Backup Viber messages from iPhone 11/XS/XR/X/8/7/6S Efficiently

If you are using Viber and do not have any backup done for your messages and other files, it is time to consider an effective method to backup Viber messages from iPhone XS/XR/X/8/7/6S Plus/6S/6. Viber has gained as much popularity as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. In fact, it is the preferred choice for many.

The images, texts, chat history, stickers, and more are stored in the smartphone. Since most of such information is precious, a Viber user should use a proper backup and restoration method in case the information is lost due to malfunction of app, factor process reset, reinstallation, rooting or other such causes.

When you backup Viber messages from iPhone, you can protect all your messages as well as Chat history. The messages may serve as important proof during arguments or even in court. They help in simple yet significant tasks such as to remind you of a deal or job.

When you delete a message from your phone, it is possible to recover such messages, if you backup Viber messages from iPhone. There are many ways in which the backup can be done including manual, selective and using dr.fone software.

Part 1. Manual method to backup Viber messages from iPhone – Time Consuming

This backup Viber messages from iPhone method is a time consuming one. While it is possible to perform a manual backup of chat history and messages, it is not possible to store backup history as Viber does not have the feature of storing message history. So, it cannot restore lost data. iPhone and Android devices are however capable of storing backup history.

A. Here is how it can be done manually – Backup:

1. Use settings for storing chat history. The initial step is to log in to your Viber account. Click on the ‘More’ option and scroll down to settings. Opt for the Calls and Messages feature


2. Now choose the Email message history feature from the page. Select an application to see into the email history. Choose Email option and the preferred app for email where you want the messages to be backed up.


3. The next step is the email account set up. You need to be online for this step to work. Login to the preferred email and enter in your ID and the password. Click on ‘next’ option. Once you have set up the email, choose ‘done’. Enter your emails address in the screen that comes next. Click on the arrow present on right top corner in the application.


The manual setting for backup of Viber messages is complete now.

B. Restoring chat history

It is easy to restore the chat history in Viber with the following steps:

Sign into your email account where you receive the Viber backup. Look for the email attachment named ‘Viber‘ and download it.


After downloading the message history, open the CSV attachment file. This contains the chat history. Files will be named based on the names in your contact list. Now you can view the chat history. The order of files is according to the received and sent time. The names of the sender and receiver will be visible.


While the manual process is a simple one, it cannot do a selective backup and you will also be unable to preview all your backed up messages.

Part 2. Backup and restoration of Viber messages from iPhone selectively

When you want to backup Viber messages from iPhone quickly and successfully, dr.fone – WhatsApp Transfer is the ideal choice. Losing important documents and messages in your Viber app is a frustrating experience you would not care to have, at any time. Knowing an effective way of retrieval will prevent you a lot of hassles in this aspect. dr.fone software has several advantages that make it a good choice all around. These include:

  • Easy and simple to use
  • Restore just the chats you wish to retrieve
  • Perform backup and restoration of photos, call history and messages in just a single click
  • Export the document you need for printing from backup
  • Does not pose any risk for your data
  • Compatible with Mac OSX 11 and also Windows 10
  • Supports all iPhone models including 12/11/XS/XR/X/8/7/SE/6S/6Plus/6S Plus/6/4s/4/5/5c/5s
  • Runs on iOS 7/8/9/10/11/12/13/14

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A. Method to backup Viber messages from iPhone

1. Launch dr.fone software in your computer, Select “Restore Social App” on Tool list.


2. Connect the device to computer. The method is similar, whether it is an iPad or iPhone you are using. Select “Viber” for backup and restore before you connect the device using USB with your computer. The device needs to be automatically detected.

3. Start the backup process for the Viber chats by choosing the backup option.

4. The tool backs up Viber files and messages automatically
Tips: The device should be connected with the system until the process is complete. Otherwise, it will stop the process.
Make sure the device remains connected always.

5. When the process is completed, a notification will be displayed regarding the completion.

B. Restore Viber messages easily from iPhone

Once you have created a proper backup of all your Viber chats, messages, videos or photos, if you wish to look at the backup data you made, this is the process to follow to restore backup data with Dr.Fone.

1. View backup files

Click on ‘To view previous back up files‘. This will help to check on the files that you have backed up and the content.

2. Extract backup file

You can see all the backup files in your Viber account. Select the files you want to view and click on the view button.

3. Export or restore Viber messages

After the scan stops, you will find all backup files being displayed. Now preview all the content present in your backup file.

Select the items you need to restore. There are two options present for the files. You can either Export them to your computer or restore them to the device.

The advantage of Dr.Fone software is you have a great user experience and wonderful UI design. It gives easy options for selecting and previewing just the files you require. Unlike the default options for backup and restoring, and the Backup text option in Viber which do not have selective viewing or preview options, Dr.Fone provides various benefits and features.

With dr.fone WhatsApp Transfer, you can easily protect and backup Viber messages from iPhone. You can also safeguard all your videos, photos, message attachments, and Chat history in a hassle free manner. Thus, the tool serves as a cool and efficient tool to keep your precious messages and other data on Viber safe and retrieve them whenever needed.

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