Android Data Eraser: How to Use dr.fone – Android Erase

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The Android Smartphone is always privy to most of our critical secrets such as business emails, contact information, financial details, and personal photos. You would never want these data to fall into the hands of identity thieves or any other illegitimate person. You can always perform a factory reset, but it may not just be enough. Avast, a security firm once bought 20 Android phones from eBay and the company could easily recover photos, emails, contact details, text messages, or Google searches. If retrieving data is so simple for anybody despite deleting, you need to make sure that your data is safe after you part from your phone.

dr.fone toolkit – Android Data Eraser is a powerful software that lets you erase all your data permanently from your phone so that it cannot be recovered later. The software is compatible with more than 3000 Android devices of all major brands. Follow the steps given below to erase your Android in the best manner possible:

Get dr.fone – Erase (Android)

Step 1: Download

Download dr.fone toolkit – Android Data Erase in your computer and launch the software. From the given toolkits, click ‘Erase‘.

Step 2: Connect the Android phone

Connect your phone to the PC with a good quality USB cable. Check that you must have activated USB debugging on your Android phone. If you have your Android version over 4.2.2, you will receive a pop-up message on the Android phone asking for your permission to activate USB debugging. Click ‘OK’ and continue. While the connection is established, do not open any other management software in your Android phone.

Step 3: Begin erasing the Android phone

The Dr.Fone toolkit – Android Data Erase will recognize your Android device and connect to it. Click ‘Erase All Data’ tab to begin erasing your phone. After the data is erased, your phone will turn into a brand new device.

Step 4: Delete data permanently

Since you or any other person cannot recover the deleted data, make sure that you backup all the important data before you wipe it. Type ‘delete‘ in the given box to verify the operation.

Before erasing, make sure that you:

  • Close all apps in the background such as navigation, music, etc.
  • If your device is updating, let it complete
  • Backup your phone

The Dr.Fone toolkit – Android Data Erase will erase all the data from your Android device in just a few minutes. Do not disconnect your device or open other management software in the PC.

Step 5: Factory reset your phone

Once your data is completely erased, Dr.Fone toolkit – Android Data Eraser will ask you to click ‘Factory Data Reset’ on the device. This is done to wipe off all data completely from your phone. You may have to open the Settings of your Android device manually and perform Factory Reset. This is done to make sure that your settings and system data are completely wiped off. After erasing, your phone becomes a brand new device, which can be handed over to anyone.

Get dr.fone – Erase (Android)