Best Alternative to AirShou: Record Your iOS Screen

In the world of Social Media, screen recording of your phone has become an edifying staple. We love recording all our activities on the phone and share it with everyone. However, the iOS devices do not have an inbuilt tool to record the screen and hence, the iOS users have to look for alternative methods to record their screens. You must have heard of or used AirShou for recording your iOS screen, but recently the iOS users have been complaining about the software and hence, looking for an alternative.

Now if you want to record the screen of your iOS device, you will want the convenient and flexible software to let you do it. AirShou is good, but it has its upsides and downsides like all other things. You just need to observe whether it suits you or not. This article will explain the advantages and disadvantages of AirShou and the best alternative to AirShou. You can always take an informed choice based on the facts.

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Section 1: AirShou: What is it?

AirShou is the third party software to let you record the screen of your iOS device without much difficulty. Also, you do not have to jailbreak your iOS device, which makes it a popular choice for this purpose.

Upsides of AirShou

  • The software can be easily downloaded and installed
  • Simple functions
  • No need to jailbreak

Downsides of AirShou

  • It often does not install on iPads
  • It often hangs after 30 seconds of screen recording
  • AirShou cannot be found in the App Store, which does not guarantee it from being malware- free
  • When you download it on iOS 10 and onwards, it often shows errors.
  • The video that is recorded is often blurred with voice distortion.

How to download AirShou

AirShou is currently unavailable for download as the company does not offer the service.

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Section 2: The best alternative to AirShou: Dr.Fone – iOS Screen Recorder

Now that you have read about the upsides and downsides of AirShou, you would like to have an alternative to it. You might not be content with the disadvantages of AirShou and the best alternative to AirShou is iOS Screen Recorder. The software is the new definition of perfect and you would not find any faults in it similar to AirShou.

Although Dr.Fone Toolkit – iOS screen recorder is a third party software, which can be used to record your iOS screen on your PC or iOS device, it is much better than AirShou. It comes with several great features as it lets your iOS device to be reflected the screen of your computer. You will not find the similar features in AirShou. Furthermore, you can access Dr. Fone: iOS screen recorder on all your iOS devices with available and smooth recording unlike the faults of AirShou.

iOS Screen Recorder

Easy and flexible recording of the screen of your iOS device.

  • Simple and intuitive procedure
  • Record videos, music, games, and many more things on your PC
  • Record or mirror mobile gaming on the computer
  • Supports both non-jailbroken or jailbroken devices
  • Supports iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone running on iOS 7.1 to iOS 14.
  • Works well with AirPlay without any cables

Section 2.1: How to install and use iOS Screen Recorder for your phone

Step 1: Download and access iOS Screen Recorder

Download iOS Screen Recorder and install it.

Download iOS Screen Recorder

Step 2: Use the same Wi-Fi connection to connect your computer and iOS device

Use one Wi-Fi connection to connect your computer and iOS device. If you cannot do it, use the same LAN or Local Area Network to connect both devices. Click ‘Screen Recorder‘ tab located in the software.

Step 3: Reflect your device

If you have iOS 7, 8, or 9, access the Control Panel of your iOS device by sliding up the bottom. Click ‘AirPlay’, then ‘Dr. Fone’ and then enable ‘Mirroring’.


If you have iOS 10, 11 or 12, access the Control Panel of your iOS device by sliding up the bottom. Click ‘AirPlay Mirroring’, and select ‘Dr.Fone’.

Your iPhone or iOS device will reflect as it is on your PC.

Step 4: Record the iOS screen

You will find the red circle depicting ‘record’ at the base of your iOS device screen. Push that red button to begin recording the screen of your iOS device. You can also toggle the entire screen off or on using the same button. Press that red button to stop recording, and you will be directed to the destination to save the folder.

You can record the screen of your iOS device on your PC, but if you want to record your iOS screen straight away on your phone, you can do it with the Dr. Fone application.

Section 2.2: Steps to use the iOS Screen Recorder application

Step 1: Download and install the Recorder app

Download the Dr. Fone app and install it on your iPad or iPhone. When your permission is asked for, click the ‘install’ tab again.

If you are accessing the installation page from your PC, you can scan the QR code provided below:

Step 2: Trust

Now open Settings of your iOS device, then click General, and then Device Management. Click the name of the distributor with the ‘Screen Recorder’. Click ‘Trust’ to permit the developer of the app.

Step 3: Record your iOS screen

Open the Dr. Fone app and click ‘next’. Now click the red button at the base of your phone or iOS device to start recording. After you stop recording by pushing the red button again, you will find the recorded clip in the Camera Roll.

Now that you have read about Dr.Fone and AirShou, you can compare both this software well and decide what is best for you. If the disadvantages of AirShou are non-significant for you, you can proceed using it. However, if you want a high- quality product with smooth performance, you can opt for Dr.Fone: iOS Screen Recorder as it is the best alternative to AirShou. Dr. Fone is loaded with better and more features, and you can use the software and application for any iOS device conveniently and easily.

With such a flawless performance of iOS screen recorder, you would never want to switch back to AirShou. The best part about Dr.Fone is that you can record and mirror your screen on your PC as well as your iOS device. You can view all your recordings later and use them for professional or personal purposes.

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