Fabulous App Review – An App to Change Your Life!

Reading this Fabulous app review will provide you with solutions to all the questions you had about it. We discuss its features, uses, and various other aspects so that you will know better about it at the end.

Introduction to Fabulous app

fabulous app

In a nutshell, Fabulous is a daily self-care app developed to track the habits of the users. It also helps in creating routines as well. This app is available for both Android and iOS platforms. This app functions based on a special concept called “journeys.” With each “Journey,” you can set a different routine with small steps. It gives the option of creating a free routine in which it describes the morning schedule. Through that, you can program the rest of your day. In other words, it tells you what to do from the moment you got up in the morning. For instance, the Fabulous app’s first instruction is to drink a glass of water right after waking up.

Introduction to Fabulous app

As you go ahead with the app, it will add more items to the routine. Each of those habits will be linked together and appear as a complete, well-organized, and rational routine. If you feel that the default routine created by Fabulous doesn’t match your purpose, you can even customize it. That means you can add different types of habits based on your choice.

Each habit will be reminded to you with an alarm. Fabulous allows you to set the morning routine to kickstart by 6.00 in the morning. Then, the afternoon routine will start at 1.30 PM. The evening routine, in that case, will start at 7.00 PM.

Fabulous offers some timely updates as well. Recently, they have added a new feature to the platform to share ideas with each other. As per this feature, you can as questions from other members of the platform. “What’s the best fat burning food?” “is it OKAY to sleep during the day?” etc. are some examples. You can also ask some opinions about exercises, nutrition-related advice, and any other opinion related to your health. As a Fabulous user, you will be able to see the questions of other users on your screen. You can simply ignore them and continue to your routine or take time to answer those questions. Although this feature sounds pretty handy, many individuals escape them and mind their own routine.

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Fabulous app review: the good and the bad

Now that you have a basic understanding of the app. Let’s move to the Fabulous app review. In this section of our Fabulous app review, we will discuss mainly its good and bad points.

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What we liked about it

What we liked about it

In general, Fabulous is a pretty smart and very handy app. It has an excellent combination of music, graphics, and alarms. It lets you begin the quest with a small step and achieve success gradually. Fabulous gives you the luxury of celebrating your achievements. Moreover, it allows you to add habits from a special library to the routines. That means you can use it to customize the routines and meet the goals to match your requirement.

It becomes forceful at times, and it is a good approach to encourage you and achieve goals. You can put a timer next to each habit, so you have an idea about the duration. In general, we underestimate the amount of time it takes us to achieve the things we do. In that case, the Fabulous app’s alarms become exceptionally handy.

One of the key appreciable things associated with the Fabulous app is its library of exercises and meditation routines. These routines are priceless, and many individuals can benefit from them. We suggest you use the option called “Make me Fabulous” in your leisure time. As a result, you can experience a whole bunch of meditation, exercise routines, etc. Moreover, it allows you to get a power nap and tells you how to get it correctly. Compared to scrolling up and down on your Facebook wall, this is a very productive measure.

What we didn’t like about it

Now, let’s take a look at the not-so-impressive things about this app. First up, Fabulous doesn’t have a very intuitive interface. Finding the options integrated into the system can be pretty challenging for any user. It can be troublesome, especially if you are a novice user. Also, figuring out how to get rid of the suggestions is pretty hard for most users. If you want to come out of the app while in the middle of a routine, that’s pretty difficult. Even if you get a phone call or a text message, closing the app becomes a challenging task. Before closing the app, you will have to close various options and get rid of the app.

The app has a pretty interesting move during the evening routine. If you could not complete your evening routine as scheduled, the app will keep it activated. It goes until the next morning, although it is supposed to go away at midnight.

They have released an update during 2019, and as a result of that, the app has become somewhat forceful. That means, the app encourages you “too much” to sign up for their premium version (known as Fabulous Sphere). Needless to say that it prevents a smooth user experience.

However, the overall experience provided by the app is pretty good. The above-mentioned drawbacks shouldn’t keep you away from using this app.

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Fabulous app review: should you go for its premium version?

As we’ve mentioned before, the Fabulous app gives you the option to subscribe to their premium version as well. Users have different views about signing into their premium version, however. According to the developers, signing into the premium version of the app allows you to experience extra journeys. If truth to be told, this is not a very impressive option. It is true that the morning routine they suggest can be applied to many users. Sadly, the next journeys they offer through the premium version are not that practical.

In a way, Fabulous apps work funny. In its “Sleep” journey, it asks you to practice a special habit. It is called “Disconnect and Unplug.” If you’ve already got used to avoiding screens before bed, this could cause a conflict. That is because it makes you remain online to complete the routine. This can be a disturbance for those who want to sleep soon after hitting the bed.

The “Healthy Eating” journey of this app has many positive things. However, it labels some food as unhealthy to discourage users from eating those items. It may go well with some users, but for some, it can be pretty difficult to go with it. Likewise, there are some funny suggestions in the “Healthy Eating” journey.

Fabulous app review: should you go for its premium version

In general, their journeys are not as flexible as you might expect. There are two options when it comes to those journeys. You can complete a habit or stay away from it. If you don’t complete a habit, you are not eligible to get through a journey.

When it comes to the initial routine, it asks you to stay away from junk food. Although it is a sensible move, the app asks you to do so while assuming the below-mentioned things.

  • You must be able to take the fullest control over the food in the house. However, if you live with another person or your family, this can be pretty difficult.
  • Wasting food should not be a problem for you.
  • You must have a good understanding of what junk food is. In fact, many individuals find it difficult to differentiate junk food from the rest.

In addition to that, the “Healthy Eating” routine assumes that you are on the pursuit of a weight loss. Although it can be true for many individuals, that cannot be applied to each and every individual. For instance, some individuals want to empower their mental health than focusing on their weight. Also, many individuals want to maintain or gain weight to be in good health.

Other issues associated with Fabulous app

Interestingly, the app becomes unrealistic when it comes to some habits. For instance, you can add the habit of calling your parents to the routine. As long as you do it once in a while, that’s going to be OK. However, calling the parents daily is not the best approach for many individuals in reality. You can call them once a week or twice a week, but calling them every day is not effective. Unfortunately, the Fabulous app does not have an option to add a weekly habit.

The fabulous app also suggests some food in specific instances. For instance, it recommends the fish three times a week. As you already know, some individuals are not huge fans of fish. If you are one of them, you will not find this habit as a very impressive one, will you? If you skip the habit, that will give you spaces between those “green tick.” As a result, it can demotivate you.

In this Fabulous app review, we should mention that it works based on a time-oriented mechanism. This is ideal for managing wake-up and sleep routines.


To wind this Fabulous app review, let’s take a look at the summary of it This will give you a quick idea about the app

Pros of Fabulous

  • It is a pretty smart and simplified app that can track your habits
  • Nice visuals, graphics, and music
  • Ideal for managing time-oriented tasks
  • A large library comprises exercise and meditation routines


  • Inflexible journeys and they can become impractical at times
  • No support for your non-daily habits

So, at the conclusion of the Fabulous app review, we take it as a useful app despite those downsides.