Driver Talent Review and Its Best Alternative in 2022

It is essential to keep your computer drivers updated. There are multiple options available to perform the task of updating the drivers on your PC. But, the best choice is to use a third-party driver updater to update the drivers on your computer.

In this blog, we have covered two major driver updaters to help you decide the best one. Updating manually can be a difficult task; therefore, it is advised to use a third-party driver updater to solve the driver issues.

We have a detailed section about the driver talent review to educate you about the benefits of it. So what are we waiting for, let’s begin with our Driver Talent review!

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Part 1: Pros and Cons of Driver Talent

If you require a useful and simple tool to update your drivers regularly on PC, then Driver Talent is a very good choice for you. Let us know more about it in this Driver Talent review.

Pros of Driver Talent

  • Automatic update and scan feature
  • A life-long license
  • Driver backup & update
  • Pre-download

Cons of Driver Talent

  • Auto-scan is not manually scheduled
  • A few security programs might block Driver Talent. However, this issue can be solved by whitelisting

Part 2: Driver Talent Review

Driver Talent was formerly called ‘DriveTheLife.’ It is a tool created under OSToto Company Limited. Driver Talent is considered as the best tool for the driver update that is available in the market. It has an option for auto-update and auto scan. Therefore, a person need not worry about the drivers being outdated.

Performance of Driver Talent and a detailed review

The performance of Driver Talent is smooth and effective. There are a variety of options to choose from different versions of drivers. Driver Talent scans and updates outdated drivers automatically. However, there is one common issue that is faced by a lot of people. The firewall or antivirus on your PC might block Driver Talent. The solution to this problem is by whitelisting it. This will stop the blockage, and your tool will work smoothly.

One of the most attractive things about Driver Talent is that you are allowed to set the download speed from the ‘Settings’ menu. You can also use a custom proxy server to install drivers. The overall functioning and performance of Driver Talent are commendable.

The only negative thing about Driver Talent is that the security software hampers the functioning of Driver Talent. Other than this, you cannot manually schedule a function for auto-scanning.

Part 3: Features of Driver Talent

Driver Talent has a few amazing features that make it unique. Here’s a list of some features of Driver Talent.

  • Outdated drivers will be scanned automatically
  • One-click update
  • Uninstall drivers
  • Driver backup & restore feature
  • Frequent updates for driver backup
  • A lifetime license
  • Pre-download option

These features are significant and attractive. These unique features can assist you in various ways. Let’s discuss a few features in detail in this Driver Talent review.

1. Click update and Auto Scan

This is the core feature of Driver Talent. This feature enables an automatic scan to find the expired or outdated drivers on your system. After scanning, it will download and install the right driver files. You have the liberty to choose the version that you wish to install. This facility is unique and something that other driver updates do not offer.

2. Uninstall drivers

Driver Talent has a feature that uninstalls the unwanted drivers from your PC. It has the ability to erase the leftover parts too. Therefore, a user gets a choice to delete a driver of any latest removed hardware on your system.

3. Backup and Restore

Driver talent’s rescue center feature consists of Backup and Restore function. This function enables automatic driver backup and restores it when needed. There are a few times that recent driver software can trouble your system. If that’s the case, you can quickly head to the previous version and use it. This is one of the most important features of Driver Talent.

4. Interface

A clean and crisp interface is appealing and attractive to all the users. Driver Talent has a very modern and simple outlook. Any person can operate this tool easily. The user interface of Driver Talent is dark, and there is no option to choose between dark and light mode. But it is not a huge issue because most users prefer dark mode.

Part 4: Price of Driver Talent

It has an appealing price structure. This is something that you won’t find in other software of similar category as Driver Talent. If you are a technology class audience, then you can purchase a lifetime license at $13.56 for one computer. The regular cost is around $26.95. You can get a life-long license for three computers at a discounted price of $26.95. If you want to get a license for 5 PCs at a discounted price, you can buy it for $34.95, and the original price for the same is $59.95. The cost is surely appealing because you don’t have to invest money every year.

