Top Fifteen Clone Video Apps in 2021

If you are looking for a clone video app, this article comprises a list of them. All the video apps mentioned in this article come with very effective features and efficiency. That said, keep reading and find the best clone video app that fits your requirement.

Why do you need a clone video app?

In some cases, you might come across the requirement of creating a clone of a video or an image. Perhaps, it could be for your personal use or some other purpose. Regardless of the requirement, it is important to find the right kind of tool before proceeding. Mentioned below are some of the best options for those who are looking for a clone video app.

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Top 15 Clone Video Apps in 2021

01 Clone Video App. Splitvid – Compatible with Android


This is a very impressive clone video app designed specifically for the Android platform. It allows you to clone yourself, be it on a video or a photo. It also allows you to create more than one video clip and image on a given scene. If you use this app, you can either create a clone of your image or even illusion videos. Also, it lets you create funny and exciting videos with very convenient and fast steps. It is friendly even to novice users.

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02 Clone Video App. Split Lens 2 – Compatible with Android

Split Lens 2

This is another powerful and handy app that can create clone images with perfect filters. It can mirror your images without any trouble. This app has the ability to divide the device’s built-in camera into multiple frames. Moreover, it comes with the ability to blend those frames together. It has 42 different built-in layouts so you can enjoy the maximum of your shooting. You can use its UNDO option as well. In addition to that, it lets you create superb videos that can be shared on social media platforms.

03 Clone Video App. Video Merge – Compatible with Android

Video Merge

Here’s another extremely handy Android app that can clone videos and images without any trouble. This app comes with the option of capturing videos with some intervals between each clip. You can then clone those clips to end up with a superb outcome to impress your viewers. The overall user-friendliness of this app is very impressive, and it can clone your images in addition to videos. The videos you make using this tool can be easily shared on social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. Also, those video clips can be easily saved on your device.

04 Clone Video App. Ghost Lens Free – Compatible with Android

Ghost Lens Free

This is another good clone video app that is designed only for the Android platform. It lets you create awesome cloning videos so it can show a twin brother/sister of you. In addition to that, it can even create ghost videos using its special layout. This is particularly handy when it comes to using it on social media platforms and impress your viewers. Moreover, it has a cool video editor as well, and it comes with nice fade-in/fade-out effects. You can download this app and create awesome movies with a couple of taps.

05 Clone Video App. Split Camera – Compatible with Android and iPhone

Split Camera

This is another amazing app that does what it says. It comes with a very smart and handy algorithm to create superb videos with very little effort. More importantly, this app utilizes handy 3D motion picture technology. It comprises a very smart AI technology as well. If you wish to create digital clones to make awesome videos, this could be the app you’re looking for. In addition to that, it is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms as well.

06 Clone Video App. Like – Compatible with Android and iPhone

Clone Video Apps - Like

If you are looking for the best app to clone a video, don’t forget to check this app out. This app has a superb ability to create superb videos with excellent filters and effects. It has a special filter called Magic Music as well. Moreover, this app is equipped with a unique feature called “4D magic” in addition to its super-power feature. You can use this app with over 300 exciting and beautiful emojis. On top of that, this app has a collection of face filters as well.

07 Clone Video App. KineMaster – Compatible with Android and iPhone

Clone Video Apps - KineMaster

This is another app that works on both Android and iOS platforms. You can use this app to clone yourself or and create double-role videos easily. You can consider this app as a professional video editor for Android and iOS mobile devices. It lets you create videos with layers, different images, and even text. Also, it allows you to cut and trim videos. This product comes with a special feature to create multi-track audios. Moreover, it has seamless volume control and a range of filters.

08 Clone Video App. iMovie – Compatible with iPhone

Clone Video Apps - iMovie

iMovie is a highly renowned app that is specifically designed for the iOS platform. This app has the ability to create superb clone videos without putting in much effort. The functionality of this video is very stable. It has very handy video editing features as well. iMovie lets you browse the video library with ease and make your favorite memories even glamourous. This is a highly professional movie editor that can deliver amazing results. It goes without saying that iMovie is one of the best apps of its kind.

09 Clone Video App. Ghost Lens AR Pro – Compatible with iPhone

This is another clone video app that can deliver interesting videos of your twin to impress your audience. In addition to that, it allows you to use a ghost layout and create pretty scary movies. Such types of movies can make your audience impressed. Thanks to the fade-in and fade-out effects included, you can create really attractive videos with this app. Apart from those, this app comprises a large range of other features as well. It is designed to be compatible with the iOS platform only.

10 Clone Video App. DMD Clone – Compatible with Android and iPhone

Clone Video Apps - DMD Clone

Here’s another clone video app that can create superb videos with a variety of effects. You can easily clone yourself using this app and add uniqueness to your videos effortlessly. This is a fully automated clone video app that requires hardly any manual interaction to create videos. You don’t need to adjust settings manually, as the entire job is done through a fully automated system. Moreover, it allows you to share your creativity on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. This app is a great help for those who need to add more glamour to their videos.

11. Clone Camera Twin Photos – Compatible with Android

Clone Video Apps - Clone Camera Twin Photos

Clone Camera Twin Photos is another useful and exciting app that works perfectly on Android devices. As of this writing, we were not able to find an iOS version of this app. You will be able to use this app to create videos with different poses. However, when you use this app, it is highly recommended to use similar backgrounds on both pictures. With this app, just take two snaps and merge them as a single photo. Then, you can share the respective photo on social media easily thereafter. You can use this app when there is no one to catch you on camera.

12. Camera Clone – Compatible with Android

Clone Video Apps - Camera Clone

This is a versatile yet very straightforward process that can process images easily to create clones. In this case, you can fix the device and capture the target figure with each shot. You can even move the location while the shooting is going on. Once the shooting is completed, you can save the image directly. Once you have acquired the effect you intend, you can preview the image in a gallery. And once the editing is completed, you can share the image easily on any social media platform as you wish.

13. Clone Camera – Compatible with Android and iPhone

Clone Camera

Clone Camera can create highly versatile, mesmerizing images thanks to the exciting features it comprises. This app comes with very handy features like a self-timer and a large range of filters. In addition to that, if you need some guidance with this image, you can use its startup guide. Also, the camera is compatible with high-resolution images. In addition to that, you can share all of the pictures with your friends right after completing the edits. Moreover, it gives you the option of combining four pictures and creates clones that are truly awesome.

14. Twin Me! – Compatible with Android

Clone Video Apps - Twin Me!

Are you looking for a clone video app that is compatible with both Android and iOS devices? If so, “Twin Me!” could be the option that can give you awesome results. What you need to do is holding the device in a horizontal orientation first. Then, you should place the respective subject in its left frame on the screen. After that, capture the first image. You should continue holding the camera in a sturdy manner and shoot again – this time, the right frame. You can then add various features, including split-screen, auto stitcher, etc. Moreover, it allows you to recapture the images with a back button.

15. Clone Yourself Camera Pro – Compatible with Android

Clone Video Apps - Clone Yourself Camera Pro

This is another application that allows you to take images using various positions to expect an awesome output. You can then combine them with ease. Also, you can merge different images into a single fine with this app very easily. This is an ideal app to create really cool and crazy images without much hassle.


Well, that’s our list of video apps that can clone your videos and images easily. You can go through this long list and choose the best clone video app depending on your requirement. If you know of other similar apps, please let us know.