Top 5 Tools for Backing up Phone Data to Cloud Effortlessly

To protect the data files on your phone better, you may need to back it up regularly. While if you have created the backup files, where did you store them? In fact, the best way to create the backup files is to back up your phone on the Cloud. The Cloud backup, one of the most popular way of backing up, enables you to back up your phone and store the backup files on the online server. And the advantage of it is that you can get access to the backups as long as you have connected your phone to the network.

There are a lot of third-party tools that can help you with the Cloud Phone Data Backup. You can see them in the following passages.

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Tool 1. Google Drive


Google Drive is developed by Google, so it is one of the most safe and reliable tools for Cloud backup. Besides, it is free of charge so you can feel free to back up your Android phone or tablet with this nice tool. With this tool, you can back up the media files like the photos, audio files and the videos and more. Also, you can show it to your friends online, so that they can view and make comments on your data files.

1. It is free of charge.
2. There are 15 GB storage space for the users.
3. It offers a way to share your data files to your friends.

1. There is few information about this tool online, which makes the novices hard to find out how to use it.
2. The 15 GB storage space sometimes is too little.
3. You can not add password protection to your backup files on Google Drive.

Besides, here, we have the full Dropbox vs. Google Drive comparison for your reference too.

Tool 2. OneDrive


The OneDrive is developed by Microsoft. Just as its counterparts, it can help you with Cloud backup for your phone and computer. You may haven’t heard about it, because it has just come out for a few years.

1. It is easy to use this tool.
2. You can use it on your mobile phone or the computer.
3. It offers pretty slideshow of the picture presentation.
4. It asks you to pay a little for it.

1.It can not help you back up the music and the videos.
2.It fails in helping you searching for the apps of both the Android and iOS.

Tool 3. Sugar Sync


The Sugar Sync is a very effective and convenient tool for backing up. It is reliable when it comes to data security. But Sugar Sync doesn’t offer just unlimited storage space to its users, which means that you may need to back up your phone and store the backup files on it depend on the scale of the backup files. Remember to delete the unwanted backup files in time. There are three modes of limited storage space, and you can also choose to upgrade it if you have too many things to be backed up.

1. The Sugar Sync is not only a website-based tool but also provides an app for both iOS users and Android users.
2. It is simple and easy to use this tool.
3. It can help you back up your devices automatically.
4. As the servers are always online, you can ask them if you have any problem.

The free mode of storage space is just 500 GB.

Also, let’s figure out how to transfer files from OneDrive to Google Drive with ease.

Tool 4. Dropbox


Dropbox is for Android users, and it is said to be the most convenient tool for backing up Android phones. There is a mode of 2 GB free storage space, but it is also easy to get a mode of 16 GB storage space too. It can help you back up the photos, audio files, and videos automatically. As for the compatible operation systems, it supports computers including Windows, Mac, Linux, the iPad, and phones including Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry. There is also an upgraded version of Dropbox which is known as the Dropbox Pro. It offers a mode of 1 TB storage space. But of course, you need to pay more for this version.

1. It enables you to sync the data files between two different devices with ease.
2. The operation systems supported cover almost all the mobile phones.
3. If you have any questions, you can ask the online servers who are always online for help.
4. It is easy to install this tool and the operation is also easy.

The searching function sometimes just become disobedient, so you may find it hard to locate the files you want.

Tool 5. Copy


The Copy is the last cloud tool that I would like to recommend. It supports all the phones so it is convenient for both personal and business use. And it can help you sync or upload the data files. There are two interesting things of the Copy. One thing that it is different with the other four tools above is that it offers a feature of team sharing. The team sharing enables up to 5 team members to share their data files, and you can also share your storage space with the team members. Another thing is that as the Copy is Chromecast supported, you can display the photos or play the stream music on your TV with the help of the “Chromecast” icon on the Copy.

1. The payment is much lower comparing to the other four tools above.
2. It is compatible with almost all the operational systems of devices.
3. It can help you sync or upload the data files between the devices.
4. It is easy to easy to download it and use it.

You can only see one backup file on Copy.