All About Einthusan Movies & Einthusan Alternatives

Recently the popularity of the Hindi Bollywood Tamil, and Telugu movies, has been skyrocketing.

Accessing these movies has been getting tougher and tougher one people who just want to take their day off and watch some entertainment movies for a change.

There is only one app that allows you to watch these southern Indian movies; the website is known as

Einthusan movies are diverse in range and cover multiple Indian movie genera on their website.

In this article, we are going to tell you about Einthusan movies and some Einthusan alternatives for people who can’t get access to Einthusan movies.

What are Einthusan Movies?

If you are living in an Asian country or somewhere around the world, and you are in the mood for some action, southern Indian movies. Then look no further than the Einthusan website.

It is the most popular website to bring entertainment from Tamil, Telugu, and Bollywood movies to the center stage. Einthusan movie collection is massive in number and covers a wide variety of topics and genres of movies, all for you to simply stream on your phone or computer.

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Language Control

The great thing about the website of the Einthusan movies is that it doesn’t allow the user to watch only in one language. The movies they have on their website would have various language selections for the user. You can just stream your favorite movie in many different languages.

Some of the languages for every movie that they have on their websites are – Tamil, Telegu, Hindi, Bengali, Chinese, Malayalam, and Kannada. Many people hate to watch their favorite movies in a different language, as it might ruin the experience of the whole movie. The movie might not sound exactly the way they remembered it.

With all the language collection, Einthusan gives the proper solution to your entertainment problem.

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Options to User

You can watch the Einthusan movies without an AD if you become a member on their website by just paying one time free. Then you will enjoy the entire collection of movies and tv shows without an ad ever.

The site features 4000+ licensed movies from 9 regional languages of India. With that many movies under your disposal, you will never get bored ever again.

Starting up on Einthusan

If you want to experience the true southern Indian movie experience. All you have to do is just log into the Einthusan website. You can even check all the services they provide to the user without creating an account.

The website will want you to get a premium version of the account; you can skip it if you are ready to sit through plenty of ads before your movie. The ads might pop up when you are watching your movies.

If you are ready to take on the annoying ad in your movies, then select the free option. If not, go for the premium account, where you will only have to pay it once. Then you have to give out all the necessary information to create your account.

Once you gave out all of the necessary information like the name, password, and email info, once you are done with that, your service will be ready for you to enjoy. Then you can start enjoying Einthusan movies after that.

App version

If you don’t want to deal with all the problem that comes with the website, you just switch to the app version of the Einthusan. Here is the bad news, there is no official app for Einthusan. If you hit the google store and search for the app for Einthusan, you will get plenty of fake apps. You can potentially harm your whole phone if you download any one of the fake Einthusan apps on your phone.

These apps might have the look of the Einthusan website, but they will have none of the features of the site, upon opening the apps, you will get directed to some fake webpage, where you might no get to watch the movies, but you will surely get a handful of the virus on your phone.

The same thing applies to downloaders available on the internet if you do a quick google search on Einthusan movies downloader. All the websites are fake and will send malware to your computer if you click on any of the links within the website.

So stay clear of that, the only way you can view Einthusan movies is by logging into the Einthusan website. Don’t worry, the website is legal, but the website has seen its fair of banning in different countries.

One of them happens to be India, as fake reviews have gathered bad publicity on the website. The actual website for Einthusan is pretty legit with legally owned movies in their catalog. But there are Einthusan alternatives that will meet all of your recommendations.

Einthusan Alternatives

If you want to watch the latest Bollywood, Tamil, and Telegu movies and your connection to the Einthusan website is no longer working. Then there are plenty of Einthusan alternatives you can choose to have the same experience.


Hotstar is one of the best Einthusan alternatives in the online market. Just like Einthusan, Hotstar has a massive collection of movies on its movie list. You can watch all the movies they offer on their website for free at no cost.

Unlike Einthusan, Hotstar offers an app to the table. If you are a regular smartphone user, then you don’t have to worry about anything, as you can stream all the movies Hotstar offers on their website through their app on your phone.

With no restriction coming between you and your movies. The app is not restricted to only one platform; you will be able to get the app for both android and IOS. All of the movies and tv shows they have on their list are completely legal and authentic.

If you want to watch some TV shows or movies from outside your country, you watch them too with Hotstar.


You can find some of the southern Indian movies on YouTube. While the chances are 50/50 on whether you are going to get a full-length movie or just a link that gets directed to their website.

