DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_BAD_CONFIG Error – Finding the Causes and Fixes!

The dns_probe_finished_bad_config is a common error of network connection that is faced by any user while opening any website on any browser. This DNS error points out faulty DNS configurations of the system that prevents it from connection to any internet. It is this error that we are going to analyze for you and also give the best solutions to fix it.


Why does the dns_probe_finished_bad_config appear on your screen?

Let us make you aware of certain factors that can cause this DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_BAD_CONFIG error in your PC:

  • A DNS can be understood as a particular IP address that the network assigns to the PC. The failure of the network in translating this IP address because of any faulty configuration causes the DNS error while you try to open any webpage.
  • Any third-party unauthorized application might be trying to meddle with your network settings associated with the router.
  • The network settings of the system might have been changed by you unknowingly.
  • Any browser plug-in might have changed the IP address or the DNS address of your system by hijacking it. VPN apps can be one example of it that changes the location, hiding your identity, and cause DNS errors.

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Does the error happen in any specific browser?

The dns_probe_finished_bad_config error does not happen on any particular website, and thus you can expect it to occur while opening any website. Also, any specific browser doesn’t suffer from it. You can see this error happening over any browser like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, etc.

The main basis of the error is the network, and any problem with that will become the causal factor. This also means that while opening any website on any internet browser, you might face the issue. It is important for you to remember that the same network is accessed while opening any website or browser.

Now you might be thinking about why the error happens most frequently with Chrome users? Well, it is because the Google Chrome browser is the most used one by people across the world, and this will give the highest number of issues and complaints related to Chrome only.

The DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_BAD_CONFIG error has been reported by several Android users as well, which was mainly the result of fault router configurations.

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What can fix the dns_probe_finished_bad_config error?

The occurrence of this error disables the users from running a lot of system functions and primarily from accessing any website. You might have tried changing the browser that you have been using and yet not been able to remove the DNS error. If you cannot see any way of getting out of this situation, let us help you with that as we provide some of the best solutions here in this section of the article.

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Try restarting the router

This can be the primary method to try as it is simple and may remove the error if it is being caused by minor faults. Deciding to restart the router is going to help you get rid of the error in all kinds of devices, be it Windows PC, macOS, or an Android Smartphone. All it takes to restart the router is turning off the power button. Wait for some time, and then you can turn it on.

Once you have done this, you must restart the PC or any other device as well.

After you have done the same process with both the devices, establish the network connection once again either with the WiFi provider or the LAN cable. The method should have successfully troubleshot the device for any problem. You can try opening any website, and the access will be free of issues this time.

However, if the method fails to work out for you, then the issue is something else and move ahead with the other fixes.

Empty the browser cache

A full cache with corrupted and old files can become the major cause behind the dns_probe_finished_bad_config error. A good solution to try in such a situation can be to clear the cache of the browser that you are using and also disable the cookies. It is a simple method to carry out, no matter if you are using any browser like Google Chrome or Firefox.

Follow the general steps given below to perform the method for any browser:

  • Open the particular browser that you have.
  • Go to the settings of the browser.
  • Navigate through and search for the option named Browsing data, browser History, or any other thing similar.
  • For Opera, Firefox, and Chrome browser, the option would be Browsing data.
  • Open it, and here you can delete all the cookies and cache data.
  • Tick mark the box against the option related to cookies and hosted application data. Select a time range as well.
Empty the browser cache

Most of the cases that involve the DNS error bugging them have been proven to get solved by this method. In case it doesn’t, follow some other solution.

Delete the temporary files

A feature of most of the browser allows the storage of some kinds of temporary files that are there to facilitate quick access later and also enhance the browsing experience of the user. Now, these files can become the potential culprit behind the DNS error if they go corrupt for any reason.

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In the Windows OS, these temporary files can be found in a directory named ‘Temp.’ You can gain access to it if you follow the simple steps that we give below.

  • Press the keys Windows + R together.
  • You can also launch the Run dialogue box by going into the Start menu of the Windows and then opening the option of All Programs.
  • When the Run box emerges up, enter the command %temp%.
  • Click Enter now.
  • Now you can view all the temporary files that are stored on the PC that you are using.
Delete the temporary files

The Mac OS has such files stored at a different location and to find that out; you can follow these steps:

  • Press the keys G + CMD + Shift at the same time.
  • This will launch a dialogue box.
  • Enter the command ~/Library/Caches into the text space.
  • All this, when done successfully, will enable you to view the temporary files that were taking up space in your Mac PC.
Delete the temporary files

Now what you need to do after finding all the temporary files stored on the specific PC that you are a user of, select all of them and delete. Once upon getting rid of all these files, you can expect the resolution of the dns_probe_finished_bad_config problem.

