Top-12 Best Fire Emblem Games For Strategy Fans

If you are interested in having game experiences of tactical strategy, the series of Fire Emblem games from Nintendo is for you. There are not concurrent stories in this series of games. You will see a different universe in every game, and different story, units, characters will be there in different games of the series. Below I have listed the top-12 best Fire Emblem games for you to have a quick look at:

#1 Best Fire Emblem Game – Radiant Dawn

Best Fire Emblem Game - Radiant Dawn

Radiant Dawn is considered as one of the most difficult games in the series of Fire Emblem. Keeping this in mind, I would like to place it at the number one position in this list of the best Fire Emblem games. Radian Dawn is a sequel to the Blazing Blade (another one of the best Fire Emblem games).

In case you are a very big strategy-lover, this game is going to work as an entry point for you to enter this series of strategy games (Fire Emblem). If you get to look at the story of the game, you will come to know that it mainly consists of 4 parts, and those parts are different from each other. That simply means that you will get to see a different perspective on each part.

You will get a chance to have extra hours of experience of Fire Emblem while playing this game. That’s because the game is considerably long. And, as far as the year of release of this game of the series is concerned, it was released in 2007.

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#2 Best Fire Emblem Game – Shadows of Valentia

Best Fire Emblem Game - Shadows of Valentia

This game in the series of Fire Emblem was released in 2017. It is actually a remake of the Fire Emblem title, which was released in 1992. The game offers a story in which there are two childhood friends (Celica and Alm). These two friends have a journey destined to the aim of restoring peace to Valentia.

In this game, you will come across two settings for difficulty. And, there will also be the Casual and Classic Mode. If you have played the “Awakening” game of the Fire Emblem series, you must be aware of these two modes. That’s because these modes were there also in the “Awakening.”

In the Shadow of Valentia, There is a continent that has been divided into warring gods. An army is there on the continent, and the players assume that the army’s one side.

When it comes to the Classic Mode of the game, the permadeath of the character falling in the battle is featured by this Mode. If you are interested in enjoying the story part of the game, this Mode is going to make you have a more joyful experience. And, you will be having a real feeling about all the characters while playing the games both in the story and the conversations.

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#3 Best Fire Emblem Game – Blazing Blade

Best Fire Emblem Game - Blazing Blade

Released in 2003, Blazing Blade is on Game Boy Advance and features mainly three characters. So there are three main characters in the game, and these three characters are Hector, Eliwood, and Lyn. And, it is to be noted that Hector and Eliwood are also related to the characters in the previous game in the series.

If we look at the story of the game, it can be divided into mainly two parts. In the first part of the story, the story is centered on Lyn and her desire to help her grandfather. And, the 2nd part or segment of the story can be considered as more substantial as compared to the first one. In this part, all the main characters (Hector, Eliwood and Lyn) of the game are fighting against sorcerer Nergal.
Blazing Blade can be said to be the first game of the Fire Emblem series for many people who live outside Japan.

#4 Best Fire Emblem Game – Conquest

Best Fire Emblem Game - Conquest

If you are a serious fan of tactical strategy, you are going to fall in love with “Conquest.” It offers a story in which the player is sent to some difficult missions. And it is almost impossible to complete these missions. The characters allotted to players in this game hate each other. Thus it makes the game’s social part very difficult.

Conquest is a part of the Fates series of Fire Emblem. And, there are two games, both having different stories in this series. Another game in the series is Birthright. On the one side, Conquest has been designed in such a way that it will be liked by the players who are hardcore lovers of Fire Emblem. And, on the other side, Birthright can become the choice of casual fans.

In Conquest, you will come across tougher enemies. It is a very challenging game in which there will be special conditions (even beyond “kill everything”) for individual levels to win. The game was released in 2015.

#5 Best Fire Emblem Game – Mystery of the Emblem

Best Fire Emblem Game - Mystery of the Emblem

However, it is a remake of the first game of Fire Emblem, yet it is presenting a new story related to the first one. The characters and story of this game made a significant impact on the Fire Emblem lovers. And, it was after the transition from the Famicom to Super Famicom. Cutting and removing characters from the first game is the basis of this new title in the Fire Emblem series.

6. Birthright

Another part (apart from Conquest) of the series of Fire Emblem Fates is Birthright (as mentioned even above). As conveyed even before, Birthright has been designed for the casual lover of Fire Emblem, and it just plays the introductory role of the series. There are the same continents in both of the games of the Fire Emblem fates series. But both the games follow conflict’s different sides.