There is a free version of Driver Talent, but it is not recommended to users. The free version can only identify updates for expired or outdated drivers.

Part 5: Is Driver Easy a good driver updater?

Driver Easy is another powerful driver updater tool. There are many issues in Windows, which are usually caused by outdated or missing drivers. Driver Easy has a feature to update all the drivers in just a click. This feature helps the Windows to run smoothly. Driver Easy guarantees to fix the problem. Otherwise, it will return your money.

Features of Driver Easy

  • Just a click to update all the drivers on your PC
  • More than 8 million drivers
  • Improves computer stability and performance
  • All the drivers are certified
  • All outdated and missing drivers are fixed
  • Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 is supported
  • More than 3 million users
  • Money return guarantee if the problem is not fixed

Part 6: Reasons for computer problems caused by drivers

Almost, everyone blames Windows or hardware if there is an issue on the PC. However, the actual problem is drivers. They tend to cause trouble to the functionality of your PC.

Windows communicates with many hardware devices internally and externally. All these devices have different languages, so the Windows is unable to understand them directly. This is the reason why drivers come into frame. Drivers translate commands from Windows into instructions so that your devices can understand the commands. Every hardware device has a separate driver. These drivers come packaged with Microsoft, but they are manufactured by different companies. Suppose, Microsoft makes certain amendments in the way Windows communicates. If this happens, you will notice a few display errors because the driver will be unable to translate the new commands.

Now, the manufacturer of your video card will have to get the new version of the driver into the next update of Windows. This is an indication that you won’t be able to get a new driver for many days. You will continuously face driver problems until you don’t get a new driver.

This is where Driver Easy will help you. It will search for all the devices that have a missing or outdated driver. You just have to click the ‘Update all’ button, and Driver Easy will install the correct driver. This will solve your issues regarding computer problems.

Part 7: Why should you use Driver Easy?

1. Normal PC users

Is your printer not working? Are you seeing everything distorted and large on the monitor?
The reasons for these problems are outdated or missing drivers. But you can easily solve these problems by Driver Easy. Only a few clicks and your PC will work fine.

2. Experienced PC users

Does your PC works slowly? Is it crashing or hanging?

You will be shocked to see the performance of your PC after you update the drivers. Driver Easy will solve these issues easily. It will keep the performance of your PC stable. You just have to scan a few times or schedule a monthly automatic scan. This will keep your drivers updated.

3. PC technicians

The identification of outdated and missing drivers takes hours for a single PC. More time is needed for multiple computers to identify and locate outdated and missing drivers. But with Driver Easy, you can find the issues in seconds.

Install Driver Easy on the PC and select ‘Scan now.’ It will locate the driver issues in a few seconds. It has 8+ million drivers so it can find any driver easily.

Download Driver Easy

Part 8: How does the Driver Easy function?

In this section, we will learn about the working of Driver Easy in two easy steps.

Steps to use Driver Easy

1. Download and launch Driver Easy on your computer. After launching, select the ‘Scan now’ option. This will enable the Driver Easy to scan the PC and find out about the hardware with outdated, mismatched, or missing drivers.

2. Drivers Easy contain a list of all the drivers that you need. Select the ‘Update all’ option to install the latest drivers automatically. You can individually update the drivers too.

Driver Easy searches driver for

Driver Easy has a database of around 8 million drivers. A few of them are listed below.

  • Graphics cards
  • Wi-Fi cards
  • Ethernet/Network Cards
  • Audio devices
  • Bluetooth devices
  • USB devices
  • Chipsets
  • Scanners
  • Modems
  • DVD/CD drives
  • PCI Cards

Driver Talent and Driver Easy are no-brainer tools to update the PC drivers. Both are easy and convenient to use. You can use these programs to update the drivers on your PC. We hope that the detailed Driver talent review and Driver Easy features will help you in deciding the best driver for your computer. Both the tools have a free trial version. You can use the trial version and check the performance of the tools. If you are satisfied, go on to purchase the subscription of the tool that you like.

To make you understand better, we have simplified information into different sections. We hope that this Driver Talent review is helpful to you. If you have any queries, leave your comment below.

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