufacturer and look for instructions to update the firmware.

5. Use the ‘Forget this Network’ option

There are high possibilities that a software bug can lead to the iPad won’t connect to Wi-Fi issue. Software bugs can cause problems between your Router and iPad. To perform this solution, tap on ‘Forget this Network’ option and reconnect. In case you think that the network has been tampered, then follow the steps written below.

1. Launch the Settings application on the iPad.

2. Click on Wi-Fi.

3. You will notice an option of (i), which is the information icon, you need to click on that.

4. Select the ‘Forget this Network’ button.

5. Within a few seconds, the connection will re-appear in the list of Wi-Fi connections. Choose it and enter the password to connect again.

Now, you can examine if the Wi-Fi is working smoothly by browsing on Safari.

6. Analyze and Re-type the Wi-Fi password

In case, you are not able to connect to a Wi-Fi network after joining any network; there are high chances that the password you entered is incorrect. A few passwords are quite tough to remember, as they have unique combinations of letters and numbers. So, check if you have entered the right password.

This will possibly help you in solving the iPad won’t connect to Wi-Fi issue.

7. Force Restart the iPad to Fix “iPad won’t connect to Wi-Fi

If the solutions written above didn’t help you, then try this method and check if it can solve the iPad won’t connect to Wi-Fi issue. All you have to do is restart the device once. Follow the steps to understand what to do.

1. Tap and hold side or top button on the iPad. You will notice a slider on the device’s screen.

2. Move the slider to power off the device.

3. Now, tap on hold the same button to turn on the iPad.

Restart iPad to Fix iPad Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi

8. Toggle the Airplane Mode

Toggling the Airplane Mode on/off can possibly solve the iPad won’t connect to Wi-Fi issue. Use this method to fix the Wi-Fi problem.

1. Launch the Settings application on the iPad.

2. Enable the Airplane Mode on the device.

3. Now, wait for some time and disable the Airplane Mode.

Toggle the Airplane Mode to Fix iPad Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi

9. Custom DNS Setting to Fix iPad won’t connect to Wi-Fi

If the above method also didn’t help you, then we have another quick fix to the iPad won’t connect to Wi-Fi. You can make changes in the Custom DNS Setting. Follow the steps to execute this method.

1. Launch the Settings application.

2. Click on Wi-Fi.

3. Tap on the (i) icon beside the network you’re willing to connect. Now, change DNS to or any other secure DNS.

Custom DNS Settings to Fix iPad Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi

10. Update the latest iOS on iPad to Fix ‘iPad won’t connect to Wi-Fi’

Many problems arise due to an older iOS version. If a new iOS update has been launched and you have not updated the device to the latest iOS, there are chances that you will face Wi-Fi errors along with other bugs. Therefore, it is advisable to update the iOS version as soon as it is launched.

To do this, plug the iPad in a power source. And, follow the below-mentioned steps.

1. Launch the Settings application.

2. Click on General and then tap on Software Update.

3. In case, you notice an update, click on the Download and Install option. Sometimes, you will receive a message stating that you will be required to delete a few applications because the new iOS version needs storage space. Click on Continue or Cancel. The deleted applications will be again installed after the update process.

4. Click on Install and hang around for a few minutes to allow the process to finish.

Update iPadOS to Fix iPad Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi

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Part 3: Tip to secure the iPad data whenever this issue occurs

Before trying any of the solutions mentioned above, make sure that you have created a backup of all the data. This process is to secure the data while trying to solve the iPad won’t connect to Wi-Fi issue. One way to create a backup is to use ‘iMyFone iTransor.’

This amazing tool can be utilized to enable an easy backup and restore data on the iPad. You can also export the data from your device to the PC. Now, we will tell you how to use iMyFone to secure the data.

Export essential data from the iPad

1. The first step is to install the tool on the PC. After the installation process, run the tool. Select ‘Back up & Export from Device.’ Then, choose ‘Export Data.’ At this time, you will be required to connect the iPad to the PC.

2. Select the kind of data you wish to export. Then, tap on ‘Next.’

3. The tool will begin the scan process of the iPad. As soon as the scanning procedure ends, choose the desired files, and select ‘Export.’

Create a complete backup of iPad

There is an option to create a complete backup of data on the iPad. Follow the steps to know how to do it.

1. Click on ‘Back up and Export from Device.’ Then, select ‘Make a Full Back up.’

2. Tap on ‘Backup’ and the process of data backup will begin. You will receive a notification upon the completion of the backup process.

Create a backup of just WhatsApp/Messages/WeChat

This tool permits you to create a backup of only WhatsApp, Messages, and WeChat. Just follow the steps in sequence to understand how to do it.

1. Tap on ‘Back up & Export from Device,’ then choose ‘Back up WhatsApp,’ ‘Back up Messages,’ and ‘Back up WeChat.’

2. Tap on ‘Back up,’ and the process will start.

This will easily create a backup for the applications that you chose. So, you can try this method using the iMyFone tool.

Besides, if you have a problem with connection problem or invalid MMI code, click to fix it now.

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So, we hope that you got your answers to How to solve “iPad won’t connect to Wi-Fi” issue? All the solutions are reliable and easy. Therefore, you can perform them without the help of an expert. Just in case, you face any issue or have some queries, feel free to contact us. We will try to resolve your doubts as soon as we can. Also, let us know if the solutions given above have helped you in solving the “iPad won’t connect to Wi-Fi” issue.