Samsung S8 Backup | How to Backup Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Recently, you have owned the new Samsung Galaxy S8 handset and become afraid of losing your important information. Sometimes the bad update might corrupt the necessary files on your favorite smartphone. There might be other reasons to lose your personal information and data files, to protect your data from losing or removing while updating or changing the smartphone, you need to keep them in a safe place. Therefore, it is vital to know how to backup Samsung Galaxy S8. You can go through this article to find a few easy ways which can secure your necessary data on your phone.

Part 1: Backup Samsung Galaxy S8 in 1-Click Using Dr.Fone Toolkit on Your Personal Computer

Probably, this will be the most reliable and simplest way for keeping a secure backup for your new favorite Samsung Galaxy S8 device. The most trusted third-party app Dr.Fone Toolkit – Android Backup & Restore is the best companion to secure your data for keeping a backup without losing any in-app information from your device. This application can surely be used for multipurpose activities along with proving the best Android data backup and restore tool as well. It can also transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Samsung S8 and do the Samsung Data Recovery for you. The most device compatible tool available on the online and best comprehensive backup option for the necessary data can only be provided by this Android backup tool, Dr.Fone Toolkit. This tool is so easy to use that a novice can easily become a master at his/her first use even. Take a look at the following step by step instructions to learn how to backup Samsung S8 easily on your personal computer.

#Step 1: Downloading and Installing the Dr.Fone Toolkit on your personal Computer

You can download the best Android backup and restore app on your computer from this link. Once you downloaded the tool, you can follow the installation process to install the app successfully on your personal computer. Then, you need to launch this tool to continue the process as follows.

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#Step 2: Connect Your Samsung S8 Using the USB cable

Now you need to connect your new device to your computer using a USB cable, and this might pop up a message regarding the USB debugging (if necessary) after detecting your device by the computer.

You need to enable the USB debugging feature on your Samsung S8 device to facilitate the connection to your computer as described above. You just need to follow the steps below if you are enabling this feature on your phone for the first time.

Go to Settings >> About Phone and tap seven times on the “Build number” to activate the Developer Options.

Go to Settings >> Developer Options and tap on the USB Debugging to enable this feature.

#Step 3: Start to backup Samsung Galaxy s8

After successfully connecting your device to the computer and launching the tools to its user interface, find the backup option to continue. You can keep your backup for necessary information, restore them when necessary and check the backup history from here. Click on the ‘Backup‘ button under “Phone Backup” option to continue the Samsung S8 backup process.

#Step 4: Selecting files and continuing the backup process

After the above process, the tool will automatically offer you to select the file types and files from the folders to backup. You can manually select your preferred files or select all files to keep the complete backup of your device. Once you have selected those important files to backup, choose the ‘Backup‘ button to continue.

#Step 5: Completion of the backup process

Once you have followed all the above steps, sit back to relax for a while. The tool will complete the rest process, and you can get the progress on the screen indicator. You need to make sure that the device is not disconnected during the backup process.

The Android backup and restore tool will show you the congratulatory message after finishing the backup process successfully. You can now check the backup from “View the backup” option what you have kept in the recent backup.

Part 2: How to Backup Samsung S8 for Free Using the Built-In Feature for Having a Backup on Your Device

There is a built-in feature on your Samsung S8 device to keep a backup and restore them as necessary. You can avoid the third-party apps if you want and keep your Samsung S8 backup using this feature. You can find this setting in all the Samsung, as well as smartphone devices, provided inbuilt. You can get your phone backed up in the least troublesome way with this feature without using any personal computer. But there is a great concern while keeping those backup files and you mush have to have enough storage on your phone or SD card! You can swap the storage option as you find enough storage on your device or SD card. You can follow the following steps to keep your phone backup using the built-in backup and restore feature.

#Step 1: Open the Backup settings

First, you need to find the option for Backup and restore on your Samsung S8. Simply, go to the menu and settings for having the option ‘Backup & Restore’ to check all the available options.

#Step 2: Continuing the Backup Process

Once you tap on the application after finding from the setting menu, you will get the two options for keeping a backup or restoring the previously backed up files. From the option for Backup, you need to select the ‘Data’ option and follow another opened window which will allow you to choose the data type. You now select all the files and data types that you need to backup for your Samsung S8 device and then simply tap on the ‘Backup’ option to continue the process.

#Step 3: Once you have completed the backup process successfully

Go to the Backup menu back and click on the ‘Application’ option. Here, you can find different application data to keep their backup. One tap to the ‘Backup’ button will allow you to keep the in-app data backup for your new device.

Part 3: Manually Copy and Transfer Your Media Files to Personal Computer from Your Samsung Galaxy S8

The above methods are the most popular and effective methods ever used. However, sometimes you might not find them useful, or some people get bored learning a little new thing even. Therefore, people sometimes like to do in an old-fashioned way though this might be time-consuming and not that productive comparing to the above methods. For them, the manual process is better and trustworthy to follow. You can use this method though you might miss some in-app data and some other kind of data which are not available openly in your storage. However, if you do not depend on third-party apps for any security reason though these apps are data protected and want to backup Samsung Galaxy S8 manually, go to the below step by step instructions.

#Step 1: Connecting your phone to your personal computer

You need to connect your Samsung S8 to your personal computer to get access to the files of your favorite phone. Using a USB cable, connect your phone and after the successful connection, check the portable devices on your computer to find your device options. On your phone, there might be some popup messages for confirming your phone to share all the information with your computer.

#Step 2: Access to your data on your phone

Once you connected your device successfully to your computer and got access to your device from your computer, check it again whether you can get access to your data on your phone. You can copy the whole SD card from the portable device folder, or you can simply check for your preferred files to copy by getting into your phone folder and copying your necessary files. In other ways, you can simply copy your captured photos by copying the DCIM folder from camera pictures of your phone folder and paste them to the safe location where you want to save them on your computer.

#Step 3: Keep a safe Samsung S8 backup

You can keep continuing to copy your necessary files from different folders. Then simply store them in the desired folder for those files to get back them when you are in need. This will offer you a safe and great backup without using any third-party software.

These above methods will let you help to know how to backup Samsung S8. By following these step by step instruction will have you a safe backup for your necessary files on your Samsung Galaxy S8. You can simply restore them when you want.

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