How to Change KIK Username With Ease?

Some individuals wonder how to change KIK username due to various reasons. The purpose of this article is to explain the possibility of changing a KIK username and the steps. So, please keep reading and learn the truth behind it.

Why do you want to change a KIK username in the first place?

Creating a KIK account can be exciting. The truth is that this excitement itself can make you somewhat careless when picking a username. After some time, you might feel that the chosen username is not “cool enough” to describe you. If not, you might think that it is not that unique enough. Or, what if you have accidentally put a pretty hilarious username, which is embarrassing? If not, what if you want to change your personal KIK username to a business name? Well, those are only a couple of occasions in which you wonder how to change KIK username. So, the need is there. And the next step is to learn if it is possible.

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So, how to change a KIK username? Is it even possible?

Let’s get straight into the point. The unfortunate truth is that it is impossible to change the KIK username at all. Once chosen, your username is the identity on KIK, and there is no way to change it. The only practical way to get a new username, however, is to create a new account. You can use a different email address with the desired username. But the truth is that this is not a practical option for most users. Creating a new account means you have to share the identity with the whole friend network once again.

Although you cannot change the username of the KIK account, you can simply change the display name. If you wish to figure out that, you can follow the steps that are mentioned below.

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Changing the KIK display name

Since you cannot change KIK username, let’s learn how to change the display name at the least. Mentioned below are those steps you should follow. The steps are pretty simple, and there is no rocket science behind it.

  • First, you should launch the KIK app on your phone so that you can access the account. Then click on the option called “Settings,” which is located on the main screen itself. In fact, this option can be found in the upper right corner of the main screen.
  • After that, please tap on the option called “Your Account.” Then, you will be able to see the current username of the Kik profile and your name.
Changing the KIK display name
  • Now, please click the “Name” option, so you can edit the existing display name.
Changing name
  • Now, you will see a popup window. This window asks you to enter a new display name, and you can choose it based on your choice. If you are happy with the name, you can simply click on the button labeled “OK” to confirm.
Changing the KIK display name
  • Now, you can go back to the account page and see the change you have done is applied. If it is successfully applied, you can see the new display name.

So, as you can easily understand, it is not that difficult at all to change the Kik display name.

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In Conclusion

Well, those are the tips on how to change the KIK username. In simplest terms, you cannot change KIK username. You can only change the display name of the KIK.