How to Backup & Restore Line Chat History for iPhone / Android

Recovering lost data can be a difficult task and even though there are tools out there which are able to help recover data which has been deleted from your device, it isn’t always possible. With this in mind, having a backup of the data on your device which is most valuable to you is the best option available. If you have a backup available, the entire process becomes a lot easier, especially if you have Dr.Fone. With Dr.Fone you are able to recover data from a backup which you have previously taken, no matter whether you are using an Android device or an iOS device. So without further ado, let’s jump in and take a look at how you can backup & restore line chat history for iPhone and Android.

Part 1. Backup & Restore Line Chat History for iPhone

The first method that we’re going to focus in on is targeted at not only iPhones but iOS devices in general. With this method, you are able to backup & restore line chat history for iPhone in just a matter of minutes.

Step #1 – First of all, download and install the dr.fone – WhatsApp Transfer program on your computer. Once installed, go ahead and launch the program.

Get dr.fone – WhatsApp Transfer

Step #2 – Once you have it launched, connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable. Allow a moment for Dr.Fone to detect this connection.


Step #3 – On the Windows of Dr.Fone, click on the “WhatsApp Transfer” option. Go to Line tab. On the next display which is shown, click on the “Backup” button.

Step #4 – Once the backup process begins, you will be able to track the progress of the backup using the progress bar which is shown.

Step #5 – After the backup has been taken, you will be able to click on the “View it” button shown and view all of the files which have been backed up using Dr.Fone.

If you are looking to restore a backup which you have taken with Dr.Fone for your iOS device, simply follow Step #3 and select the “To view the previous backup file>>” button which is located on the menu. From here, select the backup which you’d like to have restored, click on the “View” button, wait for the scan to complete, and select the data that you’d like to have restored.

There isn’t too much of this method and it is very simple, thus a suitable method for all iOS device users. While this method is focused on iOS devices, if you have an Android device don’t worry! This next method will show you how you can use a similar method for Android devices.

Try dr.fone – WhatsApp Transfer

Part 2. Backup & Restore Line Chat History for Android

Similar to the method above, this method is targeted towards Android devices and with this, you are provided with the tools to backup & restore line chat history for Android.

Step #1 – If you don’t already have Dr.Fone for Android Data Backup Restore downloaded and installed on your computer, then go ahead and do so now. Once it’s installed, launch the program.

Get dr.fone – Backup&Restore (Android)

Step #2 – After launching Dr.Fone for Android, connect your Android device using a USB cable.

Step #3 – On the main panel of Dr.Fone; this will display several different options. From here, click on the “Phone Backup” option.


Step #4 – The next display which is shown will allow you to either “Backup” or “Restore” the data on your device. Click on the “Backup” option.

Step #5 – Next, select the “Application” & “Application Data“, click on the “Backup” button at the bottom right of the program.

Step #6 – You will be able to track the progress of the backup using the menu which is shown next as well as being able to track the remaining time of the backup.

Step #7 – Once the backup has been taken, you will then be able to view all of the data which has been backed up and will be able to browse it freely.

If you would like to restore an Android backup, simply go back to Step #4, click on the “Restore” option, and select the backup which you’d like to have restored to your device.

As you can see, from this method and the previous method, they are incredibly similar and don’t take too much effort. Although slightly different, they both reach the same result although for different devices.

Try dr.fone – Backup&Restore (Android)

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About Dr.Fone Toolkit

Although today we have focussed in on using Dr.Fone – WhatsApp Transfer to backup & restore line chat history for Android, due to the large number of features which dr.fone Toolkit for Android has to offer I think that it is worth taking a look at some of them.

  • Dr.Fone comes with a built-in and custom data management system which provides you full control over your data, something which iTunes is very restrictive over.
  • If you recently got your hands on an iPhone 7 and you are looking to sell your old phone, then it’s important that you completely wipe your device to prevent the next owner getting their hands on your personal information. With this in mind, Dr.Fone provides you with the tools to completely wipe your device so that no data is retrievable.
  • If you have accidentally deleted a photo, a text, or any other data from your device, then Dr.Fone can help you retrieve this data with their retrieval tools.

Learn more about dr.fone

From the features that we’ve described above along with the fact that dr.fone – WhatsApp Transfer allows you to backup & restore line chat history for iPhone, I think that it is clear that Dr.Fone is a very useful program. If you haven’t already got yourself a hand on a copy of this program, it is definitely something that you have to do.

Before we wrap up this article, let’s take a quick look at how important it is to take a backup of your device regularly.

The Importance of Backups

Backing up the data on a device is a heavily underrated process. Data loss is something which happens more than we believe and it is more uncommon for someone to experience it than for someone not to. Yes, it’s that common. With this in mind, the process of being able to backup & restore line chat history for Android or iPhone is something which should be a part of your schedule as a mobile user and is something which you should be doing regularly. Data loss isn’t something which can be predicted and in order to prevent as much data loss as possible, taking a backup which can be restored is in your best interests. Here is the full guide for Android app backup & restore for you info.