How to Clone the Hard Drive on the Computer

Part 1. What does the hard drive cloning mean

If you clone the hard drive on your computer, you can copy all the data on that hard drive, and then you can get a full backup file of the hard drive. When you need to restore the data on it, you can use the backup file with ease. Reasons vary from person to person why you want to restore the data. Maybe you have deleted some important data, or maybe you simply have lost all the data due to the virus attack. And there are many ways available on the Internet that you clone the hard drive. If you have no idea about which to choose, you can refer to the tools recommended in the following passages. Also, know more about hard drive cache.

Part 2. Why we clone the hard drive

As mentioned above, you can get a full backup file of the hard drive on your computer by cloning the hard drive. We need the backup file because the hard drive is so significant. We store almost all the data on it, and we run the applications on it. It is really important to clone the hard drive if we want to get back the files easy when something bad happens.

Part 3. How to clone the hard drive

If you want to get your hard drive cloned in the right way, you need to choose the right way to clone the hard drive. In this article, I will recommend three nice tools to you, from which you can find one that you like best.

Tool 1. Acronis Backup & Recovery 11.5

This is a professional tool, which mainly developed for IT managers. All the functions offered by this tool are satisfactory, and the tasks can be done easily with easy operations. People like this tool because there are many instructions offered and you can simply follow the instructions in every step. So even if you are a novice, you can get access to it with ease.

Acronis Backup & Recovery

Tool 2. Samsung Data Migration

This is a tool developed by Samsung for the Samsung SSD products only, so you can not use it on the other products. It offers ten languages, including English. Or you can choose the other one that you like.

Samsung Data Migration-2

If you want to use this tool, you need to download it from the official website first. And then launch it on your Samsung SSD. Only when you choose the “I ACCEPT” option and agree to the terms and conditions of this application on the window can you go on to use it. Then you choose the “Source Disk and Target Disk” from the options offered before you start to clone the hard drive on your Samsung SSD. And there are also a lot of instructions on the window, which will make the cloning process much easier.

Tool 3. Macrium Reflect Free

This is a free but reliable tool for cloning the hard drive on your computer. It is easy to back up the whole hard drive in order to protect the data from the wrong deletion. When you open this application, you will find how wonderful it is. The intuitive interface, the simple description, and the powerful functions.

Macrium Reflect Free

Part 4. What we need to pay attention when cloning

When you decide to clone the hard drive on your computer, you need to do something first:
1. You need to check on the hard drive to see if there are any virus on it. If there are, you have to solve the problem before you start to clone. Or the virus will attack the other data on the backup file.

2. You need to clean all the junk files and useless files on the hard drive. The reason why we clone the hard drive is to help us restore the data lost or deleted. If you don’t remove the useless files, it will remain useless on the backup file, but take up the storage space of your computer.

Part 5. How to get back the lost data

Data on the hard drive can be easily deleted by a simple operation. And there are also ways to help us get back the lost data:

1. Once you find that you have deleted a file by accident, you need to find it on the recycle bin on your computer. Most files on the hard drive will be stored on the recycle bin until you clear the bin.

2. It is advisable to create a backup file of the important files on the hard drive. You can choose a part to back up, or you can simply backup the whole hard drive. So that you can restore the data from the relevant backup files without hassle.

3. The most convenient and reliable way is to have a recovery tool to help you. With the recovery tool, you can get back the data without any backup files. And you can learn more about the recovery tools, you can read in this article.

Part 6. Recoverit Data Recovery

The Recoverit Data Recovery is a wonderful tool for recovering the data from the computer. There are two versions offered, both for the Windows and Mac. It supports more than 550 formats of files, which mean you can easily recover lost files on your computer, like the words, excel, ppt, audios, videos, and so on. It is also easy to use because the interface contains a lot of guidance on it. If you download it on your computer, you can find more features of this nice tool. Why not give it a try?

Get Recoverit