There is no doubt that you will need to play both the games of the Fates series of Fire Emblem if you intend to have the full experience of this series. But the point of starting is decided by the skill of the player.

In case you are a hardcore lover of tactics, you will like to start with Conquest. And, on the other hand, Birthright will be a good starting point for you if you are a casual fan of tactics or strategy.

Another important point that I would like to share about Birthright is that the scenarios that you, as a player, will have in Birthright are more muted as compared to Conquest. And, just like Conquest, this game was also released in 2015.

7. Path of Radiance

This game is on the Tellius continent and is an introduction of “lke” who is one of the staples of series, which appear in the Super Smash Bros. The story of this game is totally unrelated to previous games of the series.

The players in the game follow “lke.” They also follow the role of “lke” in the mercenary company owned by his father. That company operates within Crimea’s border. This game is actually the 1st game of Fire Emblem that was released for the home console.

And, when it comes to the primary vehicle of conflict in the game, it is between beast Laguz and the human Beorc race. The game was released in 2005.

8. Sacred Stones

Released in 2005, it is the 3rd Fire Emblem game that was on the Game Boy Advance. Many mechanisms of the game resemble those found in Blazing Blade. So it can be said to be a good start after Blazing Blade. The people who are interested in getting into the Fire Emblem series of games, Sacred Stones, can be said to be one of the best options to go for in the beginning.

Sacred Stones is 2nd game that was released in North America. In this game, you, as a player, will explore a plot focusing on Ephraim and Eirika. There will also be a Magvel. They will be explored by the players while investigating a plot. Although there are many similar mechanisms found in both Blazing Blade and Sacred Stone, yet the continent that you will get to see in the Sacred Blade is totally different from that of Blazing Blade.

9. Binding Blade

This game of Fire Emblem was released in 2002 and is the 6th game in the series. It was released in Japan only. Elibe’s continent is there in the game. The character “Roy” is there in the game, and he is the son of another character, “Eliwood,” who was there also in the 1st game. The players have to follow Roy. It means, while playing this game, you will be following the character “Roy.”

Moreover, it is one of the three games that were released for the Game Boy Advance and was the first one in the three. This game generated more sales as compared to the “Thracia 776,” which was its predecessor in the Fire Emblem series. In this game, an invader (Bern) tries to fill the world with dragons. His motive for doing so is to disturb the peace by inciting violence between 2 countries. Before this disturbance takes place, there has been a wave of peace for almost 1000 years. The league of the army of Lycia is lead by Roy. This army will be against Bern, who is an invader. And Roy will try to stop Bern from destroying the entire continent.

10. Fire Emblem Gaiden

This game actually presents a side story for the first game of fire emblem. The gameplay gained a successful and strange direction in this game. It is having a weak design of the map. And, the Gaiden is a bit better than the previous game. The new mechanics found in the game worked as a black sheep of the Fire Emblem series. That’s because there were many important changes in the game. And, further, these changes were highlighted more when the “Shadows of Valentia” was announced. In this game, you will see many of the general elements in a JRPG.

11. Shadow Dragon

This game of Fire Emblem was released in 2009, and it is a remake of the first game of Fire Emblem. There is a character “Medeus” in the game, and he leads the “Dohlr” empire. The continent “Archanea” is invaded by the “Dohlr” empire. And, on the other hand, there is a character “Marth” who is the Altea’s prince. Marth has to reclaim the “Altea.”

12. Awakening

Best Fire Emblem Game - Awakening

It is another one of the best fire emblem games, which I would like to include in this list presented to you. The game was released in 2013, and it is the 1st game (in the Fire Emblem series) that was on Nintendo 3DS. You will also get to see a new type of casual Mode in this game. And, this was the first game in which such a new mode was there. Before the release of this game, there was no game having this type of Mode.

In Awakening, there is a story of Ylisse’s kingdom and the “Prince Chrom.” There is a playable character, and it can also be customized. The characters in the game can also perform double moves in the battle. And, it has been possible with the “Pair Up” system in the game.

And, as far as the new casual mode is concerned, it offers combat knockouts instead of permanent death of the character. With these combat knockouts, forgiving gameplay is offered to the tactics newcomers. This game is actually a very solid part of the series of Fire Emblem and comes with a nice voice acting and graphics. It is also considered as a beginner-friendly game along with a casual mode.

Bottom Line

There are sixteen main titles in the series of Fire Emblem games. Each one of them hugely grabbed the attention of the lover of this series of games. And, each one had a very long time before the next one came into existence. All of the 12 games mentioned above are the best picks from the series. Hence, Each of these 12 picks can be considered as the best fire emblem game.