How to Backup Phone Contacts to Avoid Data Loss

Have you ever experienced such a situation? Assuming that, one day, you can’t find your phone anywhere which means the contacts saved in it disappeared together, or sometimes you lost contacts due to accidental deletion, wrong operation or virus infection. What’s your feeling? It’s so bad, isn’t it? You must feel anxious and wonder how to do next. However, you can take it easy when you encounter such a situation, since there are a large number of applications and software created to help you solve this problem. These tools are so powerful in the field of data backup that they allow you to backup the contacts or other information quickly, easily and detailedly.

As science and technology progress rapidly, it can solve most problems of data recovery. But backing up your important data frequently is still the most fundamental way to reduce the data loss. It is wise of you to get into the habit of backing up important data before you perform an upgrade operation on your smartphone. In this way, you can guarantee data security, so it will never be hurt.

Here, I’d like to introduce several software to you, since they can allow you to back up phone data like messages, images, and contacts in a convenient way. They are also designed to work for different devices such as Blackberry, Android and Apple.

PS: here, you will figure out how to transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to iPhone 11 and how to backup WhatsApp contacts with ease.


InTouchApp is an amazing phone contact manager that can be used in an easy and simple way. It is suitable for any kind of platforms, such as Blackberry OS, iOS, Java devices, and Android. In this case, it becomes popular especially among the people who have various devices. Its important feature is that it can achieve information synchronization (such as software update information) between connected devices. Assuming that, you use a device to edit the contact information, it will sync the data automatically, so that another device can receive it as well. That is to say, two devices can manage the same document together.


a. It is suitable for various platforms
b. It supports seamless synchronization among different devices.
a. It will send error reports once in a while.

2. NQ Contacts Sync

NQ Contacts Sync transfer has many functions for you, with its help you can backup data, restore files and sync contacts in a convenient way. What’s more, various operating systems are supported like iOS, BlackBerry, Nokia, and Android. Then you are asked to create an NQ account that is free to use. With this app’s help, contacts stored on your phone can be saved in the NQ cloud. In this way, it makes it simple and easy for you to manage your data from one device to another.


a. It is compatible with a variety of platforms.
b. You can manage your contacts just online.
a. Only the latest iOS version is supported.

3. iContactsPro+

What have to be mentioned is that people think highly of this app named iContactsPro+. It provides convenience for you to edit, share and manage your contacts which are saved on your Gmail account and iPhone. What’s more, it has many functions of group and contact and is known as one of the most integrated software for iPhones in this regard. This is the reason why it becomes so popular among the users.


a. The operation is simple and easy for the users including a novice.
b. Ensure the data security
It is only applicable to Gmail and iPhone.

4. PhoneSwappr

At present, PhoneSwappr supports phones of Android, Windows, and iOS. It helps you to upload contact information to the cloud in a safe way to ensure data security. That is to say, at the time of uploading data to any other device, the transfer software is asked to provide a PIN in order to decrypt the contacts. Seven days later, the PIN will expire automatically, which means that the data would be deleted by the PhoneSwappr server. In this way, the data transmission way is safe, and the data available time is short. The purpose of all these measures is to ensure the security of data.


a. Transfer process is safe and effective.
a. Once the application is deleted, the data is deleted as well.

5. iContacts Pro

With the help of this app, you can backup, transfer and restore contacts as long as you press on one button and all these will be done. It is amazing, isn’t it? The working principle of Contacts Backup & Transfer Pro is to integrate all of your contacts into a bundle so that you can transfer it to your friends or yourself by E-mail. The contacts are stored in the format of Vcard and you can import or export the data to anybody at any time and anywhere without any difficulty.


a. There is no limit to backup data.
a. Program with advertisements, users have to turn them off if they are useless

6. dr.fone – Backup&Restore

dr.fone – iOS Backup&Restore and dr.fone – Android Backup&Restore is a simple and convenient phone backup application as all you need to do is pressing one click. That means that it makes data backup and phone data recovery turn out to be easy for the users. You can easily transfer music, video, contacts, SMS, images and other data from Symbian, iOS and Android devices to your personal computer. You can also fix how to sync contacts from iPhone to Mac & copy contacts, calendar, call logs, video, text messages, images, apps and music between Nokia (Symbian), iPhone, Android phones in just one simple click. How easy it is! Here are the steps.

Get dr.fone – Backup&Restore (iOS)

Step 1: In the beginning, you should ensure dr.fone has been installed on your computer and devices like Android or iOS device has been connected to your computer via USB cable or other methods.


Step 2: Choose the option of “Phone Backup” in the main menu.

To process further, you should select the data which needs to be back up and then press on the button of “Backup”.

iOS Backup & Restore

After the app receives this instruction, it will back up the contents which have been selected to your computer automatically. You can save them at any place as you want or restore them to any device. All these things are up to you to decide.

Try dr.fone – Backup&Restore (iOS)

7. Other ways to backup contacts for Blackberry

I. BlackBerry Desktop Manager 6.0

The users of Blackberry speak highly of this application called BlackBerry Desktop Manager 6.0 which is designed for the PC. With its help, you can easily backup data like the Profile Settings, Messages, Contacts, Calendar, Image and so on. This is the reason why it is so popular. Then check the files which need to be transferred, after you set up the BlackBerry ID with using BlackBerry App World.


a. The operation is simple and easy for the users including a novice.
b. The interface is clean and user friendly.
a. It doesn’t support applications.

II. My Contacts Backup

My Contacts Backup is so powerful that it supports to share, backup and restore any contacts on BlackBerry phone. The transfer process is easy and effective that you can copy the data as long as you make sure the application has been installed and then press on the button of “Backup”.

After the app receives this instruction, it will back up the contacts to the phone SD/memory card automatically. It is one of the easiest ways to share, backup and restore your contacts since all these processes can be done within your phone instead of your computer or any other additional device.


a. The interface is easy and user-friendly for the users including a novice.
b. All processes can be done within one click.
Disadvantages: None.

III. PhoneMiner

It becomes so easy for you to restore personal data from BlackBerry if you use PhoneMiner. Contacts, Videos, Emails, Calendar, SMS Messages, Photos, and more can be restored. It supports fashionable file formats as well, like .VCF (vCard), .XLS, and .CSV. It is also pointed out that this retrieval tool of phone data is cheap and fine.


a. It is inexpensive.
b. The operation is simple and easy for the users including a novice.
a. This tool is unstable, sometimes it will collapse.


This article provides many ways to backup contacts, which are applied to a variety of different scenarios.

As it is mentioned above, when you need to get your phone data back, no matter what kind of information like music, images, video, contacts, calendar, call logs etc. or file format such as .VCF (vCard), .XLS, and .CSV. and so on, you can consult the tools which this article has recommended. All of them have respective characteristics as a phone contact manager, especially dr.fone – iOS Transfer & Manager. You can choose the most suitable tool for you according to different requirements.