But the latest movies and old movies are steamtable on YouTube. Which makes YouTube one of the free solutions to Einthusan movies. That is not to say the experience on YouTube will be simple, if you have a premium version of YouTube, you might not get to see a bunch of ads before and in the middle of the movie.

All you have to do is just look at the name of the movie that you want to watch. Once you do that, just put the name of the movie in the search bar on YouTube then hit search. YouTube will compile the list of videos that perfectly match the title you have searched. From there you can start watching the movie.

And like Hotstar, YouTube also features apps for you to download offline videos, where you can watch them on your smartphone. One of the great things about the YouTube app is the power to download the video offline.

If you want to watch the video later on without any buffering, then you can just download that YouTube video with your data, and save it on the phone, so you can watch it the next time without sitting through any ads or loading time ruining your movie experience.

Normally, when you are looking for full-length movies when you are searching for these movies on YouTube. Make sure to filter it on a length basis to get the best result or just type in ‘movie name‘ + ‘full length.’ You can also watch tv shows on YouTube; this makes YouTube solid Einthusan alternatives for movies and Einthusan tv shows.

Besides, if your YouTube keeps buffering, just click to fix it now.

Amazon Prime

Einthusan movie Alternatives -  Amazon Prime Video

Some of you might not know, but Amazon has its own movie, tv-show streaming service in the market. And the benefits you would get here are a lot. Not only will you have access to the huge collection of movies and tv shows on their website.

But you will also get benefits on your delivery from amazon. To experience everything amazon offers on their prime dealership, you have to become a member of Amazon, then you will have prime access to the site.

As you will get all the movies you want from Bollywood, Tollywood, and even Hollywood. All of the movies are in good quality of high definition option to give you the best experience the steaming platform has to offer to the audience. To enjoy prime, you will need to create an account on amazon; from there, you have to can select the prime membership for your account.

As this will be a yearly fee, the benefits you will get with the service will lower your shipping charge on your shopping, and you will have access to all the latest movies, tv shows developed by Amazon itself.

Einthusan movie Alternatives - Yesmovies

This is a website that features all the things you love about Einthusan but in a different form, and this website even supports up to 13 different languages.

While you may not have access to all the movies that have ever been made in the Tollywood Bollywood industry, you will get to see the latest movies of a higher quality for free.

The annoying thing about is you can’t block ads on the website. That means you have to sit through ads to enjoy your favorite movie. But the website has an active community of people working on every step to make the site better for the people. They even accept requests from the users.

If you have any requests on the movie that you want to see on their site, they will put it up on the website as soon as possible. It will take time from the date of sending the request to the day of accepting it and making it one of the great Einthusan alternatives in the streaming market.


Einthusan movie Alternatives -  SonyLIV

What says more than having the brand name Sony next to the live streaming system. SonyLiv is the perfect solution to all of your tv show needs in your life. And they also offer plenty of movies to keep you busy for a long.

Just like Einthusan movies, sony liv is free to use; you can watch thousands of movies in this app for not paying anything at all. Compare to the Einthusan, with Sony, you might not get the same number of movies, but there will be a decent number of movies with language options available for you.

The app version features easier navigation and a great user interface that makes things much easier when you are trying to watch movies on it. Everything is well categorized with the filtering options.


Einthusan movie Alternatives - Hindilinks4u

Here you will get both some of the best stuff from the older era and the new latest movies from today in just one place. What makes hindilinks4u better is the sheer level of the devs behind the website. You will find new movies getting uploaded to the website every single day.

Just like Einthusan, this site also features a massive number of language support with a large collection of movies to entertain different groups of people. In addition to watching southern Indian movies, if you are in the mood to watch some biography or documentary, you can very well enjoy that here.

As all of the movies on their list have different mirrors, if one doesn’t work out for you, then you can switch to the other without any problem.

So, in the end, you will be left with good-quality movies in a simpler way. All of the functions make the hidnilink4u a great Einthusan alternative.


While Einthusan may shut all of its doors in your country. But all their Einthusan alternatives provide just as much experience to the viewers as the original website. These alternatives will feature everything that you loved about Einthusan.

The Einthusan movies and Einthusan tv shows, are nothing more than just one click away to take you to your favorite movie selection. You will see the better quality of some of the movies on the list on different platforms.

These Einthusan alternatives provide much more than just letting you stream movies for free. So, pick the one that suits you the most.


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