Reset your Chrome browser

This step is only meant for the users of the Google Chrome browser. In case you a user of the other browsers like Opera or Mozilla Firefox, then you may need to contact their specific support centers as they will be able to tell you the method for resetting those browsers.
Performing a reset of the browser changes the settings of it, and this may prove helpful in removing the error. Let us tell you how to do it:

  • Launch the browser.
  • Open settings.
  • Find and open the option of Show Advanced Settings.
  • Click on it and expand its menu.
  • You will see an option of Reset Settings over here present at the bottom.
  • Click on it, and this will reset the browser.Reset your Chrome browser

Refresh the DNS and change the IP Address

This may be the last option that you will have to resort to, but it can possibly fix every related issue to the DNS since we are adopting a complete cleanout approach with this method. You can flush out the DNS first to proceed with the method. This method will reset the DNS and performs an overall fixing of the configuration of the DNS.

Follow the steps below to do so:

  • Press the keys Windows + R together for launching the Run dialogue box.
  • You can do the same by opening the Start menu and clicking the option of All Programs.
  • Into the box, enter the command cmd. Click Enter for opening the Prompt Command.
  • Now we have to enter certain commands one by one.
  • Enter ipconfig /flushdns. Hit OK.
Refresh the DNS and change the IP Address
  • Enter ipconfig /renew. Hit OK.
Refresh the DNS and change the IP Address
  • Enter ipconfig /release. Hit OK.
Refresh the DNS and change the IP Address
  • Enter ipconfig /all. Hit OK.
  • Lastly, restart the PC.

Open the browser on it and try opening the websites again. See if the DNS error is resolved.

Method for fixing the dns_probe_finished_bad_config error in Windows 7/8/10

It’s by default that the computer systems are configured to run by using the DNS that is associated with modem or router that you are using. This DNS is the one set by the Internet provider unless you change it manually. We suggest you use the Public DNS servers as they give better functioning and remain mostly active with an uptime of around 99%. If all this sounds too techie to you, don’t worry and just follow the steps as we give you.

For manually finding the corrupt files and deleting them, follow the given steps below:

  • Press the keys Windows + R together.
  • In the Run dialogue box that launches up, enter the command cmd. Hit OK.
  • A black Command Prompt will open up now. Enter the command given below. Hit Enter.

ipconfig /flushdns

Method for fixing the dns_probe_finished_bad_config error

The DNS cache will hereby be removed, which becomes the potential reason behind DNS malfunctioning. It happens due to the system basing upon the old local cache for taking you to open the websites that you want to view.

  • Press the keys Windows + R.
  • Enter the command ncpa.cpl. Hit OK.
  • The window of network connections will open up now.
  • You have to modify the DNS settings here to update them.
  • Find the network adapter that is connected to the system. Hit a right-click over it. Select Properties.
Method for fixing the dns_probe_finished_bad_config error
  • Inside this Properties windows pane, select the option of Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4). Make sure that the option gets highlighted and turns grey in color. Open the Properties again.
Method for fixing the dns_probe_finished_bad_config error
  • Tick mark the box against the option ‘Use the following DNS server addresses.’ Now enter the given options for the Preferred DNS Server and the Alternate DNS Server, respectively.

Method for fixing the dns_probe_finished_bad_config error
  • Hit the button, OK. Close all the windows.
  • If the dns_probe_finished_bad_config error still persists and you fail to use the internet, try some other DNS addresses that we give and see if the problem gets resolved.

Preferred DNS:

Alternate DNS:

Method for fixing the dns_probe_finished_bad_config error

If you think a third-party tool can do all of this better for you, then you can take help from the software Reimage Plus that aims at scanning and finding the corrupt files which help you in then deleting them easily.

Conclusion on How to Fix ‘DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_BAD_CONFIG’ Error

This was all about the dns_probe_finished_bad_config error as to why it occurs and what all can be done to fix it. We hope that our efforts will prove helpful to you and the methods are the best one so you won’t need to go and look for solutions anywhere else.