Good Ways to Delete Junk Files from Different Devices

The junk files on the devices often take up a lot of files and thus cause great inconvenience to us. They lower the performance of the devices and sometimes pose serious problems to the operation system. In order to prevent such things from happening, we need to delete the junk files regularly.

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Tutorial 1. To delete junk files from the Windows computer

To delete junk files from your Windows computer, you can turn to the tool called the Disk Cleanup for help. The Disk Cleanup is a built-in tool on the Windows computer, so you don’t have to download and install a third-party tool. It can help you remove the data files permanently from the recycle bin or somewhere else. Let’s see the detailed way to use it in the following passages:

Step 1. Go to the Disk Cleanup

You can go to the Start menu on your desktop, and then choose the System tools from All Processes. And then you can easily find the Disk Cleanup from the menu. You need to click on it to launch it.

Delete Windows 7 Update Files

Step 2. Choose the data files unwanted

You will see a new window, where you need to choose the data files that you want to delete. And then click on the “OK” button.

Step 3. Start to delete the junk files chosen

You will get a notification window, asking you whether you want to delete those data files or not. Just click on the “Delete files” button to start the deletion process.

Delete Windows Update Files

Tutorial 2. To delete junk files from the Mac computer

The counterpart of the Disk Cleanup on the Mac computer is the Disk Utility. The Disk Utility is easy to use. You can refer to the tutorial offered below:

Step 1. Launch the Disk Utility

Go to the Applications on your Mac computer. Then from the menu of the Utilities, find the Disk Utility. Or you can find it with the Spotlight. Simply input the words “Disk Utility”, and then First Aid.


Step 2. Use the First Aid option

Before deleting the junk files, you need to verify the permissions of the disk. And then, you can use the Disk Utility to clean up the junk files that you want to delete.


Tutorial 3. To delete junk files from the Android phones

There are many junk files on the Android phones, which can cause a lot of problems to you. The junk files don’t mean those suspect files, but also those you don’t need any more. They take up the storage space on your phone, and make your phone more vulnerable. Now, let me walk you through the step-to-step tutorial on the following passages.

Step 1. Find the Storage option on your phone

Go to the Settings app on your Android phone, and then choose the General option from the menu of Settings. And then, you can easily find the Storage option, and you need to click on it.


Step 2. Start to clean your phone

On the screen of Storage option, you can see a list of data files on your Android phone, including the photos, audios, downloads, apps and so on. To clean the junk files hidden on all kinds of data files, you need to choose all the data files on the screen. So that the option can help you pick up the unwanted files from those data files, and simply remove them forever.

Tutorial 4. To delete junk files from the iOS devices

There are a lot of unwanted files remaining on the apps or on the Safari’s cache. These files are often called the junk files. In order to remove them to improve the performance of your iOS device, please read the tutorial carefully. By the way, the iOS device can be an iPhone, an iPad or an iPod.

Step 1. Delete the junk files from the apps with Usage option

Go to the Settings app on your iOS device, and then choose the General usage from the menu. Then click on the Manage Storage and then tap on the Documents and Data. Then, you can see a list of data files. Choose by checking the data files that you no longer want. And then click on the “Delete” button after you choose all the data files unwanted. If you want to remove all the data of the apps, you can tap on “Edit” > “Delete All”.

Step 2. Delete the junk files from the Safari

When you surf on the Internet, you can get a lot of data files like the cookies. Such data files can help you perform an easier browser on your Safari when your browser a second time. Here is the detailed tutorial for you.


First to clean the history and data. Go to the Settings app and the find the Safari on the Menu. Then tap on the option of “Clear History and Website Data”. And finally, click on the button of “Clear History and Data”.


Then to clean the cache and cookies. If you have turned on the option of “Accept Cookies”, there will be a host of cookies on your Safari. Click on the button of “Clear Cookies” to remove them. The same way can be used to “Clean Cache”.

Tutorial 5. To recover the data files after wrong deletion

1. If you are not familiar with doing a cleanup, you may need a tool for recovering the data files in case that you have performed a wrong deletion. The application recommended is the Recoverit Data Recovery, which is compatible with Windows computer, Mac computer, Android phone, iOS device and so on.

2. You need to have a security tool on your computer, which can help you protect the data files on your computer when you delete the junk files. The Advanced SystemCare Ultimate is now a popular application on the Internet. It offers all kinds of security options, which is a desirable helper.