File Deleters – Remove Unwanted Files on Windows PC

Top 10 File Deleters for you to remove un-nessary files on Windows PC

Application 1. System Mechanic for Windows

The System Mechanic is a safe and reliable tool for clean up the unwanted data files from the hard drive of the Windows computer. It has been ranked the top 1 removing tool according to the users online. This application allows you to remove all kinds data files from your computer as long as you don’t want them anymore. And because of the intuitive interface, all the users can learn to use this application right after launching it. While the weak point of it is that it is not compatible with some common anti-virus tools, so that you need to make a deep investigation before downloading it.

System Mechanic

Besides, if you are experiencing the file cannot be deleted because it is open in system issues, here are the top solutions for you.

Application 2. Fix-It Utilities Pro for Windows

The Fix-It Utilities Pro is also thought to be a wonderful helper for those who want to remove all the junk files or other unwanted files from the Windows computer. It is easy to use this tool, all the tasks can be finished with a few simple clicks. The most important advantage of this application is that it can help you improve the performance of the computer.

Fix It Utilities Pro

Application 3. WinOptimizer for Windows

The WinOptimizer is developed by the Ashampoo. It is a professional removing tool, which offers many modes of scanning, including the quick scanning mode and deep scanning mode. If you enable the automated system optimization, the WinOptimizer will help you clean the junk files every week. In a word, it is easy to make your computer perform better with the WinOptimizer. The disadvantage is that it doesn’t provide a partition manager, so you may need to do a manual intervention by yourself.


Application 4. Advanced System Optimizer for Windows

The Advanced System Optimizer can help you do an easy and reliable optimization task, and you need to perform only a few simple clicks. This application also offers functions like the Game Optimizer and the Driver Updater, which enable you to enjoy a tension-free service. But the latest version of it doesn’t support the hardware failure monitoring function, which is an important feature for a removing tool.

Advanced System Optimizer

Application 5. TuneUp Utilities for Windows

The TuneUp Utilities, as you may have learned from the Internet, is a popular application for optimizing the system of the Windows computers. It offers many useful functions to the users. But there are also a lot of shortcomings that can hardly be ignored. For example, it takes more time than the average time of the removing tools. And the sixth version of this application starts to become more and more complex. Thus it is kind of difficult of the novices.

TuneUp Utilities

Application 6. System Utilities Suite for Windows

The System Utilities Suite, with a host of features for optimizing the system operation, ranks high on the Internet. It can help the users to remove the junk files, clean the browser history, and optimize the operation experience. It is easy to use due to its friendly interface. But, you need to pay attention that the diagnostic features of this application is not so good.

System Utilities Suite

Application 7. WinUtilities Pro for Windows

The users often think highly of the WinUtilities Pro, which is a very efficient application for optimizing the Windows computer. The main features of it include the detection of the possible problems of the system operation and deletion of the unwanted data files. As it is easy to use, you have no need to worried about the operation on this tool. But you need to pay attention to the diagnosis of this tool, which is used to be not very precise. For a user well-aware of the computer, you will find this tool a charming helper.

WinUtilities Pro

Application 8. Norton Utilities for Windows

The Norton Utilities is released by a famous company of computer protection. When it comes to optimizing the performance of the system operation, the Norton Utilities will never disappoint you. The interface of it is easy to use and the guidance on the interface is also understandable, which makes it a wonderful helper for the novices of the computers. The disadvantage is that the diagnostic tools don’t work well.

Norton Utilities

Application 9. Uniblue PowerSuite for Windows

The Uniblue PowerSuite can help you improve the performance of your computer with several simple clicks. The most mentionable feature of this application is that the interface of it is intuitive and there are many tutorials online for your reference. But it is a pity that it is short of some features like backing up and restoring the data files, and cleaning up the hard disk.

Uniblue PowerSuite

Application 10. Advanced SystemCare PRO – Best File Deleter

The Advanced SystemCare PRO is a widely-used tool for the Windows user to optimize the operation system of the computers. It is easy to use because it offers a user-friendly interface with many understandable big icons. Thus, this tool is suitable for all kinds of users.

Advanced SystemCare 9

I am a great fun of it. I have been using it for many years, and I think it is absolutely the best tool for security I have ever used. So hereby I would like to tell you something more about the Advanced SystemCare PRO.

There are 32 main tools of the Advanced SystemCare PRO, including the Homepage Protection, ManageMyMobile, Program Deactivator, Driver Booster, and so on. And all the tools are divided into six groups containing Optimize, Security, Advanced, Clean, Repair, and Control. The Windows computers that this tool supports cover all the versions of the Windows operating system. But for the users of Windows 8, you may have to see the tool of “Start Menu 8” in the toolbox.

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To sum up, all the ten file deleters tools above are highly recommended. If you need a tool to delete the unwanted files from your computer, just feel free to pick up one and give it a try.