Easy and Best Way to Capture iPhone Screen Video

Do you want to capture iPhone screen video? Many iPhone users would like to capture the screen video for several reasons. It may be for recording a tutorial for YouTube or to capture a mobile game in progress and share it with your friends or to share activities related to computer use. Dr. Fone Toolkit – iOS screen recorder is a great tool to capture video on your iPhone screen. Here are two simple but very effective ways to achieve this.

Method I: Using Dr.Fone to capture iPhone screen video

How easy is iPhone video capturing

iPhone has several beneficial features that are popular among users. The ability to capture iPhone screen video is one such feature. A video capture involves recording a video that is featured on the iPhone screen. This is usually needed for users who want to share what they are doing currently or to give instructions on activities related to computer. One easy way to capture video is by using Dr. Fone iOS Screen recorder. This is a very efficient tool with several advantages.

How to use Dr.Fone to capture iPhone screen video

Dr. Fone – iOS Screen Recorder is a popular product, which excels in video capture. The screen recorder tool has several favorable features that users would find beneficial other than the video capture facility. Here are a few important features of the software:

  • Screen share: This feature lets users share pictures from the iPhone to PC without the necessity to upload the pictures. Thus, the software saves effort and time you spend on uploading the files.
  • Export videos: It is also possible to export videos in a hassle-free way to your computer from iPhone.
  • Mirror recording: The mirror recording feature allows recording whatever is on the iPhone at a particular time and mirroring it to your computer
  • Record your favorite videos: You can record your videos, games and any other activity you would like to share lives with others.
  • Compatible with iDevices: The software supports all handheld iOS devices including iPad, iPhone, and iPod.

Why Dr.Fone iOS Screen Recorder is the best?

Here are the reasons as to why Dr. Fone screen recorder for iPhone is the best method to capture iPhone screen video.

  • Single click method for video capture
  • Simple, fast and safe method
  • Supports iDevices that run on operating system versions ranging from 7.1 to 12
  • Helps mirror iDevice to projector or computer wirelessly
  • The software is available on Windows PC
  • Comes with a one-month money-back assurance
  • Is ideal for recording videos, games and much more from iPhone to computer

Step by step instructions for using Dr.Fone for iPhone screen video capture

As mentioned before, Dr. Fone uses a very simple single-click process. The entire capture method is completed in 3 easy steps. Before you start with the process, ensure you have a good Wi-Fi connection.

Here are the steps to capture the iPhone screen video.

Download iOS Screen Recorder

Step #1: The initial step is ensuring your iOS device and Dr.Fone software are connected via the same Wi-Fi network. This is necessary for video capture.

Once you have made sure of the connection, you will see the iOS screen recorder feature in a pop-up window. Choose this option to start the screen video capture process.

Step #2: The second step is to allow mirroring. This will ensure the two devices, that is, your iPhone and the computer is connected. When a proper internet connection is made available to the iPhone, swipe upward from the bottom to view connection settings of your device.

Find the Airplay feature present on the right lower part of the screen. Click on the Airplay feature. You will find Dr.Fone and iPhone under the Airplay tab. Select Dr. Fone to allow mirroring option.


This is the process to be followed for other iOS devices such as iPod and iPad. When the steps are completed as mentioned above, the mirroring process will be over. You will have mirrored your iPhone or any other iOS device successfully to Dr.Fone Screen recorder software. Now the next and final step is to capture the screen video.

Step #3: The final step is to record the video presentation on your iPhone screen. This is very easy and most importantly very enjoyable step of the entire process.

Once you have established a proper connection between Dr.Fone and iPhone, the device will permit recording to begin. You will see the record bar visible near the bottom portion of the iPhone screen. A red-colored circular button indicates the record on/off button. You have to just click on this button to begin the recording.


In the center, you will see numbers, which indicate the time for recording. You will know the duration for which you have recorded your video. This will help you know when you need to stop. For stopping the recording, you need to just click on the red record button and video recording stops. The video will also be saved.

Finally, you will see a little box on the right portion of the screen. This can be used to convert the screen to full screen if you want the entire tutorial or game video to take over the whole screen.

Once you have completed the above steps, you have to just save the video on your iPhone. Now you have the video with you all the time and you can view it whenever you want.

Learn more about iOS Screen Recorder

By the way, if you are facing the issue of the iPhone screen unresponsive, click to fix it now. And let’s learn more about how to mirror a video with ease.

Method II: Capture iPhone screen video via the Lightning port

Another method used commonly to capture iPhone screen video is by using the Lightening port connection to a USB cable. However, this feature is only for devices that operate on iOS 8 or above and on Mac computers that have OSX Yosemite.

Step #1: Connect the iOS device and Mac with a USB cable. Boot up the iTunes.

Step #2: Enable connection between the Mac and iOS device. Open the QuickTime feature. The QuickTime Player allows you to capture iPhone screen videos automatically in devices that have the specs mentioned above.


Step #3: After opening QuickTime, choose File option in the upper left corner and select, ‘New Movie Recording’ feature. Now you will see the record bar appear in the bottom portion of your iPhone screen.


Step #4: Choose the options you need for camera and microphone settings to capture video and click on them. When this is completed, you can start recording. Once the recording is over, save the video to the computer for later viewing. You can also transfer the video to your iPhone if needed.


Now that you know about the two easy and quick ways to capture iPhone screen video, you would find it easy to screen record whenever you want. Of the two methods, Dr.Fone Screen Recorder for iPhone is the best tool, as it has several other advantageous features that improve the entire recording and viewing experience. Further, you will be able to record your favorite games and other videos that you want to share with others.



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