Top Best Watermark App for iPhone to Safeguard Your Images

What can another way prove to be better than having the best watermark app for iPhone for saving the copyrights of the images that you upload on the web? The problem of copyright infringement is real and pressing. There are a lot of risk factors involved in sharing pictures on various social media apps.

There is no way that you can stop people from downloading those pictures for any reason. However, there is one way you can still save the authorship of the image if you have inserted a watermark on the image. This article will bring you the best watermark app for iPhone.These apps will prove to be helpful for inserting watermarks on online content that you wish to publish and thereby achieve your business goals.

How do the best watermark app for iPhone help?

Imagine putting so much effort into creating something unique, and then a third person gets an unfair advantage out of it. Feel the annoyance? Social media apps do not have good and rigid solutions to deal with this problem of proprietorship.

Adding watermarks to the pictures that you create through the best watermark app for iPhone is one viable solution to all this mess. Doing this doesn’t give a guarantee that the photos are going to be safe. It helps you sustain the idea of ownership and adds a professional touch to the content.

Inserting a watermark on the pictures is not a very difficult task, and some classic apps can be used on iOS laptops for doing the job. However, it’s practically not possible to carry a MacBook everywhere.

It’s here that the best watermark app for iPhone comes to the rescue. These apps are very easy to use and can be easily found in the Apple store. They give you quick solutions to your requirement of adding watermarks and related things to the pictures for saving the ownership and protecting them from unfair access by any third party.

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Seven best watermark app for iPhone

#1 Best Watermark App for iPhone – EzyWaterMark Lite – Free

EzyWaterMark Lite

This app has gained a lot of appreciation among the users, with downloads reaching beyond 3 million. The user interface is super simple, and the app is simply the best, which is why we have placed it at the top of the list. The app is loaded with numerous enhanced features.

You can add watermarks to the photo with the help of signature, QR code, name, trademark, logo, etc. Doing this is possible in different creative ways, with 150+ colors and fonts included. There are a lot of emoticons, fun stickers, and cartoon images that you can use in the pictures to make them exciting. You can also adjust the thickness of the pen, opacity, alignment, and rotation of the signature mark you are adding to the image.

After creating the watermark, it can be saved in the form of a template and used later in the future in any form. You can also mass-produce photos up to 5 at a time with this best watermark app for iPhone. You can import pictures from the phone gallery or anywhere else and export them to different apps too.

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#2 Best Watermark App for iPhone – A+ Signature – $1.99

A+ Signature

This app has been proven very powerful in doing much more than just inserting watermarks in the photo. Watermarking is the basic feature; you will be amazed by the other amazing things you can do with this app. You can make the photos in fun and creative ways, which can then be shared on social networking sites. Adding signatures to the content is very easy, with no lengthy steps to follow.

You can experiment with your creativity to the best possible with the customizing items provided by the app. Be it annotating the picture, drawing anything over it freehand, or adding signature with the finest of technology. The font library is also very varied and impressive. The size of the text can be adjusted, watermarks can be rotated, and the shadow effect can be added to the watermarks. You can paste the text and drawings to pictures in other apps as well on the same iOS device.

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#3 Best Watermark App for iPhone – Watermark X – Free

Watermark X

This app is a popular choice among the users due to its non-complicated and very easy and fast user interface. Adding watermarks to the images couldn’t be simpler with this app at your disposal. The app has an in-built collection of a wide range of professional pre-designed watermark templates which you can use with the required customization. These free templates keep updating themselves from time to time so that you keep getting new things to try. From old copyright marks to modern ones like location and hashtags, this best watermark app for iPhone has got it all and much more.

The app also lets you change the font, size, color, and opacity of the watermark to get the desired results. You can edit with new information at any time and also shift the position of the watermark. The app will be the best for the people who love photographing with their iPhones and can keep updating their watermark signatures to keep up with the trend.

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#4 Best Watermark App for iPhone – iWatermark – $1.99


This watermarking app has been appreciated by a lot of websites and blogs primarily because of the highly professional yet easy-to-use user interface that it has got. It has been the preferred choice of many professionals and business people because of its high emphasis on professional ownership representation. Other than the basic graphic watermarking that it offers, you can do a lot more with the images with the help of this app.

The unique part of the app is its ability to create QR watermarks. These QR codes can contain up to 4000 characters. Upon scanning them, they will prove helpful in showing the information about the company like email and the URL. The font library contains more than 160 fonts in 34 high-resolution varieties. These fonts can be customized as per the needs of the image. You can watermark many images at the same too. The watermark can be pinched upon, zoomed, contracted, or expanded in size.

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#5 Impression – $2.99

best watermark app for iPhone - Impression

This is another amazing watermarking app for iPhone users with a plethora of features. If you are one such user who doesn’t want to compromise with the quality of the pictures, then this app is for you. The best part is that after all the editing, the original quality of the images remains the same. The watermarks are also high in resolution.

You don’t need to worry if you are a beginner, as the interface of this best watermark app for the iPhone is very easy. You need to choose a font, enter the text in the box and drag it to the preferred location over the image. And you can also make necessary adjustments in transparency, hue, color, brightness, saturation, etc. of the watermark. However, the app doesn’t promote sharing images to a lot of apps.

6. Watermark photo – Free

best watermark app for iPhone - Watermark photo

This app is known for its impressively clean features and a very elegant user interface. The watermarks created by this app surely create an immediate impact. The steps are easy to follow. You can make the perfect photos by customizing them as per the need and experimenting with a lot of design elements.

A lot of creative custom logos and signatures are included in the app. You can also create your watermarks with a beautiful font, colors, and clip arts. You can draw statement typography art that will highlight your brand. The free logos have a transparent background that settles on the images to give them a very professional appearance. This app allows you to share the final images with many social networking apps without any restrictions.

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7. My Watermarks – Free

My Watermarks

This app has been developed by the best photo developers called Camera 360. The features of the app are just amazing and help the photographers in creating unique watermarks for their images. The app allows you to add the picture of a log in your handwriting and insert it as a logo to the images. Another great thing is that the app lets you keep track of all the previously created watermarks that you can use anytime in the future for any image.

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These best watermark app for iPhone go a long way in providing you unique solutions for safeguarding ownership over the images that you upload on social networking sites for business or casual purposes. Just install the one that suits your needs, and do not forget to share the experience with us. Keep creating!