FastPokeMap for Pokemon Move & Its Best Alternatives

You have ended up reading this article probably because you are interested in FastPokeMap. We have composed this article covering valuable information about FastPokeMap for Pokemon Move and its alternatives for Pokémon Go fans.

What exactly is FastPokeMap?

FastPokeMap is a special type of app that offers a tracking service for Pokémon Go players. It can discover the location of any Pokémon character that is already found by other players. This is an easy to use tool that comes with simple but effective features. This is mainly useful when you have to find hidden Pokémons. First, it will perform a scan on the surrounding area and will help you to catch the closes Pokémon. It gives all the nearby Pokémon for the region you are playing. These Pokémons could be the ones selected by you or the other players on the map.

In fact, FastPokeMap is a third-party app. It works as a tracker, and the app is developed by Pokémon Go enthusiasts. It is developed with the view of helping other Pokémon Go users. With the assistance of this app, you can find all the Pokémon characters that are hiding closer to you. As long as you use this tool, you don’t need to roam here and there. The most interesting thing about this app is that it allows you to search with a single click. The trackers of FastPokeMap will start to scan the area around you. Then, it will expose the reallocation of the Pokémon Go in the preferred area.

Another significant benefit associated with the FastPokeMap tracker is that it shows the information of the respective Pokémon. For instance, it shows the name of the Pokémon, its looks, and the expiration time. With FastPokeMap, you will be able to find the exact location of the Pokémon. Also, it shows how long the respective Pokémon will be staying there. This app allows you to save your precious time. In addition to that, it helps you to catch Pokémon with less effort and energy.

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What exactly is FastPokeMap

Features of FastPokeMap

In this section of the article, we explain the most important features associated with FastPokeMap.

  • It can provide you a view of the nearby Pokémons.
  • FastPokeMap app is a very user-friendly option that can be used even by a novice individual.
  • It allows you to enter the vicinity so you can see the available Pokémon characters in your area.
  • You can simply type the place you want, and it will show the Pokémon Go video on YouTube Go.
  • You can make use of the Geolocation scanner feature of this app and test trendy Pokémon.
  • There is a handy location scanner included in this app to hit the nearby Pokémons at once.
  • It can clearly display when Pokémon expires.
  • Allow you to find all the Pokémons that exist in the walkable distance.

It is absolutely true that FastPokeMap has evolved into a very impressive tracker tool over the past period. In addition to that, it works as a perfect scanner map that is ever introduced for Pokémon Cross.

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How to use the FastPokeMap app and track a Pokémon?

Mentioned below are the steps you should follow in order to track a Pokémon using FastPokeMap. In fact, you can use this app on any device you prefer. For instance, you can use it on your iPhone, Android device, laptop, tab, or even a desktop computer. The only requirement for those devices is to have an internet connection. With that said, let’s take a look at the steps you should follow to track down a Pokémon.

01. First, open a web browser on whatever the device you are using and launch FastPokeMap’s official website.

02. Once the website is loaded, you have two options to try.

  • a. You can use the search option and manually find a location. This would allow you to choose a city or even a different country.
  • b. If not, you can use the exact GPS location tracking option. To perform this, however, your device must be GPS activated.
use the FastPokeMap app and track a Pokémon

03. In this example, we use the option called “Find Location” and perform manual navigation. You can just click on the option called “Find Location.” Enter the city or the country name you wish to search for. Then, click on the button labeled “Search.”

use the FastPokeMap app and track a Pokémon

04. Within a fraction of second, you will be taken to the preferred location by FastPokeMap. You can now move freely and move across. You can either zoom in or zoom out on the map.

use the FastPokeMap app and track a Pokémon

05. After reaching the perfect location, you will have to tap on the map. Then, drop the location market there. As a result, you will be able to see a predefined scan radius from where the scanning will start.

use the FastPokeMap app and track a Pokémon

06. You should wait for about 10-30 seconds for the scanning process to be completed. You must know that the duration of the scanning process will depend on the server load at the moment. At the completion of the scan, you will see the scan button notifies it by changing the color. In fact, it turns to green for a few seconds. Then, it will display the monsters that are found. All those Pokémon characters will be displayed within the respective scan radius.

use the FastPokeMap app and track a Pokémon

07. You can now tap on the bar, which is located at the top-right corner. This will reveal a list of monsters that are found within the scan radius. To make it more interesting and convenient, it will display the pictures as well.

use the FastPokeMap app and track a Pokémon

08. You can now open the Pokémon Go app on the device you usually use to play. You can go to the location which is displayed in the FastPokeMap and then catch the monster.

That’s it!

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What are the alternatives to FastPokeMap?

Even though FastPokeMap is working perfectly to catch Pokémon monsters, some still prefer to know about alternatives. In fact, there are plenty of alternatives to FastPokeMap. However, not all those tools work the same. To make it easier, we did the research work for you and mentioned below are a few of them. These FastPokeMap alternatives work fine as of this writing, but we cannot guarantee how long they will operate.

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01. PokeFetch

PokeFetch is designed specifically to allow you to track Pokémons with the assistance of the Pokémon Go map. All the Pokémon spawn data that are displayed on the map are acquired from outsourced scanners that are reputed. It also utilizes third-party tracker channels as well. The combination of all those sources ensures that you catch more monsters. In addition to the free scanning it offers on popular areas, it has a paid premium scanner as well. If you choose to go for the premium scanner, you can perform on-demand scans regardless of the location.


02. PokeAlert

PokeAlert is another impressive alternative to FastPokeMap. It displays a notification automatically as soon as the app discovers a Pokémon nearby. In fact, this app can perform the scan even in the background. So, if you want to catch more Pokémon on the desired location without wasting your time, try PokeAlert. The automatic scan repeatedly happens to maximize the possibilities of finding a Pokémon monster. This app is available for Android phones and tablets.


Download PokeAlert

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03. PokeWhere

PokeWhere can be considered as a pretty decent app that can scan and show all the Pokémon monsters nearby. The best thing is that they show the monsters nearby in real-time for your convenience. Once the app is installed on the Android device, you will be able to discover plenty of Pokémon characters. It can find even the rare Pokémon characters so you can catch them easily. So, this is a good option that allows you to catch monsters without necessarily wasting any time.


Download PokeWhere

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04. PokeHuntr

This option comes as an online Pokémon scanner service. It works pretty similarly to FastPokeMap. You can use PokeHuntr to discover and track down Pokémon regardless of their location.


Some FAQ about FastPokeMap

01. Is it safe to use FastPokeMap?

Well, there is no danger associated with FastPokeMap. It is a safe and secure app. Moreover, it offers new safety measures with constant updates.

In fact, FastPokeMap had faced a ban on many servers. That is because many players consider it a cheating method. However, after a couple of weeks, the “cheating” features were removed by the developers. Furthermore, unconfirmed sources say that FastPokeMap developer and Pokémon developers are working collaboratively.

03. Are those alternatives free?

Well, most of those alternatives are for free. But some of those apps may offer in-app purchasing as well.

So, that’s all we have to explain about FastPokeMap and its alternatives. As long as you use those tools smartly, you can catch more monsters without wasting your effort and time. Although the alternatives we have mentioned above are currently working, we cannot guarantee how long they will last. If you know more FastPokeMap alternatives, please share them with us for the benefit of our readers.