The Correct Way to Delete Facebook Messages on Your iPhone

Many iPhone users want to delete Facebook messages due to some reason or another. For most of the Facebook users, deleting messages on the iOS devices is pretty easy. In fact, there is no complex process to follow to delete Facebook messages. It is pretty much similar to deleting email messages or other media files on your iPhone. However, if you need to delete Facebook messages in bulks, or delete a single thread, here’s a comprehensive guide. In a nutshell, you may consider this article as a comprehensive manual to delete Facebook messages. In addition to that, this article contains handy tips and warnings to consider when deleting the FB messages.

For Android users, please switch to How to delete Facebook messages on Android. 

Segment 1. A comprehensive guide to delete Facebook messages on iPhone

As of today, a large number of users across the globe use the Facebook Messenger app to communicate. They use it to communicate with their loved ones, friends, and colleagues. Due to some reason or another, they may want to delete some of these messages. However, you must know that the deleted messages still exist in the recipient’s inbox. Instead, it removes your message from your inbox only. Also, the messages you delete from your inbox cannot be recovered as they are deleted from the Facebook system.

Although there is a mobile site and an iOS app for Facebook, they don’t permit deleting messages. Instead, you will have to use the Facebook Messenger app to delete them. However, if you don’t need to delete those messages technically, you may consider the option Archiving.

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A. How to delete an individual Facebook message using Messenger app on iPhone

Let’s take a look at on how to delete individual Facebook messages from your iPhone using Messenger app.

I. Launch the Facebook Messenger app on your iPhone. This respective app is available on the home screen of the iPhone unless you have changed it. In fact, it is a matter of tapping on the icon to launch it.

II. After tapping on the app, you will have to select the message you need to delete.

III. Now, you should place the finger on the message and hold it until a menu appears. As the menu appears, you should tap the “Delete” option. Immediately, the message will be deleted from your history.

delete facebook messages Using Messenger App

B.Deleting an entire conversation from Facebook messenger

When you perform this task, you will have to be extra cautious. With a single tap, you may delete an entire Facebook conversation. With a single swipe, the entire conversation will vanish. Here’s how to do it the correct way.

I. First, you will need to find the conversation you need to delete. You will need to scroll down the list of conversations and locate the exact conversation to delete. After locating the conversation, don’t open it. Instead, you must swipe the respective conversation towards the left.

II. Now, you will be given two options – either to “Delete” or “Archive”. Since you need to delete the conversation, you may select “Delete” option. And, that’s it!

C.Deleting an entire conversation on your computer

If you use the computer to log into Facebook and need to delete some conversations, here’s how to do it.

I. First, log into your Facebook account and find the conversation you should delete. You can do this by opening the inbox of your Facebook page. Select the conversation to delete.

II. After selecting the conversation you need to delete, you should click on the Gear button. Then, you should select the “Delete Conversation” option. Likewise, you can delete any number of conversations one by one.

delete facebook messages on Computer

Do any of the above methods delete Facebook messages on the recipient’s box?

Well, you must know that the above methods don’t allow you to delete the messages you sent to recipient’s inbox. In fact, the recipient won’t even know that you deleted the messages.

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Segment 2. Is there a way to recall the messages you sent through Facebook Messenger?

Practically, there is no way to recall a message you sent through Facebook messenger. However, you can consider taking some precautions to avoid sending accidental messages on Facebook. Here are such precautionary tips you should consider.

You should configure the privacy settings of your Facebook Messenger more securely. Depending on the type of privacy settings, the safety level of your Facebook security may vary. Here’s how to change the default privacy settings and protect your privacy.

When you log into your Facebook account using your iPhone, you will be able to see the “Privacy Settings” tab. You will find an option called “Who Can See My Stuff”. If you leave “Who can see my stuff” to the public, whatever the stuff you post will be visible to the public. In this case, if post anything accidentally, it will be visible to the public immediately. This is a relatively risky approach. You can change these settings into the “Only Me” option. After that, whatever the stuff you post will be visible only for you. Later on, if you wish to display them to the public, you can share it publicly.

Although you can delete Facebook messages on your iPhone, in the receiver’s inbox the messages will exist. Technically, you cannot undo a sent message. Therefore, when you are sending private messages, you have to be really careful.

However, if you have sent a message that you shouldn’t have sent, there’s very little you can do. If you can turn on the Airplane mode before the message leaves your iPhone, the message will not be delivered. However, you have to be quick enough to switch on the airplane mode before the message leaves. Modern iPhones, however, have features to let you toggle the airplane modes.

Segment 3. Deleting all the data on iPhone permanently & completely

Even after deleting data on your iPhone using the ordinary deletion process, the data can be recovered. Well, even the private data you delete (such as messages, pictures, and videos) can be recovered. If you plan to donate or recycle your iPhone, you should delete all the data leaving no trace. This is when you will need to find a good tool that can permanently delete your sensitive data.

Just because you delete a text message, a note, an image or a video clip, you are not completely safe. Anyone can recover such personal data from your iPhone and misuse them. Therefore, it is always important to rely on powerful and effective data eraser.

The best tool we can recommend to accomplish such a task is dr.fone iOS Data Eraser.

Although there are plenty of tools to erase data from your iOS device, only some tools work as promised. dr.fone iOS Data Eraser is a powerful tool that can necessarily help you delete all types of data. This respective software is capable of erasing the iPhone & wiping all personal data on the iPhone completely. After such a deletion process, your phone is completely free from old, sensitive data.

delete facebook messages with dr.fone

Most notable Features of dr.fone – iOS Data Eraser

Here are some of the most notable features associated with dr.fone iOS Data Eraser.

  • This software tool can scan and preview all the private data available on your iPhone for free, erase iPad data before selling.
  • It can check both previously deleted and existing sensitive data
  • Detect a large number of file types
  • It comes with a really user-friendly interface that facilitates 1-click erase functionality
  • Be compatible with iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
  • Easy to install software that doesn’t have any annoying add-ons

In addition to that, this software comes from a reliable vendor that offers various other tools to optimize iPhones. Already, this software has received a large number of user reviews praising its functionality. Overall, dr.fone Data Eraser (iOS) is a super-efficient software tool that can protect your privacy.

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