Apt Ways to Use Bad Sector Repair Tool for Fixing The Dire Sectors On The Hard Drive

What do you know about a bad sector on the hard drive?

Hard drives consist of millions of appropriate sectors. As soon as a sector gets dented, the data files on it cannot be read, and consequently, you are not capable of writing on it. Concerning bad sectors on the hard drives, there are two distinct kinds; among which, one of them is logically bad, and the other kind is physically bad.

In case of the physically bad hard drives, it is not repairable save for you replacing it with a fresh hard disk. If not, the hard disk can be mended, and there are two ways for fixing bad sectors on the hard drive, which have been logically damaged.

Besides, we are going to introduce an apt and viable bad sector repair tool for solving any such bad sectors on the hard drive. Follow the parts below for repairing bad sectors on your hard drive without any difficulty:

PART 1: Two Distinct Ways for repairing bad sectors on the hard drive

The bad sectors on your hard disk can lead to loss of data on the given hard drive. As a result, take care that you do comprise of the backed up data written on its sector, prior to you making any repairing steps, and stop the PC to continue to write on it.

METHOD 1: Repairing bad sectors with the built-in tool of Windows

Step 1: you can initiate by firstly going to the ‘My Computer‘ folder, and opt for the disk that you wish to repair. In case you do not know the exact particulars, you can secure them all one at a time.

Step 2: Then right click on the given disk, and opt for the tab of ‘Properties.’ after that, go to the tab of ‘Tools.’

Step 3: You must now tap on the option of ‘Check now‘, beneath the error checking.

Step 4: Then tap on the option of ‘Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors‘ and choose to click on the ‘Start‘ icon.

Following these steps carefully would generally scan and repair all the bad sectors on the hard disk at the same time. Once it is over and done with, the bad sectors will get repaired automatically. In addition, if you wish to fix your file system errors all at once, you can also check this preference.

There might be a state of affairs, which would remind you that it cannot be repaired, for the reason that the disk is in use at the moment. More often than not it is disk C, where all your operating systems are installed. In that case, you can opt to automatically repair it when you set up your PC in the next time.

METHOD 2: Fixing the bad sectors with an apt bad sector repair tool

Generally speaking, the bad sectors on the hard disk can be easily solved in the solution given above. On the other hand, it so happens frequently, that the bad sectors on the hard disk may come into sight all over again when you make use of the PC in the subsequent occasion, and you will need to secure it for the second time.

In case you have faced this, you can opt to make use of a skilled bad sector repair tool program for fixing it in one go completely. In this regard, the Wondershare Liveboot 2012 toolkit can be a fine option. It has a bootable CD, which offers a purely unsoiled milieu, and allows you to completely fix the bad sectors on your hard drive in a single click. In case the PC cannot boot in a normal fashion, this can be a superior alternative.

You can get a hold of USB or LiveBoot CD in here. Follow the steps below for knowing how to repair bad sectors on your valuable hard disk:

Step 1: You can start by inserting a LiveBoot CD or USB or else, just plug in the LiveBoot USB to the PC, and the boot the PC from LiveBoot accordingly.

Step 2: subsequent to entering into the system, the LiveBoot software will automatically get launched. Now you, must opt for the ‘Windows Recovery‘, and then hit on ‘Boot Crash solution.’

Step 3: Under the tab of ‘Solution‘, search and locate the tab of ‘Method 2’ that would allow you to perform a Disk Check for repairing all your given bad sectors.

As soon as the repairing and checking are ultimately finished, you must restart the PC. Having done this, you will not need to fix this problem for the second time when you bring your computer into play. What is more, the Wondershare LiveBoot 2012 toolkit can also aid in booting your computer when it is crashed or gravely damaged, for instance, the issue of the blue screen, freezing, black screen, and all that.

PART 2: Viable way for recovering data from external hard drive by the Apt Bad Sector Repair Tool

In the event that you did not repair your bad sectors on the hard disk as well, in addition to not backing up your hard drive data files habitually, this section can offer you a good way out. If you wish to recover your valuable data from the external hard drive, you can undertake to use a good external bad sector repair tool for making hard drive recovery tasks and operations. This toolkit can aid you in the recovery of data from the hard drive existing in bad sectors. The Recoverit for Mac or the usual Recoverit program is remarkable software for external hard drive mending.

The Apt Bad Sector Repair Tool – Recoverit Hard Drive Recovery Program Key Features:

  • Be the most excellent file recovery toolkit, it can recover files from external hard drive not detected.
  • Recover your deleted or lost files, for instance, music, emails photos, audio, and the like, from any given storage device safely, effectively, and entirely.
  • Support any data recovery from the hard drive, memory card, recycle bin, digital camera flash drive, and camcorders.
  • Support to recover your valuable data for virus attack, swift deletion, hard drive corruption, formatting, system crashing and a number of different situations.
  • It can allow you to preview prior to recovery for making a selective recovery.
  • It is supported on Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista, macOS 10.15 –  10.6 on MacBook, iMac, Mac Pro and all that.

Get Recoverit

Follow the four simple steps below, for recovering your data from the external hard drive in the bad sectors using the apt bad sector repair tool:

Step 1: you can begin by launching the Wondershare’s external hard drive bad sector repair tool, and go for the type of file for starting on ‘Partition Recovery.’

Wondershare Data Recovery

Step 2: Then choose the partition, which had previously lost your data files.

Step 3: All the partitions on the given hard drive will automatically get detected and then listed. You can opt for the one that you are about to recover and hit ‘Start‘ for scanning for the lost data files.

Step 4: following scanning, all the recoverable files on your hard drive will get displayed in the window. Now you will simply have to choose data that you require and hit ‘Recover‘ for saving them on the PC.

In these simple ways, you can conveniently use this bad sector repair tool for recovering all your data and for fixing the hard drive bad sectors. Recoverit Data Recovery is an ideal go-to if you ever face hard drive related issue. Also, click to know more about the best hard drive for gaming as well as Western Digital Data Recovery.